The viral of Mr. Nilson Izaias and the idiotic haters

So much crap on the internet and youtube and people are creating controversy with a 72 year old man? In this article I'm going to talk a little bit about the viral and how Nilson managed to grow so fast and also about Haterismo, something that all content creators on the internet need to face.

I think most of those who surfed social media in early February must have come across criticisms and defenses against Nilson Izaias, an elderly man who is very good and makes videos on YouTube for children.

This situation can be useful for learning lessons in marketing, ethics and social. 


Emerged RIGHTS in early February 2019 about a Youtuber very simple old man who makes children's videos and who by some luck surpassed the views of Anitta and Felipe grandson in the viral video about slime.

The rumors suggest that in fact Mr. Nilson Izaias was a pedophile, all based on prints from social networks and also on the videos he left liked and commented on the history of his channel, where the vast majority were children, and some with bikini.

O viral nilson izaias e os haters idiotas

After being investigated, they found that the profiles used in the prints are fake and have no relationship with Nilson Izaias. Some claim that it all started because of the envy of his success or because he claimed to have voted for 17 or Bolsonaro.

Many claim that everything was caused by militants from the left, who helped spread all these lies about the poor 72-year-old man. You even made a video disappointed with people and saying that you want to stop making videos. I hope he doesn't give up, because things on the internet are like that.

We can see that Nilson Izaias makes friends and exchanges with different children's channels. That explains why the playlist I liked it is full of children's videos. Evidence of exchange of disclosure is in your secondary channel.

I am impressed by the human idiOtice

The first proof of stupidity and ignorance was to accuse and spread rumors without being 100% sure that something is real. Unfortunately this is what happens most on the internet today, there are thousands of sites publishing fake news every day and people sharing without seeing the source.

I even wrote articles about these fake news on my website Suki Desu, I am impressed with such stupidity and human ignorance to go out sharing anything without even knowing if it is true.

Stop believing everything you read on the internet!

This was still only the beginning, as you can see, militants on the left wished Nilson Izaias death just because he voted for 17. I'm sorry but those ignorant people who do not accept losing in the elections must wish the death of half of Brazil and not just a famous one.

O viral nilson izaias e os haters idiotas

You should be ashamed to speak those words, you are acting 10000000000000000000000x worse than the Bolsonaro that you are so afraid of. How do you want the left to rule the country with this irrational attitude?

Even if the Lord really was a pedophile, there is nothing of your right to act with such stupidity as to wish death and curse him. In reality this crime of yours at a certain point it is even worse than pedophilia, since you are acting this way because you want to and not because of a sexual impulse that needs help and monitoring to be avoided and treated.

I loved the comment from Thayrus Henrik on Face that says: The Brazilian is a disgusting breed, poor in spirit, badly loved and sad! You can't see the success of Someone flying to the sky who already wants to drop in hell!

It was a bit of a racist comment, but I agree because each time I encounter more idiocy, each day a new one. Unfortunately because of some idiots, we have gained this unfortunate fame. We need to clear the name of the Brazilians.

If someone is asking my political position, I consider myself neutral. Yes, I am exempt for religious reasons, if you do not respect my decision or religion, better go and get treated… We live in a democracy, stop cursing yourself for politics. Every day I see this world closer to self-destruction, every day I want to leave Brazil and stay away from these ignorant people without any respect. Unfortunately I am still unable to do that ...

People trying to take advantage of Nilson's situation

Nilson reached more than 2.5 million subscribers in a few weeks. I went to see the video of IzzyNobre on the 4th, he had one million, now on the 6th he has gone over 2.5 million subscribers. It was supposed to be a cause for joy for Senhor Nilson and not for disgrace.

With that we realized that people prefer simple and direct content instead of well-crafted things. The video I mentioned talks a lot about it, I'll leave it below:

Now returning to the subject, it is to be expected that people will try to take advantage of this occasion where Nilson Izaias is generating thousands of subscribers in a few days. Thousands of videos on this subject are appearing on youtube, mainly articles like the one I wrote.

Another thing I noticed is that someone had the brilliant idea of ​​creating a channel with the name of NILSON IZAIAS PAPINHO to get subscribers from the people who search for him on youtube. A good way to earn subscribers at the expense of others.

I totally disapprove of this method, but it is worth warning you not to subscribe mistakenly on this fake channel. Nilson Izaias Papinho's real channel is not written with CAPS LOCK and shows the number of subscribers. The fake channel hid the number of subscribers exactly so that new subscribers didn’t notice, he also uploaded several videos, from which to notice by the date of the post that was not more than a day.

This happens a lot on instagram with those fake tennis draws every month. The page that promotes this fake promotion usually creates several fake pages to get more followers and maybe sell those pages later. How do people end up falling for these fake ads? No company will deliver 150 sneakers and watches a month ... Wake up people!

What did we learn from what happened?

I hope you enjoyed this article that I wrote in a hurry to vent. I am outraged at how people have the ability to cause disgrace in the lives of others because of their political choice, or to simply believe and spread lies without proof, or for taking advantage of the situation.

O viral do senhor nilson izaias e os haters idiotas

I would be very grateful if you share our article… Finally, I will list the points I want to highlight in this article:

  • With simplicity, a gentleman won the hearts of thousands of Brazilians in a few days;
  • With envy or because of different thoughts, the left plotted slander against an innocent man;
  • Stupidly, some idiots went to insult and wish the death of the master just for returning 17 or being falsely accused of pedophilia;
  • With some cleverness some marketer took the opportunity to gain followers with articles, videos or even copies of the channel;
  • With that we learn not to believe everything we see;
  • With that, people must wake up and stop being ignorant and despicable;

If you happen to have done any of the idiocies mentioned in the article and regret it, congratulations! Now if you did and were offended, I hope the cap served you!