6 tips for small businesses looking to engage in social media

You've probably noticed that some brands stand out more than others when it comes to acquiring engagement on social media. Find out here what you can apply on a daily basis so that your company has a different positioning, gaining space and market visibility.

It is not new that we realize the impact of the internet on our relationships and business. E-commerce has changed the way we shop a few years ago and considerably. Sell and buy online it is no longer a big difference, it has become essential.

Now, social media has arrived and is transforming the way brands and people interact and converse. Follow some tips for you to implement small changes and make big changes in your business:

1.  Consider using a CRM

O CRM (Customer Relationship Management or Customer Relationship Management) is a tool that can concentrate any and all of your consumer's information within the company. With it, it is possible to cross important data from different teams and areas and thus have a 360 visibility of the customer within your business. This can bring insights that, when well structured, can generate product enchantment and personification strategies.

In addition, all areas can have a view of the whole, which helps a lot in communication. A customer who was served by WhatsApp and later by Instagram, regardless of who served him, should have a fluid service and consistent information. The CRM will be able to concentrate all this history, giving it a solid experience, showing that regardless of the channel, the processes are the same and that the agents know the reason why that person contacted and what should be done to resolve the his problem.

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2.      Generate valuable content

Before thinking about selling, to improve your engagement on social media, consider delivering content to your audience through social media that add value to their daily lives, but that have to do with what you sell.

For example, if your product is eco-friendly, how about talking about the climate crisis, the impact on the use of plastics and the importance of recycling? This will make potential leads appear out of interest in what you have already delivered and, by identifying the topics covered, they will be able to create a direct connection with your brand, consequently increasing the chances of conversion in the purchase and consumption of products.

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3.  Use all available resources!

For a small business, savings are critical. Have you ever stopped to think that social networks provide resources for free? For example, talking about Instagram, the product catalog, environments to post fast, long and live videos, as well as small features that can bring considerable value, such as posting a comment that had a good audience engagement.

WhatsApp also provides a space with a product catalog, general information about your company, such as phone number, address, office hours and website, demonstrating credibility and showing your presence to your consumer.

6 dicas para pequenas empresas que buscam engajamento nas redes sociais - instagram social

4.  make good partnerships

There are pages and influencers that are worth making partnerships. But it's important to be consistent. Line up with pages that talk about your brand proposal, your product and the company's purpose. Using the same product example

ecological, it would not be possible to align with a page that uses a lot of plastic or that does not care about the impact of consumption on the environment.

The result of this strategy is to make new followers reach you, but not just by numbers, but because they are people aligned with your business model. That is, potential customers.

5.  Direct communication with your audience

The good thing about social media is that communication can be B2C and seen by everyone. In other words, you can interact whenever you want with your audience. The big thing is that this interaction needs to be genuine, because depending on how and what is said, it can be possible in a positive and negative way. You must be careful not to make any faux pas.

An example is the way in which some brands position themselves using catchphrases and memes, a language that is present in the social media audience. This is the case of Netflix and Magazine Luiza, which are worth studying as references.

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6.  Don't forget to keep track of the data.

Everything that will be done needs to have its impact measured and monitored to understand if the expected result was achieved. The importance of engagement on social media is precisely to bring the positive impact that returns to the brand image and product sales.

Keeping in mind that, when following the numbers, it doesn't take too long to change the strategy. This will help you save money and staff time by intelligently changing course when the result is far from being achieved.

These are simple tips to improve your engagement on social media and don't ask for a big investment. With this, you can gain market space and public visibility.

Do you have any more tips? Tell us around here!