The danger of wanting immediate satisfaction

We live in a selfish society full of people desperate to just fulfill their own desires without thinking about others or without knowing how to wait. What are the problems with doing that? How did we arrive at this result? In this article we will see the great danger of wanting immediate satisfaction.

Satisfying our desires and pleasures immediately today is very easy. We have access to delicious food, video games, drinks, movies and series, online shopping ... All the time we want and whenever we want, without limits and restrictions.

The lack of control and the fulfillment of desires immediately can cause several problems at work and in our life. Knowing how to wait and control these desires will greatly improve our productivity and results.

Immediate satisfaction begins in CHILDHOOD

We live in an era where people want everything for now. Whose fault is it? From parents! The previous generation failed in the maternity ward, and the current one will fail even more. All because parents do not know how to have authority and satisfy their children's wishes.

O perigo de desejar satisfação imediata

When a child wants something, he wants it immediately. Who never wanted dessert before dinner? Who hasn't looked at a toy in the window and when the father said he couldn't afford it and the child started to brat?

Nowadays people have not learned to expect a reward or to say no to pleasures. This attitude is totally related to selfishness and is present even in politics. The government could make a lot more money if they thought about the country's future instead of stealing what it doesn't even have.

A study at Columbia University in the USA examined children's patience by offering two options to choose from. They could immediately get a snack or wait some time to earn twice as much.

O perigo de desejar satisfação imediata

Children were examined 10 years later, those who waited to get twice as much as they had, had better school performance, social life, less stress and frustrations. Showing as soon as know how to wait it is a vital attitude towards life.

Immediate satisfaction problems

Unfortunately, Brazilians do not know how to wait, some skip lines, others lie to escape a problem instead of waiting and finding an honest way out. Trying to do things on impulse without knowing how to wait, just for immediate satisfaction, is one of the great problems of Brazilian culture and the world.

Impatience and immediate satisfaction has resulted in the loss of control of the country. Man has devastated the land in search of money, seeking profit now, and leaving the future aside.

O perigo de desejar satisfação imediata

I am quoting Brazil because I am from Brazil, if I was from another country and this site had a different language I would mention another country. So stop this complex of thinking that we are criticizing this country. This is to complete in advance.

People borrow money or buy things on time or in installments just to get the product immediately and then sink into debt. Not to mention those who immerse themselves in sex or drugs just to satisfy pleasures without thinking about the future consequences.

The world today has no control, adults today look like greedy children full of myopia. Some exchange marriage, family, security, health, reputation and even lives to satisfy pleasures immediately.

O perigo de desejar satisfação imediata

One of the major culprits for all this is the media that awaken the desires for greed, violence and sex. We are deluded by videos of people sporting wealth, people being rewarded for violent attitudes or satisfying their sexual pleasures with several women.

Nowadays the majority of the population cannot live without these things, they exchanged healthy entertainment for things that they themselves condemn, but that they cannot live without.

consequences of satisfying desires immediately

We have already mentioned some examples and results of people who sink their lives trying to satisfy their desires. Now, going a little more technically, we can list some problems that immediate satisfaction and lack of control can cause:

  • Procrastination;
  • Anxiety;
  • Laziness;
  • Depression;
  • Health problems;
  • Stupidity;
  • Precocious;
  • It may disappoint;
  • Laziness;
O perigo de desejar satisfação imediata

The desire to get things done right away is one of the biggest causes of depression and anxiety. Many end up satisfying their desires too quickly that they end up facing the consequences of life or simply lose their purpose.

Some lose the joy of living, face health problems, become increasingly stupid and irrational because they only think about what they want and not about the other things around them. Some even commit suicide because they cannot find the satisfaction they wanted.

These thousands of murders and violence that happen in our country and in the world, are the result of the uncontrollable desire to rush your wishes. Man has destroyed the whole earth because of this desire.

O perigo de desejar satisfação imediata

The benefits of being patient and knowing how to wait

Who has never had their patience tested when performing a task like downloading a large file over a slow internet? Isn't it a horrible feeling to have to wait? It really tests our patience.

