How to work and earn money on Instagram

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More and more people are investing more in instagram than in facebook, even with their limitations. What do these people do to make money on instagram? What techniques are used? In this article we will see everything about how you can make money on instagram.

This article is very complete and extensive, so we will leave an index that will help you navigate through the article and go directly to the subject you are interested in. Good luck and we hope you make a profit with Instagram.

If you find a word that does not know the meaning, at the end of the article you will have a Glossary of Terms covered in the article.

Dicas de como ganhar dinheiro pelo instagram

Starting from ZERO to profit on InstaGram

When writing this article I hope that you already have a basic knowledge in digital marketing, since I will mention many technical terms and indicate tools that will help you in this regard. If you are new or sweet in this area, we recommend taking a step-by-step course that will help you in this new project.

Among the courses I researched, the most suitable and focused on instagram is the Expert Method. He teaches step by step since the creation of social networks, Whatsapp Business, instagram creation, instagram marketing, automation and others.

Of course, there are many other courses that teach similar techniques for working with instagram, but this is the cheapest and most affordable I've found. Your content is very valuable and I see many people getting results quickly.

Dicas de como ganhar dinheiro pelo instagram

For many years I was a hater of online courses, even working with the sale of them. I personally do not like the marketing presented by teachers, who are usually very flashy and make people buy on impulse.

But if you really want to work on instagram, go for it! Make your choice, study the course and dedicate yourself to follow all the steps taught, keep your patience, don't wait immediate results. Everything takes dedication and time!

Disadvantages and Advantages of Using Instagram in Marketing

Using instagram to make money and sell products has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's start by mentioning some disadvantages that are:

  • You must have at least 10,000 followers to send links;
  • There is no way for people to share their publications;
  • Access is 99% on mobile;
  • It is full of bots, fake profiles and exchange of followers;
  • You cannot share links in publications;
Dicas de como ganhar dinheiro pelo instagram

Now what are the advantages of using instagram to make money on the internet? There are many advantages that you had no idea, we will list them below:

  • Much greater reach with stores;
  • Direct message sending;
  • You can do more personal marketing;
  • Followers system does not scare you like friend requests;
  • People are more susceptible to watching videos;
  • More than 500 million users use Instagram daily;

In the past, people used Facebook a lot to advertise their businesses, but its reach diminished as people made more pages. On instagram, the list of stories appears to everyone, she just wants to see.

The main techniques for growing on instagram

There are some obvious techniques that people use to get more followers, increasing their results in advertising and selling advertisements on these social networks. Some are:

Follow to be followed - Some people usually enter public profiles with a large number of followers in the same niche, with the aim of leaving randomly followed in the hope that they will follow back.

Dicas de como ganhar dinheiro pelo instagram

Using hashtags - People often fill posts with hashtags in the hope that people will follow. Others follow hashtag-like tanners or have posted photos in certain locations.

Using automation - For both techniques, some use automation bots to follow people in a specific niche or send messages.

Sending Direct - People send messages via welcome direct to make the person access certain links or buy something. Any large page you follow will be surprised by a direct.

Dicas de como ganhar dinheiro pelo instagram

Directing Lead - Many are now advertising directing the user to WhatsApp, in order to persuade him personally, giving more confidence when buying a product. The same technique is used with messenger.

Being a Digital Influencer - If you are a popular person, just use these skills to influence your followers to make decisions that can generate gains. Recommend products, links and things that can generate you income.

Making partnerships - Try to open partnerships with profiles with a large number of followers and who are in the same niche. It can be companies or digital influencers, it can be inside or outside Instagram.

Realize that every time you place a hashtag or the location of a photo, strange people start to follow you, hoping you will follow it back. If you don't follow her back, after a while she will unfollow you.

The DARK techniques to make money on instagram

Using instagram I realized some dirty and obscure techniques to generate more followers and make the person access suspicious links in the profile. One of them I see thousands of Brazilians falling every day. Let's talk about these dirty techniques:

Dicas de como ganhar dinheiro pelo instagram

Fooling people with fake sweepstakes

Sweepstakes - Some people share on the Store that they will raffle some people to win monthly sneakers, jewelry, watches or clothes. To participate, the person would need to follow the page and share this message on their store or profile.

This is a complete lie, they will not raffle anyone, nor send clothes and sneakers monthly. First because they create several identical profiles to make this promotion several times, then they simply change the name of the profile, when they get a significant amount of followers.

They use this technique to get engaged, innocent followers who are interested in making purchases, then sell those pages or use them to market other things. A dirty technique, but very clever.

Dicas de como ganhar dinheiro pelo instagram
Observe o quanto de páginas falsas com mesmo nome, com objetivo de agregar seguidores em várias páginas.

They also use words that are deceptive, they supposedly claim that the chosen people will work and market to them on instagram. Do not fall for this troll, or try to do the same.

