Complete SEO Guide + 50 Tools to Rank in Searches

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I will now share one Complete Guide on SEO + 50 Tools that will help you optimize your site and rank your articles on the top and front pages of Google and other search sites.

One of the most important things that a person needs to learn when creating a website is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which consists of a variety of techniques that aim to make your site more friendly and visible on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

There is a multitude of techniques used by bloggers, programmers and agencies specializing in this area to optimize your site for Google searches. Among them involves keywords, link building, structure, long articles and even obscure techniques condemned by Google.

Guia completo de seo + 50 ferramentas pra rankear nas buscas

This complete guide to SEO + 50 Tools to optimize your site and Rank on Google is a gigantic article, so we will leave a summary to facilitate your navigation:

There are thousands of SEO Guides on the internet, I tried to do it differently and in a few words I want to explain in a simplified way the main SEO steps. Soon after we move on to the optimization tools.

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How Google views SEO

Now that you know that SEO consists of a set of techniques to improve Rankings and position on google and other search engines, nothing better than understanding a little about SEO and the terms used by people who study this area.

IF THE is an area that requires constant study, more and more Google is changing to avoid low quality sites that focus on techniques to position themselves at the top. Nowadays the person needs to focus a lot on the quality of the content instead of the quantity.

At the time of 2008 many blogs made by Google's Blogger tool were popular and were easily placed on the front page. This gave rise to thousands of sites with no relevant content dominating the front pages. Google didn’t like this and increasingly makes life harder for people who want to take advantage of the most searched terms to generate profit.

Guia completo de seo + 50 ferramentas pra rankear nas buscas
A imagem representa o quão seo é caro e valioso. Pessoas gastam milhões com ferramentas para seo diariamente.

Thousands of websites compete to focus on quality and techniques to master the first page. Google nowadays considers the quality, size of the article, domain and relevance of the site, visit time on the page, page load time, sharing, social visits and thousands of other factors, something important to position articles on google.

SEO is really complicated for lay people or people starting a website today. I myself have difficulty understanding and positioning myself on Google. Working with website optimization is a constant and eternal struggle.

How can you get along with SEO? Now let's see step by step important points that you must consider in order to have a successful website.

Getting started with website SEO

There are two ways to work with SEO on your website, everything you do internally on your page is called One Page. When involving external work it is called Off Page.

One of the first things you need to take into account is the domain of the website. Choose a domain that has a focus word for your niche (subject or site category). Do not do as I put names or brands anything to do with the subject of the site.

Second, you need to optimize your website's speed and other settings. Today, thousands of people use WordPress to set up their website or blog. We recommend using light themes like GeneratePress or full SEO plugins like Rank Math.

Guia completo de seo + 50 ferramentas pra rankear nas buscas

There are other popular SEO plugins like the famous SEO by Yoast, All in one SEO Pack and the plugin Premium SEO Pack. Already themes or layouts, there are thousands free and paid, but for me the best is GeneratePress in its premium version.

You can measure the speed of your website with some metrics tools like GTMETRIX or PageSpeed Of google. We recommend taking a note above 90. It is good for the page to load in less than 1 seconds, or instantly. For this it is recommended good settings in wordpress and a good cache plugin.

Also remember to make your Permanent Links friendly to Google. The URL of your article must have the post name or related keywords, no numbers, IDs and not even dates. A maximum of 60 characters is recommended.

An SEO plugin is essential for your website, so we always recommend using WordPress to get better search results. If you use your own tool or script, make sure it is friendly to Google and search engines.

Another thing you need to do is set up your site in the search engines of other sites like Google Search Console. With this go Google tool you can track the results of your techniques and also send your sitemaps and RSS for Google, Yahoo and Bing in order to rank more easily.

Guia completo de seo + 50 ferramentas pra rankear nas buscas

Keyword - Keyword

One of the most important things you need to know about SEO is the keywords. Every article or page you write on your site must relate to a particular keyword and other secondary keywords.

Keywords are terms that people search for on Google. You need to write an article thinking about what words people will use to find your site. Use expressions that you think the person will be looking for.

When writing the article or page, you need to use this keyword many times, but it cannot go beyond 2.5% of the text otherwise Google will consider this article as spam. You need to put the keyword focus on the titles and subtitles of your article, and also in the first paragraph.

Do not forget the reader, he is also the most important. Don't try to optimize every site for Google to make things complicated for the Reader. Google takes quality, it knows when a person enters and leaves your page.

The SEO plugins for WordPress will assist you when writing an article, suggesting things to improve the positioning of your website. They always suggest adding images with the keyword in the tag ALT, also suggests long articles of at least 600 words.

Guia completo de seo + 50 ferramentas pra rankear nas buscas - seo

There are short keywords and long tail keywords. The shorter the word, the more people search for it on Google and the more sites compete for that word. Long-tailed words, on the other hand, tend to have few searches, but an easier way to dominate the first page depending on the niche.

So it is good to use the numerous tools that I will suggest throughout this guide to always research which keywords are most advantageous. Keywords can even influence the CPM of your site’s ads.

