Rank Math – The best All in One Free SEO Plugin for your website

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Know the SEO plugin Rank Math? When we talk about SEO Plugin people recommend SEO by Yoast, I even recommended it in my article on WordPress. Recently, this new SEO plugin called Rank Math was launched, this free plugin promises to totally crush the competition and still disable many additional plugins from your directory.

O Rank Math it's a plugin All in One and provides several features that are not available even in paid SEO plugins. He also claims to be lighter than SEO by Yoast himself, which doesn't offer that much.

For those who are unaware, IF THE means Search Engine Optimization and it is a set of strategies aimed at enhancing and improving your positioning on Google and other search engines. 

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Rank math - o melhor plugin de seo gratuito all in one para seu site

Installing the Rank Math Plugin

Installing the Rank Math Plugin is a very easy task like any other plugin. In case I'm having problems, I recorded a quick video showing the installation of Rank Math and some tips related to the plugin.

The Rank Math plugin features

In addition to all the standard SEO options that plugins usually offer, Rank Math's differentials are:

Redirection - Creates redirects inside articles and outside articles, killing the need to use plugins that redirect like Redirection or Quick Page / Post Redirect.

404 Monitor - Detects links that are in error on the site, killing the need to use plugins that look for offline links. You also have the option to redirect those pages offline and modify them.

Rank math - o melhor plugin de seo gratuito all in one para seu site

Rich Snippets - Kills the need to use plugins that add thumbnails to recipes and other additional data in articles that Google detects. You have virtually all Rich Snippets and Media options, plus social networking and other snippets.

Sitemaps and RSS- The Rank Math plugin also promises to generate sitemaps of images, videos, articles, categories and more. It also optimizes the site's RSS for better results and possibilities.

Rank Math's unique RSS optimization feature allows you to insert custom header and footer text for your RSS feeds. 

Search Console - The plugin automatically integrates with Search Console, allowing you to access data directly from your WordPress dashboard, also facilitating navigation and understanding of the data.

SEO Analysis - Make a complete analysis of your site alerting things to be corrected. A true All in One!

Rank math - o melhor plugin de seo gratuito all in one para seu site

In addition, the plugin supports WooCommerce, has a scheme to manage user settings for Rank Math, a link counter and AMP support. This is a true SEO plugin All in One.

The Plugin also offers easy installation and imports virtually all data from other plugins such as Snippets, SEO by Yoast and even Redirection. It also removes irrelevant words from URLs automatically.

Do you understand that with Rank Math you can disable more than 10 plugins you used before? I was able to disable the redirect, 404, image and video SEO plugins, sitemaps and rich snippets. 
Rank math - o melhor plugin de seo gratuito all in one para seu site - rank math seo

More about Rank Math

The Rank Math plugin was recently launched in early 2019 by Mythemeshop, a very famous website that offers free and paid themes. We know that a large company is behind this plugin, so we can always expect the best.

It starts out that the plugin is super light, lighter than most SEO plugins. In addition, its interface is clean and simple, allowing you to disable modules that you do not intend to use. Not to mention that numerous features are being implemented.

Another feature implemented is the management of internal links, allowing you to link the most important articles for a good result in Google searches. 
Rank math - o melhor plugin de seo gratuito all in one para seu site

Rank Math has things like Google Trends keyword comparator, local SEO, product review, Google News, video sitemaps, breadcrumbs, social graph, add GIF or Video icon to increase clicks on social networks.

Choose the main category of the article, view how your site appears in searches and social networks, choose a thumbnail pattern, author of the article and more. The Plugin even allows you to edit robots.txt and htaccess.

Using a multitasking plugin has many advantages. & Nbsp; This frees up system resources, makes WordPress faster, makes it easier to manage resources and is generally a more secure option.
Rank math - o melhor plugin de seo gratuito all in one para seu site

My experience with SEO Rank Math PLUGIN

Only the Rank Math Plugin offer all these features and more advanced SEO was enough to get my attention. Unfortunately the first time I installed I had problems with Redis Cached, but it was just uninstalling and everything went back to normal.

Remembering that it is necessary to create an account at Mythemeshop to use the plugin, but nothing that affects or depends on them for the plugin to work. Not to mention that we are talking about the support of a large company and much more reliable than anonymous plugins sold on Codecanyon.

The good thing about having several plugins in just one is that you are free from the countless options that appear in your WordPress Admin Panel, just that was enough to give a relief. As soon as I started using this SEO plugin I felt the difference.

Rank math - o melhor plugin de seo gratuito all in one para seu site

Not to mention that Plugin Support is great and better than a lot of free plugins out there. Rank Math was also fully compatible with the theme I use called GeneratePress and the content plugin called Content Egg.

I'm running the plugin on a cloud server from Digital Ocean using the Runcloud running only NGINX in PHP version 7.3. So far I haven't had any problems, showing the dedication that the team had for the plugin, even though it was very young.

Finally I was able to say goodbye to SEO by Yoast and other plugins that were essential in my WordPress installation, will you also do the same? Share your experience here with us in the comments and recommend the plugin to friends.

I already installed this plugin on my sites Suki Desu and Learning Words, and of course on Kevinbk. What are you waiting for to install on yours? 

To finish, let's leave a video for you to see some of its features of this wonderful plugin:

Thank you for reading this article!