Using videos to trick perverts

Using Hashtags and Fooling with Videos - There are thousands of fake profiles being created every minute on instagram in order to make people follow and click on the bio link. How do they achieve this?

They use bots that upload videos along with many hashtags of a sexual nature. Videos that arouse the sexual desire of those who are browsing hashtags have nothing, making the person enter the profile and follow the link that supposedly leads to some adult site.

Dicas de como ganhar dinheiro pelo instagram

In the past, instagram was full of explicit videos, but fortunately the company managed to prevent this from happening frequently, but it cannot completely stop this technique of generating clicks on links in the bio. Many are even hacked and lose their profiles, which are set up to publish these same erotic videos.

Other viral pages take advantage of this wave of people looking for adult videos on instagram, to share videos that seemingly have something sexual in the thumbnail, but are actually a comedy scene or trolling.

How to make money on instagram?

There is no secret, just have something to sell in this market. The course I mentioned focuses on exactly that aspect, picking up digital products and doing direct marketing to sell it on the social network instagram.

Dicas de como ganhar dinheiro pelo instagram

This allows the person to earn money without leaving the cell phone, just using Instagram sometimes together with whatsapp and facebook. I think the most difficult thing is probably choosing a profitable product and segmenting your profile on instagram.

The important thing is to remember not to shoot everywhere, just focus on one thing and try to reach the audience interested in that thing. If you focus on several things at the same time, you will be overwhelmed and your results may be affected.

The important thing is also to have a little patience, to wait for the reward to reach the measure of your effort. There are no miraculous techniques for making money online, it all depends on your dedication and effort!

See below some ways to make money on instagram:

  • Selling digital products and courses;
  • Selling physical products or promoting products from other stores;
  • Selling photographs and videos;
  • Providing local or remote care and services;
  • Sponsoring posts and photos;
  • Donations and patreons;

Personal Marketing on Instagram is very powerful. To give you an idea, I, with 500,000 monthly organic visits to my website, never got a donation. While a friend with less than 2,000 followers on instagram and facebook receives 500 reais a month for writing Japanese tips.

Dicas de como ganhar dinheiro pelo instagram

Best Instagram Tools & Courses

I hope you enjoyed the tips in this article. If you liked it don't forget to share and leave your comments. I'll end the article by leaving some recommendations for courses, books, and other bonuses for you to take a look at.

Online courses - I always recommend online courses focused on the subject of the article. That's because many readers are sweet and need to learn step by step on a certain subject. My articles are simple and straightforward, not addressing things in detail, nor teaching step by step, so I will always recommend courses.

The secret to success on the internet is the Marketing! Watch it as well as these online courses do strong and heavy marketing, with flashy sales pages and content that looks out of this world. Just don't be fooled!

Bolt Method - A slightly more complete and more expensive course than Expert Method, but it focuses on other areas like Facebook and Youtube. If you can invest a little more, perhaps the Bolt Method is a good option for you.

PumpInsta - Online Instagram automation tool where you pay a lot less than the competition. Click here to access the insta pump.

Now that you have the knowledge to do heavy and strong marketing on Instagram, you'll need to automate your work. Below I will leave some tools to automate Instagram and other social networks:

Below I will leave some cheap courses from Udemy, are not as good as the individual courses sold, but some basic knowledge already passes. Don't forget that my recommendation is still the Expert Method.

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Terms covered in the article

I like to leave a glossary explaining some terms that I write during the article, since many may be sweet in the field and are not aware of certain words that I mention. So, let's see some terms covered in the article.

Niche - Subject or category of the website or page. For example, I have a website about Japan, so my niche is Japan and Japanese culture. If a person has a website that speaks about the English language, their niche is English.

Marketing - Sets of techniques used to publicize and sell things. An art of exploring, creating and delivering value to satisfy the needs of the market. 

Dicas de como ganhar dinheiro pelo instagram

Automation - Tools that automatically publish posts, links and photos on social networks. Very useful to facilitate your work and streamline your earnings.

Hashtags - They are keywords or tags that mark and categorize a certain subject on social networks such as instagram and twitter. You need to put several keywords in your publications for people to find when they are viewing or following a certain hashtag.

Lead - A possible customer of your product, someone interested in you or something you offer. An email that you captured using a form can be called a Lead. Followers can also be called a lead.

Envato Market - The PHP scripts and templates mentioned in this article belong to a store called Envato Market, a kind of international store where people sell their scripts, themes and web applications.

Hotmart - Payment platform used by most content producers and online courses. A kind of marketing place that brought together all the promoters of digital products.

Udemy - Site that sells cheap courses of all kinds. Many content producers put a cheap and simple course to sell on this platform in order to do personal marketing and direct the person to the most expensive course.