Content Egg – The best wordpress plugin for affiliates

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Working as an affiliate is not easy, having to enter a certain site like Amazon, Zandex or linkshare just to generate a banner or code becomes boring. Fortunately my difficulty ended when I found the wordpress plugin called Content Egg.

Content Egg is a paid plugin that is well worth investing in. It is a plugin that supports more than 100 affiliate networks (unfortunately does not support hotmart) and allows you to add products from these networks directly from your wordpress article editor.

This is just its basic function, this plugin goes far beyond becoming a true All in One of affiliate plugins.


Content Egg is a Plugin ALL IN ONE used for affiliates to display products in different formats such as list, grid, card and others. The Plugin automatically picks up through the affiliate network API, images, price descriptions and product information and displays it in your wordpress article.

This plugin is perfect for anyone who wants to create a niche blog, a price comparison website, a daily deals website, online stores or websites that generate automatic content. In addition to supporting networks of several languages ​​and countries.

Content egg - o melhor plugin wordpress para afiliados - content egg grades

The plugin is supported on all themes and also supports WooCommerce. It creates price history, drop alerts, discount widgets, search boxes and many other things to make an affiliate's life easier.

Below you will find the links to access the Content Egg Plugin and also a wordpress theme that is entirely made for the plugin and with extra options that only the theme has.

It supports an infinite variety of modules and ad networks. Before we talk about its features, I think it's important to list the sites and affiliate networks that Content Egg supports:

Affiliate Networks supported by Content Egg

Content Egg Pro is a perfect plugin that integrates with most affiliate networks, we can list some below:

  • Content Egg integrates with Aliexpress
  • The EC integrates with Amazon
  • The EC integrates with Avantlink
  • The EC integrates with Clickbank
  • The EC integrates with Ebay
  • The EC integrates with Zandex
  • The EC integrates with
  • The EC integrates with
  • The EC integrates with Rakuten LinkShare
  • The EC integrates with
  • The EC integrates with Evanto 
  • The EC integrates with Walmart
  • The EC integrates with Viglink
  • The EC integrates with Udemy
  • The EC integrates with Tradetracker
  • The EC integrates with Tradedoubler
  • The EC integrates with Sharesale 
  • The EC integrates with Themeforest
  • The EC integrates with Codecanyon
  • The EC integrates with Flipkart 
  • The EC integrates with GdeSlon
  • The EC integrates with Impactradius
  • The EC integrates with Kelkoogroup
  • The EC integrates with Linkwise
  • The EC integrates with Optimisemedia
  • The EC integrates with Ozon
  • The EC integrates with
  • The EC integrates with Pepperjam
  • The EC integrates with Tradedoubler
  • The EC integrates with Offer

These were just a few of the sites and affiliate networks that Content Egg supports. We can remember that networks like LinkShare and Zandex affiliation with several other online stores on the internet. With content Egg you can sell any product on your website.

In addition to these networks, he accepts coupon systems such as Admitad,, Skimlink, Tradedoubler, Tradetracker and Coupon.

As the name of the plugin suggests, your goal is not just to publicize a list of products, content means content, the purpose of the Content Egg plugin is to help you generate content for your website.

For that, Content Egg integrates with Google and other image sites to search for content of a certain keyword. You are able to capture content and images with the following plugin modules:

  • Bing Images
  • Flickr
  • Books Google
  • Images Google
  • News Google
  • Pixabay
  • public domain photos
  • Qwant
  • Related Keywords
  • Bing
  • RSS Fetcher
  • Twitter
  • Youtube

In addition to Content Egg, the company called Keywordrush made another plugin called Affiliate Egg Pro that complements and adds support to other affiliate networks such as free market, booking and others.

Content Egg is capable of generating articles - Autoblogging

One of the coolest features of Content Egg it's the autoblogging able to randomly generate articles based on a keyword. Using the previously mentioned content modules, you can make an article appear with images, pre-copied texts and fully customize your text.

This allows you to create a product website, product comparison, book list, courses and anything else automatically without having to write a text for each product.

Many must be imagining that Google hates automatically generated posts, and that's a fact! Fortunately Content Egg has a word rotation system that makes articles never look the same. See what I did on one of my sites:

I create an article with a title:

 The best books on% keyword%

Where is% keyword% will appear the keyword I chose from the list of autoblogging. Then I write a standardized text as follows:

{In this article | In this post | Today | Now} I will {present | show | share | show} the {best | most popular} books on% keyword% ... 

Observe how the text in brackets is written, each time the content egg generates an article, it will choose one of the words in each bracket, making the texts never look the same. So you can generate giant articles and very different from each other with the list of products you want to disclose, not being harmed by google and still interacting with readers.

Just create a giant article in the way I mentioned, in the middle put the shortcodes of the content egg that you will use and then generate the article based on a list of keywords that you configure in the tab autoblogging. The Content Egg plugin will search for the keyword in all active modules and select a specific number of relevant items to display in your article.

Content egg - o melhor plugin wordpress para afiliados - content egg

Enter my website and see the category recommended. All those articles were generated automatically and receive visits from google generating sales on AmazonBR and Udemy.

Content Egg features

With Content Egg you can add product and content modules automatically to articles already published through the Fill. You can also import and export your products and set search box and widget defaults.

Each affiliate network or module has its settings that allows you to choose the way the list of products will be displayed as a list or grid, or whether it will display the product description, notes, reviews, comments and others. You also have the option to shorten affiliate links, save the image to your server and others.

There are other configurations and product filters in each of the modules, a price alert system and options for updating products and stock. There are countless functions that even I am unaware of.

Content egg - o melhor plugin wordpress para afiliados - content egg precos

The plugin is easy to configure, each module has instructions on how to get the Deep Link, ID or API for each affiliate network you want to activate. The search box for all modules appears at the end of each article in the text editor.

You can also set up a pattern for the system to display products before or at the beginning of each article without the need to add ShortCode. Shortcodes are also customized allowing you to display a certain number of items, products from other articles or to use a different product display layout in the same article.

After configuring Content Egg, it will make your life as an affiliate a thousand times easier, streamlining the process of choosing products to advertise in your article, increasing your income and productivity on the site. Content Egg is an essential and mandatory plugin for every website owner who uses wordpress.

If you only use AmazonBR, it is worth remembering that Content Egg has a free version of the plugin without autoblogging that accepts Amazon. I strongly recommend going straight to Content Egg PRO to get full access to all ad networks and start selling your site.