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In this post, we will do a full review of the course Game Development - Danki Code. You will find out what the course is for and if it really works. I will also present some information about the best game development and creation course available today.

Anyone can fulfill the dream of creating online games. I myself spent my childhood in the RPG Maker programs and created amazing games imitating the mechanics of Banjo, Crash and Harvest Moon. Unfortunately when I went to migrate alone to Unity or Game Maker I lost my temper and patience.

Fortunately, the game development from Danki.Code came to help people who can't handle scripts, character modeling and all the points in creating games. Regardless if you want to create 2d, 3d or isometric games.

Indies games themselves are becoming more and more numerous and famous. Some manage to innovate and generate millions in addition to entertaining people. Why don't you use your creativity to be one of those people who are profiting from games?

Below I will leave an automatic video of the article that I generated only for questions of IF THE. If you just want to watch instead of reading the article, feel free, but this is a very small summary of this long article.

Course objective GAMES Development - Danki Code

The objective of the Game Development course at danki.code is to make you a professional game developer. You will learn to model in both 3D and 2D. The course promises ambitious things and will take you from basic to professional.

The course will even teach you how to create your own Game Engine, in addition to using the most famous ones on the market such as Game Maker and Unity. You will learn to develop games for any platform, be it browsers, android, ios or consoles.

Game development - danki code - is it worth it? It's trustable?

The course will also teach you how to program the languages ​​needed to create games from scratch. The classes will teach you how to create games in the style of Zelda, Pacman, Flappy Bird, Mario, Tower Defense, Minecraft, Space Invaders, Team Fortress, Golf, Boards and even Candy Crush.

With this course you will master Java, Game Maker, Unity, Blender, photoshop, gimp,, asprite. Besides having a basic notion of sonorous tracks, audio and even marketing to publicize their games.

The course uses its own EAD, for lifetime access, individual student support, professional certification, training and course updates. The video of the sales page is available below. To register, just click on the buttons scattered throughout the article.

The course content Development of GAMES - Danki Code

Until June 2019 the course has an incredible 31 modules in addition to bonuses and future updates. We will list the modules below. I personally have never seen a course so cheap and with so much content in all these years working with online courses.

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Setting up environment to program in Java
  3. Algorithms and Knowing Eclipse
  4. Learning Programming and Logic
  5. Creating Reading Program
  6. Object Orientation with Java
  7. Understanding Game Programming Logic
  8. Graphics with Java
  9. Creating Game Engine and Game # 1 (ZELDA)
  10. Advanced Game Programming
  11. Game Design and More From Pixel Art
  12. Game # 2 (Pac-Man)
  13. Game # 3 (Flappy Bird)
  14. Game # 4 (Super Mario)
  15. Game # 5 (Tower Defense)
  16. Game # 6 (Minecraft)
  17. Game # 7 (Space Invaders)
  18. Game # 8 (Team Fortress)
  19. Game # 9 (Catch The Crab)
  20. Game # 10 (Golf)
  21. Game # 11 (Brick Breaker)
  22. Game # 12 (Board Game + MinMax AI)
  23. Game # 13 (Candy Crush)
  24. About the Market and Opportunities
  25. Game Maker Series - SUPER MODULE!
  26. Starting with 3D
  27. Unity3D Series - SUPER MODULE!
  28. Creating 3D Games
  29. Blender
  30. Creating 3D Games (Advanced)
  31. Multiplayer

There are more than 350 hours of course for a single price that does not cost or even want a portion of such a course. The course has a unique support including Online Chat, tickets, email, questions and answers in the modules and classes of the course and much more.

Game development - danki code - is it worth it? It's trustable?

More than 500 classes have been added and many more are planned for the platform. You pay and have lifetime access without losing anything. There is no better course for creating games than Danki Code.

Game Development courses are not the only ones available from Danki Code. You can also check the web development courses, web design, English for programmers, PHP Jedai, front-end webmaster, programming logic, wordpress and many others.

Danki.Code is a serious and totally dedicated company for people who want to work on the internet and want to gain knowledge in the area of ​​programming and the web. In the future I intend to write a complete article about Danki.Code.

Game development - danki code - is it worth it? It's trustable?

The Game Development course - Danki Code Is it worth it?

Is the Game Development - Danki Code course really worth it? Your results from the Game Development - Danki Code course are entirely up to you. There is no point in buying a course if you do not take full advantage. Dedication is a must!

Fortunately, the Game Development - Danki Code course is completely online. Thus carrying numerous benefits such as:

Facility - You learn at home.
You will not need to move around to attend classes at Game Development - Danki Code.
The Game Development - Danki Code course can be opened from any object with internet access.
Many options to pay, of a unique value.
Several payment options through Boleto, Paypal, Cards and others.
The Creator has much more time to devote to what the course can offer. 
Great online support to accompany you throughout the course.
Better to understand the matter.
Game development - danki code - is it worth it? It's trustable?

Is the Game Development - Danki Code course Safe?

It is normal to be unsure about online courses. Very correct! You can't trust any online course.

Lucky for you, the Game Development - Danki Code course is distributed by the online course platform called Hotmart. This company is responsible for distributing 80% of the online courses in Brazil together with other trusted companies entitled Monetizze and Eduzz.

Any inconvenience is covered by Hotmart's own consumer warranty. Just ask for a refund that you get your investment back. The guarantee of Hotmart courses usually lasts 7, 15 or 30 days.

Game development - danki code - is it worth it? It's trustable?

Alternatives to the Game Development course - Danki Code

You may not have liked something in the Game Development course - Danki Code. So we will share some alternatives below. Unfortunately, these Udemy alternatives, despite being very cheap, teach only the basics of a certain subject. I'm just putting it here to say there is.

Maybe you are looking for a language other than Java, the courses below can provide game development classes with gdscript, C # and even Unreal Engine, which I believe will soon be available in the Danki.Code course.

I hope you enjoyed the Game Development - Danki Code course! If you want to share on social networks, we will be very grateful. Make good use of our website, and that it can help you to learn this about this and other subjects!

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