The truth about online courses to make money on the internet

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Many people claim to buy courses that teach how to profit and make money on the internet and get good results, while others invest good money, but never achieve what was promised, or sometimes achieve nothing. This generates many doubts about online courses about making money on the internet, thinking about it I decided to write this article.

The first thing a person needs to know is that courses on making money on the internet are not scams, they really teach you step by step how to profit or create a profitable online business. There are several reasons why people do not achieve the expected results.

Although this article is written specifically for money making courses online, we want this article to apply to any other online course. So if you think about taking a language, cooking, drawing, technology, weight loss or anything course, this article can be useful.

People expect too much from an online course

Online courses have become an innovation on the web, they do not usually have monthly fees, they usually have much more content than the face-to-face ones, in addition to teaching things that colleges and professional courses do not teach.

A verdade sobre os cursos online de ganhar dinheiro na internet

Due to the huge increase and the huge competition of courses appearing on the internet, producers or teachers need to do everything to attract new customers and make new sales. They end up using marketing methods that do people buy on impulse.

First, they promise that anyone can earn a lot of money by doing little, and they still show their statements and earnings to get the visitor's attention. They also use mental triggers that make the person feel the need to buy that course.

If the client has gotten used to using a computer, he will end up realizing that the things taught in the course are too obvious and too simple. This makes him feel disappointed with the course, because he probably expected more from him.

A verdade sobre os cursos online de ganhar dinheiro na internet

Nowadays producers want to take courses on everything, they simply learn basic things alone on google, and turn this into a miraculous formula to profit on the internet and sell it as a course.

I am not judging or saying it is wrong, nowadays we can find everything about language learning, programming, marketing or anything else for free! On the internet we find everything! The problem is that it is often in English or spread over the internet.

The goal of course producers is to teach something that anyone can learn on their own, but to skip all the difficulties that a person has when studying on their own. Most people do not have the necessary computer experience to work online, so an online course is more than recommended.

The person ends up not having total dedication to the course

I had the opportunity to see some classes in the Launch Formula, an incredibly popular course among digital entrepreneurs, and that costs an absurd 7,000 reias. The course is really good and teaches all those with no experience on the internet to create their digital business.

A verdade sobre os cursos online de ganhar dinheiro na internet

The big problem is that for me, who is immersed all day on the internet, many of the things taught were obvious and too simple, although until today I am unable to put into practice the mental triggers and marketing methods taught in the launch formula .

I am a very lazy animal, and I can only study when I write for my sites. That's why I set up websites about languages, marketing and WordPress, to see if I create responsibility, study, write and learn.

I've already had access to a wonderful course that teaches language, I take a look at all the modules and class, but I can't dedicate myself to reviewing the anki, listen to audios or if you want to study classes in the members area.

A verdade sobre os cursos online de ganhar dinheiro na internet

If you are a procrastinator like me, there is no point in buying an online course. You really need to study hard and sometimes study things beyond the course. If you are really determined to make money on the internet, you need to study hard!

If you’re reluctant to work online, you don’t think you’ll be able to spend all your time on it, or you’re afraid of the competition ... Better to give up! Even if you're lazy but like to write, you can try to do like me and write and generate content about something you like or are interested in. 

The person wants to depend a lot on the course to earn money

The courses that teach people how to make money on the internet, really teach step by step the necessary methods to achieve results. Unfortunately more and more people try to use the same methods to make money.

Each day that passes the methods taught by online courses to make money on the internet are outdated. It is not as easy to sell courses online as an affiliate course promises, each day more competitors appear for both affiliates and producers.

A verdade sobre os cursos online de ganhar dinheiro na internet

Online courses on making money on the internet are still useful because it teaches people how to make a website, channel on youtube, monetize your project with adsense, create quality content, set up wordpress, capture and make email lists and other things that online workers use.

Except that due to the gigantic increase of the internet, whoever tries to use the same methods ends up not having results. People are not stupid, they notice the thousands of online courses that appear the same way with the same proposal or sales method.

If you really want to profit from the internet, after learning the methods of an online course, you need to be different, innovative, unique, attractive, you need to be remarkable! Every day it becomes more difficult to profit on the internet, you need to turn it around.

The Mafia of Online Courses to Make Money on the Internet

There are thousands of websites about making money on the internet and thousands of courses. Most of them consist of teaching the person to sell courses online, be it the one he bought or others through some social media, youtube channel or websites.

A verdade sobre os cursos online de ganhar dinheiro na internet

Selling online courses is one of the most profitable ways to earn money on the internet, because commissions are usually over 30%, unlike physical products or other books that are no more than 10%. That's why you find thousands of sites redirecting you to a video that presents a way to make money over the internet.

I sell courses myself, I'm not ashamed to say, and I will still recommend some courses to you in this article. There is no problem, no matter how you want to work on the internet, you can even make game videos on youtube that you will end up selling a game creation course.

What you need to know is to choose the right course in order not to regret with proposals or half-baked courses that some people set up just to sell and earn money with the help of affiliates (people who advertise courses for commissions).

How to choose the best online course to make money on the internet?

Now that you know that online courses are not for everyone, they are not miraculous, and that to earn money on the internet requires dedication, study and patience. I'll give you some tips on how to choose the best course that teaches you how to make money online.

A verdade sobre os cursos online de ganhar dinheiro na internet

First I want to say that I did not take any course to start earning 5,000 reais per month on the internet. All I did was create a website about Japan that is a subject that I like, write content daily with my audience in mind, and only after years, I started earning and increasingly increasing my income.

It was a long journey, I had several unsuccessful websites, until today I learn things that some learn early in courses. I only managed to achieve these results on my own because I spent my time on the internet since I was 12 years old, I always liked to create games, make websites and I looked for methods to earn money while working little.

It turned out that I currently work more than people realize, with only 24 years old, my hair is white from so much stress, but luckily I managed to fulfill my dream of leaving Brazil twice and spending months in Japan, besides allowing to buy Apple products that are a fortune in Brazil.

A verdade sobre os cursos online de ganhar dinheiro na internet

If you want to quickly learn how to make money online, you need a course to not pass everything I went through. I took a long 4 years with my website to start making a profit, luckily now I have full knowledge that allows me to do this in a more practical way.

I recommend choosing a popular course that sells a lot, which is always above 100 degrees at Hotmart. If the course is popular it means that it is good. The most popular courses I know are:

The first one I mentioned is very popular, it teaches everything you need to know to create and monetize a website, in addition to making money as an affiliate on your website. The second is just an E-book, I put it here because it is a cheap option for those who like to read.

Are there better courses? Probably, each student sympathizes better with another teacher. Unfortunately I don't know so many courses on making money online, I just see thousands of them appearing to me on e-mail and on the internet.

Checklist of online courses to earn money on the internet

I really hope you enjoyed this article. If you liked it, don't forget to share it with friends and leave your comments. I am prepared to answer any questions. To finish I want to make a checklist of points highlighted in the article for you to reflect:

  • The purpose of the courses is to sell;
  • Methods that make people buy on impulse are used;
  • People expect too much from online courses;
  • People don't try hard enough on the course;
  • People want to get stuck in the course;
  • You need to innovate and be unique;
  • You need to have dedication and patience;
  • You need to make your decision;