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The call affiliate marketing it's a new way to make good money at the end of the month, as well as getting that shelved plan in motion. Thus, this is one of the many opportunities that only the digital medium makes possible.

Have you ever thought about earning money without leaving your home and working only as long as you want, and at no cost to you? It looks more like a fairy tale, but it's quite different, because it's true and it's a reality that many people are living. 

This is because affiliate marketing is a work scheme that generates what we call passive income, that is, after a series of publications and returns from your followers and readers, you start earning money just for having done them. 

It's like making money from YouTube, only instead of videos, you're profiting from texts and posts on blogs and social media. Publications are profitable and you don't need to sell a product, just provide the space for dissemination.

This type of partnership is becoming more and more common these days and you need to know the reasons why affiliate marketing is so profitable in the digital world. 

Working with this system can be yours clamping elements to open the doors of that dream trip, or who knows how to guarantee the rent of that dreamed apartment closer to the city center?

Today we are going to talk about affiliate marketing, highlighting the various ways and steps to get good results in the digital market, working as much as you want.

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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a new way to earn money on the internet, only promoting products that you don't necessarily need to get them for. Instead, you promote them on your websites and social media in a variety of ways and methods.

Basically, you find a product that you like and you believe that people who consume your media might want to buy it, so you partner with the distributor of that product and advertise it in these channels. 

It is also important to say that people can work with affiliate marketing and have other work, such as managing a waste collection company, be an architect, application driver or any other segment.

In the beginning it is quite common for people to focus on using Affiliate Marketing as one more way to guarantee extra money at the end of the month. People who live solely from this strategy already have well-structured communication channels. 

So, if followers buy the product and strive to get it, you will earn a commission upon purchase or access to the page. The entire affiliate marketing process depends on 4 important steps to be built.

These four steps involve different agents within the partnership, they are: The merchant, the affiliate, the consumer and the network. We will talk about each of them shortly, so that it is possible to build a more consolidated idea about the strategy.

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the merchant

This is the first agent, which is usually the reseller or seller of the products. It is common that in affiliate marketing large companies are responsible for this part of the affiliation. 

The interesting thing is that they don't necessarily need to be big big techs, but there are many companies, like Startups, that sell some kind of new technology or even some course that need people to promote their work.

Thus, they end up registering the product in a system called NETWORK, which we'll talk about shortly afterwards, and the promotion of the product can be done by anyone who finds potential sales in it.

Think of a company that specializes in condominium law who want to sell a course that teaches new lawyers how to manage the legal part of the union and hotel sector. This company must register the course on a platform so that people can publicize it.

the affiliate

This agent can also be considered as the editor, that is, the person who decides what is or is not worth disclosing. Depending on how much influence the affiliate has, it can reach a niche audience or even entire companies.

What is interesting is that this agent decides to promote one or several products within the same network, with the objective of reaching the greatest possible number of potential customers for a given product.

You've probably already noticed on some type of website or blog what we call a review of product. People test a specific item and end up promoting it to their followers. 

The greater the influence that channel has, the more products will be advertised in it and the easier it will be for these people to earn commissions based on the influence they exert on their niche audience. 

There are also those sites that only advertise various products. Note that there is no need for these sites to say that they are from some type of specific segment, where there is a need for a occupational safety management.

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the consumer

This is the third and most important of all agents within the Affiliate Marketing, after all, without it existing, there is no way for any of the other agents to profit from the strategy. Basically all strategies are focused on reaching the consumer. 

This agent is responsible for making the marketing go round. The relationship between the consumer and the affiliate is interesting, after all these two agents have been in direct contact with each other at all times.

Therefore, it is the affiliate's responsibility to be transparent or not with reference to the work they are doing within their dissemination channel. Some consumers don't like to know that the site they follow is paid for publicizing something.

Even if all kinds of publicity are like that, they prefer it not to be said. While others like the transparency to better define how far they can believe or not what is being said by the product promoter. 

Regardless of the form or the product, truck parts or electronic parts, the affiliate continues earning the commission. Freedom can be used as you wish, whether you are an affiliate or not. 

The net

In this fourth point, everything is worked as a database for the affiliates. It is the place where the affiliate finds the product to be promoted and can access information about the products for its dissemination. 

Thus, the items to be advertised by affiliates must be registered on the network. It can be a product or a service, whatever the method of disclosure to be used by the affiliate. 

It is common for large marketplaces to have affiliate networks and allow anyone to advertise their products online. If you can't get along with a platform, just change it, just like you do with a brake pad change.

In addition, you can also choose more than one, and work for different companies and promote different types of products. 

Know what the types of disclosure are 

Each disclosure generates a type of profit, depending on the contract established with the company that pays, the values also change according to the platform, in this way each affiliate chooses the best method to join and the amount they want to make.

The types are:

  • Cost per click: amount paid per click on disclosure;
  • Cost per action: amount paid per action from the user;
  • Cost per thousand impressions: amount paid for 1000 interactions made;
  • Cost per sale: amount paid for the sale made; 
  • Cost per lead: amount paid for registration or action;
  • Cost per form: amount paid per completed form.

For example, the amount paid for a packer, electronic, course, podcast or whatever the product is advertised, it depends on the company, and the dissemination depends on the affiliate, and can be carried out on websites, blogs, social networks, Youtube and even email marketing. 

To become an affiliate, simply register on a platform and choose the products to be advertised. Then educate your audience to consume the products with constant and quality posts. 

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Affiliate Marketing Benefits

If you adhere to all the tips we've given throughout the article and become a new affiliate of some big company, over time you can join several benefits of this strategy.

Understand that companies are paying anonymous people to advertise their products, and this does not generate cost for you, only profit. Of course, it will be necessary to set up a scheme to make the disclosure, as quality is always important.

You will finally be able to acquire that passive money at the end of the month, after a lot of hard work, until you learn the blueprints of the strategy. The cool thing is that you don't have to be an expert, you just have to organize your ideas well.

think, to spread exhaust ducts you need to be an engineer: No, just consult one and look for a way to publicize the product, if it has good potential, you can get some money on top of that. 

In this way affiliate marketing is gaining more and more interactions. You could be next, so why not give it a try? 

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