Studying and researching keywords can even give suggestions of what articles or subjects you need to write on your site to increase organic visits (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

Linking your articles internally naturally and without exaggerating brings SEO benefits. 

 configuring & nbsp; ROBOTS.TXT

Many people overlook something important called robots.txt, a text file known as the robot exclusion protocol. Knowing how to properly configure it can greatly influence the SEO of your website.

Simply put, robots.txt is a document where you configure which pages Google robots and other sites will or will not crawl and index. You can check your robots.txt visiting

For example, you can speed up the process of crawling robots by disabling unnecessary pages using the Disallow. Can suggest Sitemaps and even prevent the robot from indexing pages with Noindex. See an example robots.txt below:

Sitemap: User-agent: *
Disallow: / wp-admin /
Allow: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php
Noindex: / thanks-for-registering /

Another very important factor in ranking in addition to the keyword is Link building which consists of exchanging external links with other sites. The more different sites naturally point to your site, your site will become relevant to Google.

Google is not stupid and is very aware of people who buy links on other sites, it is good to make this link exchange honestly with content related to yours and without exaggerating. Do not try to create multiple sites on the same server, google recognizes the IP.

External links from social networks also increase and relevance of your website, even some sites having the tag nofollow. It is always good to remember that when exchanging links with a partner site, they cannot use the tag nofollow if it doesn't do any good.

It is always good to focus on creating great content, so other sites will end up linking your articles and people will comment and share on social networks. Try to create quality content that attracts all types of readers.

In addition to the social sharing buttons, we recommend sharing your articles on a facebook page or other social networks. Some use plugins that automatically share articles on social networks. Others even use email to notify the publication of new articles.

Checklist of SEO techniques

Now that you know the basics of SEO, let's make a checklist of steps that you need to do or have done to improve the SEO and ranking of your website:

  • Choose a relevant title and domain;
  • Try to leave your website as fast and light as possible;
  • Add site on Google Search Console and others;
  • Add Sitemaps and RSS in Google Search Console;
  • Place social sharing buttons;
  • Always write with your keywords in mind;
  • Write long articles with more than 600 words;
  • Don't forget to put the keyword in the images;
  • Don't forget to put the keyword in the title and subtitle;
  • Study which keyword and subject to use in the articles;
  • Edit or create a robots.txt file;
  • Use H1, H2 and H3 in your content;
  • Choose friendly links to your articles;
  • Partner with websites and exchange links;
  • Have a good presence on social networks;
  • Focus on content;

Tools for finding keywords

Now that you understand the basics of SEO, let's move on to the tools I recommend using to get good positions on Google. Let's start by talking about the most important of SEO, keywords!

Remembering that I will do this in a brief way… There are tools that need an entire article just to explain them. So this part is recommended that you have good computer knowledge and skills to manage yourself.

Using Google tools

There are many ways to find the perfect keyword for your articles. One is to use your own Google. You can start typing something in the search bar and Google automatically suggests something that you’ve searched for.

Using my browser's own address bar (Safari) I searched for List in English and Japan, in both Google suggested the most searched keywords. Remembering that keywords like this are very competitive.

Guia completo de seo + 50 ferramentas pra rankear nas buscas

In addition to Google itself you can use your own Google Search Console to see which keywords drive the most visits to your site and build on them. You can also keep up with the competition and try to improve the position of articles with a good number of impressions.

Some use the Google Trends to see the popularity of a particular keyword and other similar words that are popular at a particular time. In addition to comparing words, you can also filter your search by country and categories.

Among all Google tools, the best is the google adwords keyword searcher. With this tool you receive thousands of suggestions of keywords of long or short syrup, in addition to seeing the average of monthly searches, ranking difficulty and the amount that people pay for it.


The website similarweb is an SEO tool to get to know your competitors. In its free version, you can find out how many visits a website has, which sites are competing with that site, which keywords lead to more visits to that site, the origin of the visits and many other information related to the ranking and position of the site.

You can see all the data from any website without registering or anything, unfortunately to see more in-depth data you need to pay. But fortunately I found that if you register for the free version, you can see the link to all the most visited articles by a competitor, you just cannot see the keywords.

Guia completo de seo + 50 ferramentas pra rankear nas buscas

I always use similarweb when I look for a topic to write and also meet my competition. All this without having to spend a dime. You can also see sites that redirect or are redirected by the enemy domain! lol

Buzzsumo - The perfect tool for generating viral content

This site allows you to search for keywords and find the most shared articles on social networks that use that keyword. With this tool you also analyze trends, viral images shared on social networks and many other perfect information for those who want to maintain a website full of hot and recent news.

The tool has a paid and free version. The free version has a low limit on daily searches. Those who don't usually have daily news blogs can settle for the free version.

Guia completo de seo + 50 ferramentas pra rankear nas buscas

Other tools for finding keywords

Bing Webmaster Tools - Bing also has its platform to help webmasters, it has some tools more interesting than that of Google itself. - This tool displays keyword suggestions from Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Bing and Ebay.

