5 tips for positioning your brand on social media

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Positioning Branding is a very high topic among people who invest in digital marketing, mainly through social networks.

But even given its relevance, few people really know what this topic is about. However, the truth is that it is important for any business, needing to be consistent and consistent with the company's values.

It is essential that it is aligned with the main elements of the brand's website, such as its typography, colors, graphic elements, tone of voice, among others.

This is how positioning becomes a central element of a company's success and sustainability. It directly relates to Branding, reinforces corporate identity and increases business visibility.

It's also a way to improve customer awareness and make the business more viable and grow quickly. In an increasingly competitive market, being well positioned on digital channels, such as social media, is a necessity for everyone.

With that in mind, in this article, we will explain what brand positioning is, steps to study it, give tips to improve it on social media and talk a little about its benefits.

5 dicas para fazer o posicionamento da sua marca nas redes sociais - redes sociais
5 dicas para fazer o posicionamento da sua marca nas redes sociais

What is brand positioning?

There are several definitions for brand positioning, but the one that best fits your reality is that it is a definition of business image.

In other words, it is how companies want to be seen and recognized by customers. In other words, it is not about how the organization is seen by people, but how it wants to be seen.

It's also not about what a company, for example, building automation is, or the way it is recognized, but rather the way it wants to be recognized.

To define the best brand positioning strategy, it is necessary to know who your product or service is aimed at. That means knowing who the persona is and, of course, what pain your solution solves.

Solving a problem and providing pleasure are the two motivations that mobilize consumers. So, know what pain your product or service solves and the pleasure it causes.

Also, define brand values that justify the customer's preference for you over the competitor. Some characteristics that can cause this reaction are:

  • Price;
  • Quality;
  • Fast delivery;
  • Service.

By analyzing these characteristics, it is easier to define the brand's positioning and make the public see you the right way.

5 dicas para fazer o posicionamento da sua marca nas redes sociais - instagram social
5 dicas para fazer o posicionamento da sua marca nas redes sociais

Steps to Study Brand Positioning

To put brand positioning into practice, first, a sound insulation company need to study it. For this, you should consider the following points:

Communication and marketing strategies

Every time the company communicates with its target audience, it has the opportunity to reinforce its market position. On the other side is the consumer, who every time he is impacted, shapes the way he sees the company.

Therefore, the marketing strategies they need to be constant and consistent, showing the customer that the business has the fastest solution, that the others do not deliver the same service, among other advantages.

In addition, communication and marketing strategies need to be constant, so that the brand does not leave the consumer's mind.

customer experience

More than investing in campaigns, the organization needs to ensure the best experience for its customers.

Think about how many corporations there are and don't even need to invest in marketing and communication, but they are among the favorites because they offer the best experience to people.

Market research

To build a good brand positioning, understand that if your business already exists, as in the case of a manufacturer of pressure reducing station, so people already have an image of him engraved in memory.

See how people see your brand, identifying which attributes and values are related to it. And even if your business doesn't exist yet, market research will help.

This is because, in this way, it is possible to know what the target audience expects, that is, it is something that even helps to build a brand identity.

This survey is a way to talk directly to the public, and obtain data that will make all the difference for the next strategies.

Now that you know how to study brand positioning, in the next topic, we'll show you how to improve it on social media. Read on.

5 dicas para fazer o posicionamento da sua marca nas redes sociais - insta
5 dicas para fazer o posicionamento da sua marca nas redes sociais

How to improve brand positioning on social media

Social networks are important platforms for the relationship between companies and consumers. And they help build brand positioning through strategies such as:

1. Know the media well and make assertive publications

Each social network has its own characteristics. For example, Facebook – the largest social network in the world – allows its users to post different types of content, such as images, text, videos and ads.

So if a company, for example, home alarm system is there, she needs to tailor her posts to these formats to get the attention of her followers.

On Instagram, in turn, it's the images that dominate the platform. In this case, it is essential that your business invests in better-designed images, as well as well-produced videos.

The social network is very visual, so everything must be well produced, so that the follower is really interested.

2. Show value and differential

Although social networks are mainly focused on communication and entertainment, they are also channels to show the value and differential of your business. One of the ways to do this is to create quality content, keep your profile up to date, and interact with your audience.

Make it clear what your differentiators are, but don't forget that you're in a channel made for interaction. Therefore, a manufacturer of, for example, shell and tube heat exchanger must respond to messages and comments, always in a cordial and respectful manner.

3. Adapt to the target audience

Strategies by social networks, like any other, must be directed to your target audience and the habits of these people.

For example, if the majority of your audience is connected from 6pm onwards, this is the best time to post. And don't forget to talk about topics of interest to these people.

4. Develop an appropriate language

Every company needs to choose a suitable language, both for the platform and for the audience.

If you look at the profiles of famous companies, from the most varied segments, you will notice that, in addition to a good language, they carry all their visual identity and elements on social networks, in order to generate engagement with the public.

5. Produce custom content

Customization and originality are essential for a business. booths for fairs. Therefore, we must work with personalized posts, which bring the company's strengths and highlight its differentials.

This is how the company distances itself from its competitors, attracts more users and manages to position itself prominently.

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Benefits of brand positioning

Among the benefits of building a good brand positioning is the approximation it creates between the company, its market and its audience.

Also, a manufacturer of inductive loop, for example, manages to retain the customer. That's because, by positioning itself on social media as a company above its competitors, it will start to receive more attention from them.

Another advantage is that your business will have full control of its image, as leading brands are much more influential.

And once it starts to occupy a better position in the market in which it operates, it becomes more competitive, and then, in fact, it starts to face competitors on an equal footing.

The better positioned the company is, the more capacity it will have to outperform the competitor's offering and, of course, the consumer's attention.

Finally, a manufacturer of, for example, galvanized conduit manages to establish a relationship with its customers and become the target audience's preference.

Social media makes users develop an emotional connection with customers, making it easier to reason with them.

5 dicas para fazer o posicionamento da sua marca nas redes sociais - threads insta


Brand positioning must be worked on so that the public begins to see your business the way you want it.

It is this construction of images that will attract people to your venture and generate more opportunities. And social networks play a fundamental role in this process.

In this article, you learned how to develop an organization's social media positioning so your business can reap the full benefits.