The most complete course to undertake with WordPress

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Want to start making money from a website using WordPress but have no idea how to start? In this article I will talk about a complete WordPress course that I found and will probably help you set up your website from scratch and teach you everything about digital business.

This course was created by Raul who seeks to deliver all the web knowledge necessary for a beginning entrepreneur to start his business on the internet, whether with a local website, a virtual store, or affiliate marketing.

The difference of this course with the others

Most online courses tend to focus on one thing. Some teach about Google Adsense, others about Facebook ADS, Instagram, WordPress, hosting configuration, cloud servers, marketing, SEO and so on.

O curso mais completo para empreender com wordpress - trabalhar online

The biggest advantage of Raul's course is that he promises to teach all of this in a single low investment course. With Raul's course on Digital Entrepreneur with WordPress you will learn about:

  • Digital Marketing in Practice;
  • Hosting configuration;
  • Domain register;
  • WordPress installation;
  • SSL (HTTPS) configuration easy;
  • Creation of personalized e-mail;
  • WordPress configuration and optimization;
  • Create a Woocommerce Virtual Store and Integrate with Facebook;
  • SEO - Direct the site to the first page of Google;
  • SEM - Search network marketing;
  • Exhibition and creation by sponsored links;
  • All about Google Adwords, Facebook ADS;
  • How to choose the best niche;
  • How to choose the best keywords;
  • How to register domain;
  • Using WebMaster Tools;
  • Adsense and Affiliate Marketing;

These are things that if you paid yourself to do it, you would spend a fortune. The course offers much more than the one listed here, but you already have an idea that this course will help you learn everything you need.

The video below explains in detail about the course content:

Can I learn all of this without a course?

Yes, on the internet you can find all the necessary content to accomplish anything, but not everyone has the facility to learn alone, just as some do not have the discipline to study online courses.

I myself have written articles about the best hosting Digital Ocean and the best server configuration Runcloud. Only I didn't have the prowess and patience to record videos teaching step by step, but maybe in the future I might not do that?

Anyway, Raul's course is innovative and has hit TOP sales in the digital market in a few weeks. The number of new people who want to set up a business on the internet increases more and more, and it can be your starting point.

O curso mais completo para empreender com wordpress - runcloud logo

In fact I learned and got to where I am today all alone without depending on any course, but I guarantee it takes much longer. It took me 5 years to reach the expected results, and I still feel a little below average.

Online courses take you straight to the point and teach you what you really need to learn. This course is also focused on knowledge and not on miraculous formulas to earn easy money as it appears there.

If you want to register, just access the link on the article buttons.

My opinion about the course

The course is very complete, I cannot complain about anything, its price is well on average and the content taught seems to be very practical. But I believe that it is possible to include more content, and probably the author Raul is doing that.

If I were to set up an online course I would generate content for my entire life, as I do with my sites. Unfortunately some generate content and stop at one point, just waiting for profit. They have no work to record videos and continue to increase the value of their product. Except Raul who decided to take a full course on wordpress.

O curso mais completo para empreender com wordpress - dinheiro ganancioso

I have some criticisms regarding the hosting that he suggested, using Cpanel, something that doesn't smell very good, but it will not prevent anything at all in the creation of your website, in fact most of the newbies prefer Cpanel and even feel difficulty when they go migrate to a more technical server where everything is based on lines of code.

I have to confess that as much as I work in this area, it was in this course that I first heard about SEM (Search Engine Marketing), even before I worked only with SEO, but from what I understand it is paid marketing.

One of the characteristics that I liked about this course was Raul's frankness, he didn't use those mental triggers that course salespeople usually use. He just presented the content and it was done, without pressing or causing the person to buy on impulse.

O curso mais completo para empreender com wordpress - digitar

As much as I work on publicizing online courses, it makes me angry to see the authors promising immediate and millionaire profits. They are not lying, but they are deceiving, because to achieve these results it takes a lot of dedication.

There are no miracle formulas or things like that. I am aware that using these sales techniques generate more results, this is not exclusive to digital marketing, just enter any school of courses to see them making your ears loud.

That's why I believe that the Digital Entrepreneur with WordPress course is a great option for you who want to start working on the internet but have no idea where or how to start.

I hope you like the recommendation! Remembering that everything depends on your dedication, you will not think that you will buy the course and become a Digital Entrepreneur overnight. Good luck in your business and the doors are always open for anyone who wants to work online.