How to buy on Themeforest, Envato and Codecanyon

In this article we are going to talk about the biggest Marketplace of WordPress Themes and layouts for website called ThemeForest, along with Codecanyon a directory to buy Scripts and Plugins. Today we are going to talk about Envato Market and how you can buy and create your projects with this website.

This article is a little big, so we will leave a Summary to help in your navigation:


Do you know him Envato Market? This great company is the largest Marketplace for scripts, themes, plugins, templates and even audio and image elements for creating online projects like websites or even mobile applications.

In the networks of Envato Market anyone can share and sell your project and have a worldwide reach for your product. The Envato Market is divided into 7 sites and some services which are:

  • ThemeForest - Sells layouts and themes for wordpress, html and other CMS;
  • CodeCanyon & nbsp; - Sells PHP Scripts, HTML5, Mobile and wordpress plugins;
  • VideoHive - Sells effects and transitions for videos;
  • AudioJungle - Sells copyright book audio files; graphicriver;
  • GraphicRiver - Sells logos, icons, fonts and other graphics;
  • PhotoDune - Sells royalty free photos;
  • 3docean - Sells 3D files, models and textures;
  • Elements.envato - A kind of Netflix that includes a little bit of everything;
Como comprar no themeforest, envato e codecanyon

On Envato websites you search for a theme or script of interest, make the purchase and receive the download along with the license to use the product. On themeforest sites you will find most of the best paid wordpress themes, while on codecanyon you will find plugins or CMSs for specific projects.

O themeforest, as the name suggests is focused on themes and layouts for wordpress, html5, joomla, group, psd and other CMS. The codecanyon is focused on php scripts, plugins for wordpress, mobile applications, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, .NET and others.

How to buy at ThemeForest or CodeCanyon

The first thing you need to do is access the Envato by clicking here. The site is in English, but it is not difficult to navigate it. You must first click on Sing In then on Create an Envato account. Then just fill in your details, create your account and confirm your email.

Now you have full access to the themeforest, codecanyon, videohive, audiojungle and others, all through Envato's account. After that, just buy the product that interests you.

You can buy using Paypal or Skrill, when making these payment methods you are adding money to your Envato wallet. If you request a refund your money will go back to Envato's wallet for you to spend on another theme, script and others.

As in Brazil we only know Paypal, you will unfortunately need an international card.

Como comprar no themeforest, envato e codecanyon

After you buy your item on themeforest, codecanyon or any other Envato website, you will receive the download information by email, or you can simply access your account menu on the website and click on downloads.

Here you can find all the products you bought with the download of the script + download of the license in pdf or text. Envato offers an installation and hosting service, but the prices are very high and do not pay.

Care when buying on ThemeForest and Codecanyon

You should take the same care when buying something on free market or any other shopping site if you want to buy a theme in themeforest or a plugin in codecanyon. That's because anyone can sell anything on Envato's websites.

Of course, everything is tested before going on sale, but the author of the product is not always willing to help when the problem is the server you use or your lack of skill. Sometimes the code used to create the theme or script you purchased is not of quality or does not work as you would like.

That’s why we recommend always seeing the author's note, and also how many sales he made that script or theme. The more sales, the less trouble you will have with the product purchased. Also read product reviews to find out what problems people have had and how they have been helped.

Como comprar no themeforest, envato e codecanyon

Remembering that when buying a theme on ThemeForest script no CodeCanyon you only have 6 months of envato support, you can extend it for an additional price, but some authors are willing to help even after Envato's support expires.

Your license when purchasing a product is eternal, you also receive all updates of the purchased product. Envato licenses usually work for only one domain. Just make sure everything before making a purchase.


I love the Envato website, I introduced myself to thousands of scripts that I want to use, but my financial condition, time and lack of dedication do not allow it. Maybe it's on themeforest that you will find your perfect wordpress theme, plugin or PHP script for your project.

Unfortunately I was not very lucky, because I was never satisfied with the themes I bought, wanting to change constantly. In relation to Scripts I bought several, both worked perfectly, but my lack of dedication to the projects did not help.

Not to mention that when buying a theme, be aware that you will have a headache until you leave it the way you always wanted. Appearances can be very deceiving, so be sure to rate the product reviews and author details.

Como comprar no themeforest, envato e codecanyon

So don't be like me, and only buy something if you are absolutely sure that you will use it, I spent a lot of money on codecanyon and themeforest sites, but today I use absolutely almost nothing I bought there.

Some things in codecanyon draw a lot of attention like quiz scripts, autopost plugins, movie database and others. Currently the only item I use codecanyon is MidRub and I recommend it.

If you buy something that didn't work or gave you a lot of headaches, ask for a refund right away and avoid problems.

Below I will list all the things I bought at CodeCanyon and Themeforest until today, if you are interested in taking a look and know the ideas I had when I bought these items, feel free.

O Content Egg it was one of the best things I ever bought. This menu with Envato items you are seeing above was made using this plugin called Content Egg. The flowflow is very good, but it didn't fit much in my niche.

Those were all the things I bought so far at Envato Market. It’s no use, I’ll always recommend GeneratePress like best WordPress theme. But maybe there are things that only Envato Market and ThemeForest can offer you.

Como comprar no themeforest, envato e codecanyon

Everything will depend on your needs and projects. At least now you know the best wordpress marketplace, feel free to do a search. I hope you enjoyed the article, if you liked it share and leave your comments.