Of course, knowing how to wait and not satisfying desires immediately has its benefits such as:

  • Simplicity;
  • Health and fitness;
  • Better results;
  • Better focus;
  • A trained conscience;
  • Appreciation for life;
  • Lasting joy;
  • Real satisfaction;

A proof that knowing how to wait is more pleasurable is even among those who immediately satisfy their desires. Think about time H, the longer it takes, the better for the two, but isn't it easy for it to end quickly and cause dissatisfaction?

Knowing how to wait and be patient is much better and much more enjoyable than doing things right away. You have that feeling of reward, you feel the value of your achievement. Getting things done right away can be disappointing;

O perigo de desejar satisfação imediata

How does lack of control affect your work?

Whoever works on the internet like me, is daily tested by the desire to be immediately satisfied. Social networks, youtube and other sites call our attention at all times, to lose time and not perform our tasks.

Another major problem with immediate job satisfaction is the desire to get results immediately. Most people who start working online have no idea of ​​the difficulty and time it takes to have satisfactory results.

Most of those who have an immediate desire to profit end up being disappointed and giving up for lack of patience. Those who know how to expect the future reward have a much better satisfaction than those desperate for money.

O perigo de desejar satisfação imediata

Think of anxiety, sadness and many other problems that desperation for results can cause in a person. Not to mention our sexual desires that can make us make hasty decisions in the workplace.

Think of the thousands of people who lose their marriage by romantically engaging with a co-worker? Most of the people who do this, have not had some control in life.

Thousands of people fall for the scams of online courses, because they instigate us to immediately buy a product, for offering thousands of miraculous things that always depend on our dedication and not on a magic formula.

O perigo de desejar satisfação imediata

If the person knows how to wait instead of achieving immediate satisfaction, he will save more money, he will make more money and he will not ruin his life or even lose his job due to hasty decisions.

How to have patience and control?

It is not easy to resist immediate satisfaction, this temptation is constant and results in momentary happiness. Still, we need to learn to have patience and control so we don't regret the rest of our lives.

The first thing you need to do to put aside this urge to satisfy your desires immediately is to remember that the world does not revolve around you. You are no different from anyone, you need to eliminate this selfishness for good.

O perigo de desejar satisfação imediata

How can I stop being selfish? Try to put yourself in other people's shoes, change your way of thinking, your perspective, try to put yourself in last place instead of first. The important thing is to accept criticism and advice, do not try to outsmart anyone.

Learn to be more satisfied with helping others than yourself. Try to give gifts, show interest in people, do favors without reason, share and work as a team. Don't talk about yourself and have control.

If you follow these steps and stop being a selfish person, it will be much easier to have self-control and patience when it comes to expecting better rewards. It may be necessary to cut ties with people who have this attitude. The blame is always on the things we do and the people we live with.

O perigo de desejar satisfação imediata

To be more patient you may need to practice physical sports like dancing or even yoga. If you are too anxious, count to 10 and take a deep breath. Acquiring knowledge will also help you gain patience, as most of the time ONLY DUMB PEOPLE they are selfish and impatient.

These tips are just the beginning, there is a big struggle to become a better person, so at least work on those aspects before it's too late.

Studying other cultures

If we want a society full of productive, kind, patient people that make the country work, we need to work as a team and stop thinking about ourselves. Take, for example, Japan, one of the only countries I know where there are adults who are able to date without having sex rashly, regardless of religious beliefs.

You can see cultural differences just by watching an Asian soap opera and a Brazilian soap opera. While in some Japanese novels the person takes the whole series to kiss, in Brazilian soap operas people don't even know each other and are already having sex.

O perigo de desejar satisfação imediata - header generatepress

Perhaps most think they have no problem with that, but in reality our emotional can be completely affected by these hasty decisions. That is why many relationships and marriages do not work today.

Studying the culture of other countries a little will teach us many things. Especially Japan, a country where people strive to maintain peace and virtue, where they wait patiently for the big reward instead of satisfying their desires immediately.

So we invite you reader to visit our other website that talks about Japan, our website called Suki Desu. Try to understand how such a populous and tech-rich nation can keep a rate of gun murders below 5 a year.