Does breaking articles into parts harm or help the site?

Some sites have that habit of dividing the article into several parts or creating lists that each page is an item. Why do these sites do this? Does dividing articles into multiple parts harm or help the site? Does this affect SEO? We will answer these and other questions in this short article.

Why do some sites divide POSTs and articles into parts?

People usually do the following:

  • They divide a single subject into several articles with part 1, part 2…
  • Create lists where the person needs to advance a page to see each item;

You must be wondering why someone would split an article into several parts? Some of the reasons are:

  • Too lazy to write everything down in one day;
  • You want to publish something as fast as possible on the site;
  • You want to make the reader access several pages to earn more from ads;
  • You want to decrease the bounce rate of the site;
  • Capture emails;
  • He wants to prevent the article from being long;
  • Avoid the need to scroll the article down;
  • Improve internal linking;

I think the most viable reason is to generate more profit from ads, but does it really work? Doesn't that hurt anything? You site reader has probably been angry at reading an article and having to access another page, enter your email or wait to read the rest. If you are a website author, be careful not to make the mistake of dividing articles into parts anymore.

is it an advantage to divide the articles or post into parts?

Some imagine that dividing the article in parts will make the reader not to be alarmed by the size of the text, making him read completely and naturally. This can be easily worked around with anchor links for each heading or subtitle [H2].

People think they can trick Google Adsense and generate more earnings by dividing the article into several parts. This can actually harm the IF THE of your website, make you compete in the searches with yourself. It can actually prevent you from appearing on the first pages of searches.

Dividir artigos em partes prejudica ou ajuda o site? - seo

Others try to circumvent this SEO threat with plugins and techniques that make the article completely visible to google robots on a single page, but for the reader it needs to go to the next page. Is this really an advantage?

I personally left several sites or lists that needed to access a new page to see everything. Not to mention that Google is not stupid and knows very well when people try to manipulate it to increase earnings. This can actually make your CPM drop dramatically.

I think most people know that a 2,000 word article is much better than 4 500 word articles with the same subject. In reality I think that the strongest point for not dividing articles into several parts is SEO.

Dividir artigos em partes prejudica ou ajuda o site? - artigos divididos

I've done this myself several times, now I'm putting together all these divided articles in order to improve SEO and make them rank on the first page. I had to feel in my skin that this tactic is more harmful than beneficial.

When should I split an article into parts?

You also don't need to write a 10,000-word article on a topic. If there is a possibility to create 5 articles of 2,000 words, or even more on that subject, then do so. In such cases it is an advantage to divide the article into several parts.

I just don't see the advantage of dividing lists of 10 items or less into several pages, even if I use the same hyperlink or a script. Now if it is a list with 100 items, you can perhaps divide it into 20 or 50 items per article. It can still be bad for SEO, unless you can get both articles on the first page.

An example of a website that does this a lot is legiaodosherois, but apparently they do this not because of ads or page views. In fact, all of their content is on the same page, they make this list system just because they think it's better that way.

Dividir artigos em partes prejudica ou ajuda o site? - lista dividida

If you think that a list like this instead of scrolling like a traditional article is better, then do as you wish. Just make sure you're not doing anything harmful to the site's SEO or CPM. Also think about how this article layout system can affect your reader.

Another situation where dividing the article into parts can be beneficial is when your site receives more social visits than organic ones. In this situation, your readers will share your articles, further increasing your social reach if the articles are divided.

Also try to divide articles in a way that does not appear to be a division. You can start a subject in an article and direct to another without making it clear that it is part two or part three.

Split youtube videos into parts

I believe that not all content creators like to split their videos into parts, but unfortunately they are forced to do so because of Google's algorithm that helps reach videos under 10 minutes.

Dividir artigos em partes prejudica ou ajuda o site? - escrever blog

Unfortunately long videos on youtube means that subscribers do not see it completely, thus affecting the reach of the video. So it ends up being much more advantageous to make short videos and divide them into several parts than a single long video.

Others do the opposite way, they clog the video of transitions, credits, long intros, sausage filling to give a total of 10 minutes or at least 5 minutes to have a better reach on youtube. The same thing happens with website articles, where authors are increasingly obliged to write articles with 2000 words if they want to position themselves on the first page of Google searches.

There are different situations for sharing or not sharing a video or article. It seems to be a subject not much to comment on, but have you noticed the sites that do this? Did you try to do the same? What is your opinion on this matter? Do you like sites with this layout?