Reverse Marketing strategy criticizing the competition

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Most Marketing strategies try to sell something at any cost. Be it by inducing the person to buy, making his head. Today we are going to talk about a completely opposite strategy that can give better results.

There is a little-explored marketing strategy that completely reverses the idea of ​​standardized marketing based on formulas of mental triggers, scarcity and other methods used by the famous marketing gurus. In fact, the technique is to criticize these methods and reach an audience against online courses.

What is the Reverse Marketing strategy?

Just as online courses criticize face-to-face courses and their lack of practicality, price and method, the objective of this reverse marketing strategy is to literally criticize the competition of online courses, presenting itself as the only viable alternative in the market.

In politics we see the same thing, the main objective is to criticize enemies by pointing out flaws and presenting a better option. There are several ways to do this, most of the time the person doesn't even need to sell or disclose anything, because people feel the need to reward them.

A estratégia do marketing reverso criticando a concorrência

We are not here to criticize this method, but rather to teach it. This is not a blatant marketing technique, it is just honest people who are saying few and good. They acknowledge people's disappointment with online courses, thus trying to catch this audience.

Those who use this technique sometimes are not even aware of their good marketing strategy. The person also does not intend to hurt or negatively affect competition, only to present an accessible and better option to others.

The main objective of this technique is to capture an unsatisfied audience that is looking for a cheap and functional alternative to the competition. The technique is simple and only requires sincerity, honesty and other standardized marketing skills.

A estratégia do marketing reverso criticando a concorrência

To summarize the person who wants to apply the reverse marketing technique needs:

  • Be 100% honest and sincere;
  • Present a cheap, accessible and free alternative;
  • Criticizing lies and competition;
  • Always emphasize that your alternative is the best;
  • Use triggers and unexplored things in the competition;
  • Fit unusual items that sympathize with your audience;

It is worth making it clear that criticism does not solve anything or give results! You need to deliver better content! You must show yourself as a savior of the world! It is useless to criticize anything if your content is bad.

Fostering People's Hate

Have you noticed that the things that most generate access on youtube are bullshit? Exactly, reverse marketing also uses techniques where your followers are always alert trying to detect flaws in the competition and bring followers to the good side.

Most YouTube channels grow up speaking ill of each other. This breeds hatred and makes your followers spread the good and the few of others. It is like the political warfare of the left and right.

A estratégia do marketing reverso criticando a concorrência

This guerrinha is also seen in groups of Facebook digital marketing, where many strongly defend the teaching power of the courses, while many others claim that these courses have taught you nothing and that it only serves to throw money away.

People using technique of criticizing courses, do a good job. That's because there are actually thousands of courses just interested in selling and generating millionaire profit than helping people achieve their goals.

I myself am not very adept at online courses, I never bought one and I don't intend to buy it. However, I have already had access to some courses and I really recognize their value. The course takes you from one point to another, but nothing miraculous that you cannot achieve on your own with a little bit of struggle.

A estratégia do marketing reverso criticando a concorrência

Most people who are not adept at online courses, probably have self-taught skills, along with their own ability to acquire knowledge and understand things with ease. While the courses are aimed at an audience that really doesn't understand anything about the subject.

Tarou Yamada teaching Japanese free

Now I'm going to talk about the friend who made me write this article. I’ve been watching your strategies instagram profile who gave the idea to write this article. Tarou Yamada uses this technique correctly and in a friendly way that makes me want to do the same.

O Tarou Yamada uses his charisma and social skills to teach people the Japanese language in a fun and intuitive way that has never been addressed before. All of this totally free, strongly criticizing the paid alternatives.

A estratégia do marketing reverso criticando a concorrência

Even without charging anything for his Japanese videos, his skills are so great that he can easily generate sponsorship through relies on equivalent to a minimum wage even with an audience of less than 4,000 people.

I receive more than 500,000 monthly visits to my Japanese culture site and I never received a donation, and the guy with a small audience receives more than 800 reais in support each month. I am not jealous, because I generate much more with alternative ways, but it is still a satisfactory way of generating an income.

Receiving a donation is not just a form of monetization, you feel satisfied and fulfilled because people value your work. People who generate video can easily receive donations, but those who work writing texts in a country that has a culture of non-reading, end up splintering and surviving with ads.

O Tarou Yamada he is sincere, and today sincerity is lacking in the world. Like me, he says what he thinks, but in an intuitive and correct way. He even told me that he never hates competition, but he hates the marketing techniques they use.

A estratégia do marketing reverso criticando a concorrência

Exactly, many hate the marketing techniques used, those limited space frills that are never really limited. Both Tarou Yamada and I do not approve of the techniques used by launch formula or derivatives.

The difference is that I continue to support and support online courses, while Tarou Yamada is making his own way. He succeeds, since he has the gift of speech and skills to set up his own profitable digital business.

The problem of competition in digital marketing

I always highlight in my articles that the courses teach and help people, but nothing that they cannot do alone with a good effort. Courses are just shortcuts and not miraculous techniques as some publicize.

A estratégia do marketing reverso criticando a concorrência

O Tarou Yamada is doing it right, i'm also trying to take the same path. But I believe that people have full rights to sell their courses online for the price they want. Still, be aware of the lies of digital marketing.

  • Success coaches who have never had successes;
  • Pyramid financiers who promise high profits every day;
  • Trader who makes money by selling trader courses but not trading;
  • Financial educators who have no money;
  • People teaching things they have no knowledge of;
  • People promising fortunes easily, but doing the hard;

Lies in digital marketing exist a lot. I'll be honest, I don't know much about marketing, I just research and write with the aim of learning. The purpose of this site is to grow with readers!

A estratégia do marketing reverso criticando a concorrência

My first project Suki Desu, was created with the aim of teaching Japanese, but at the time I knew almost nothing about the Japanese language. I just wanted to learn, but I didn't have the discipline to study, so I created the site with the 2 goals.

I don't see any problem with that, you might as well teach about something you don't know or have lived. As long as you are not lying or deceiving the people around you.

Am I using the Reverse Marketing Technique?

I decided to create the site exactly to enter that area of digital marketing, website creation wordpress and work online. These are very popular niches with thousands of online courses.

My goal is to teach people the best way and the best solution for their lives. I will not hesitate to promote online courses that teach step by step, because I do not have the patience to teach basic things step by step.

A estratégia do marketing reverso criticando a concorrência

My articles are direct and specific, but many end up reading and not understanding how to follow this path. For this reason, courses help these people to reach these paths. Those who already know can take advantage of my tips and get away from the herd of equals.

At the same time that I publicize the courses, I strongly criticize and always make it clear that the courses are just a shortcut. Everything that online courses teach on the internet can be learned on your own without any investment.

I am sincere and it seems dangerous at times. While trying to sell courses in exchange for commission, am I encouraging my audience not to buy courses? It is probably not the best way, but I believe it!

I believe that the courses can help or disappoint, it all depends on the person who buys it. I've taken many face-to-face courses and was disappointed, but other students loved it and are enjoying its benefits. I believe that the opinions of online courses are quite relative.

There are people who like courses and people who hate, just like Apple x Android or Nintendo x Sony and other idiotic guerrillas. One attacking the other and calling the other a muggle. I myself am team Apple and Nintendo and I am strongly criticized for the limitations, but I recognize the failures of my dear company.

I'm going to end the article abruptly because it's getting too big. I wish I could make a video of this subject. If you liked it, share it with friends and leave your comments.