Tool Seo Chat - This tool allows you to find keyword suggestions from Google, Bing, Amazon and Youtube all at once. - On this site you will find suggestions for keywords and subjects that competing sites write. A perfect tool for finding subjects to write on your website. - Allows you to export spreadsheets with keyword data based on Google Search Console and - A great suggestion tool for keywords and subjects to write on your website.

kwfinder - Another very popular tool that analyzes keywords and websites.


Mozbar - This tool shows you important metrics, keyword competition and lets you create personalized searches according to your region.

Buzzstream - This site offers several different tools related to Link building.

internetmarketingninjas - This site offers some interesting and free tools to analyze your site and list offline pages, redirects, crawls, missing tags and many others. - This tool will extract excerpts from research and will apply a semantic analysis and generate a list of related topics.

surferseo - Perfect tool to deeply analyze the keywords and the ranking factors of each one.

spyfu - Tool to analyze and spy on competitors and generate ideas to fight them. - This tool analyzes the keyword density on HTML pages to get an idea of ​​what optimization to do on your site.

linkminer - A tool that analyzes your site's backlinks, their relevance and other useful information.

Web-Sniffer - Free tool to analyze the header response data for a request and check redirects.

Open Link Profiler - Free tool to work with link building.

Inky Bee - This tool is able to display the posts with the greatest impact on your niche. will leave your original content

One of the most important things to have a good SEO is to create original and different content. Some endeavor to make lists, tables and share some information already found on other sites.

With the website you can access several tools related to text editing, allowing you to delete lines from a list, put them in alphabetical order, erase blank spaces and many other things. For me it is a very useful tool in creating tables and word lists on my website.

Another tool that I highly recommend is some plugin or automatic publishing script on social networks. This tool will increase the reach of your website, it also improves SEO. For wordpress we have the NextScript and Revive Old Post, as for me, I use my own script called Midrub.

paid SEO tools and keywords

Unfortunately most professional tools for keyword search and analysis are paid for, and at an absurdly high price. These international tools are not affordable in Brazil with their pig CPM.

Fortunately we can take advantage of its free versions or even sign up for a free trial for a number of days to analyze and export all the data we need at once. There is no need to pay an absurd amount monthly, just gather all the data you need and then cancel.

Both tools that I list below have similar functionality. They analyze a domain's SEO, display your keywords and search for terms to write. Still others suggest Link Building and analyze backlinks. Each one has its differential, it is good to visit them all and see which one you liked the most. - I listed it separately, because even in its free version it offers more information and data than the sites listed below. It offers a complete list of competitors and keyword information for each one.

  • LongTailPro - Find long tail keywords;
  • Ahrefs - Focused on Link Building;
  • Semrush - Assist in organic research;
  • Exponea - Cloud-based;
  • Agencyanalytics - Dashboards for SEO, PPC and Social;
  • Moz - Detailed analysis;
  • BrightEdge - Performance Marketing Content;
  • Screaming Frog - Scanning websites;
  • DeepCrawl - Scanning websites;
  • Cognitive SEO - Combining several SEO tools;
  • - Monitor rankings;
  • Ontolo - Best places for Link Building;
  • Search Metrics - Tool aimed at large websites;
  • Sistrix - Tool with a series of features;

List of 50 SEO Tools to Improve Your Website

I hope you enjoyed this article. It took a long time to write it, even though I tried to summarize it quickly, it exceeded 3,000 words. To finish the article, I will list the 50 tools I mentioned in this article, since I did not write the article as a list.

It's just a simple list summarizing the tools mentioned in the article to prove that there were 50. If you liked the article, don't forget to share and leave your comments. If you know a more interesting tool, recommend it!

  1. Agencyanalytics;
  2. Ahrefs;
  3. All in One SEO Pack;
  4. Bing Webmaster Tools;
  5. BrightEdge;
  6. Google Adwords keyword searcher;
  7. BuzzStream;
  8. Buzzsumo;
  9. Cognitive SEO;
  10. DeepCrawl;
  11. Exponea;
  12. GeneratePress - Best WordPress theme Ultra lightweight;
  13. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights;
  14. Google Search Console;
  15. Google Trends;
  16. Google, address bar;
  18. Inky Bee;
  19. Internetmarketing ninjas;
  23. kwfinder;
  24. Linkminer;
  26. MidRub;
  27. Moz;
  28. Mozbar;
  29. NextScript;
  30. Ontolo;
  31. Open Link Profiler;
  32. Premium SEO Pack;
  33. Rank Math - Best WordPress SEO plugin currently;
  34. Revive Old Post;
  35. Screaming Frog;
  36. Search Metrics;
  37. Semrush;
  38. SEO by Yoast;
  41. Similar Web;
  42. Sistrix - Tool with a series of features;
  43. Sistrix;
  44. Spyfu;
  45. Surferseo;
  48. Seo Chat Tool;
  50. Web-Sniffer;