Amino – The big threat from content creators

Today I am going to talk about an application / website that has conquered more and more space on the internet, the famous Amino. Could this social network of communities be a threat to bloggers and content creators? Can we learn things from how it works?

In this article we will analyze how Amino has been gaining space in google searches, mobile apps and even youtube. We'll also see how people are failing to make money from this app, or how it threatens content creators on other sites.

Amino is a social network focused on mobile created in 2014 by Benjamin Anderson and Yin Wang. The application has several entertainment options such as communities, chat, blog, forums, creating lists and content to entertain friends and colleagues. With it it is possible to create a social network focused on any distinct subject. There are even proprietary applications focused on a particular subject such as Anime.

The Genius idea of ​​the Amino

The creator of Amino was very intelligent, he created a social network in an application format, since nowadays mobile devices dominate the majority of the population. They also created the web-based project, so that all content generated in the applications can be accessed by the internet browser.

Its community system gives users the option to create forums, blogs and articles complete with a very user-friendly creation tool. This causes people from all over the world to generate content that rankeam on the first pages of Google thus dominating the entire internet.

Amino - a grande ameaça dos criadores de conteúdo

O has been the biggest enemy in Google's first page search positioning. I imagine that many websites are losing their positions to content generated by people who are basically being used without earning a penny.

Then when we open vacancies for people to publish content on our sites, nobody wants to. The creator of this app found a great idea to generate content without having to pay writers for it. It probably generates millions at the expense of users.

How does Amino make people WRITE for free?

What makes thousands of people spend most of their time writing content for Amino without earning a penny?

One of the techniques used by Amino is the gamification which consists of using coins, rankings, stars or any other item that encourages the player to try to get it. We can compare Aminoapps with an addictive RPG.

The use frequent images it is another technique that differentiates it from other sites. With this application people post images without their articles, since they are not using their servers.

Amino - a grande ameaça dos criadores de conteúdo

Another way that Amino uses to get new users is by sponsoring youtube channels. Who has never seen a youtuber recommending the app to their subscribers? They use exactly the technique of entering the community of something you like to make you download the app, still says that the owner of the channel will be present in the community.

The ranked articles on the first few pages of Google is another way to attract the majority of visitors to Their website receives more than 40 million visits per month, over 80% of Google and 15% of Brazil.

Why do people write on Amino?

It seems that I am turning this brilliant and wonderful application into a great monster, but in truth Amino has several positive points, if not one would attract so many people.

Many use Amino paid to get backlinks to their sites, I even have several backlinks pointing to my site because of some authors who copy things from my site, but at least put credits. So basically some are helped with this application.

This is another problem with Amino, do people write what they want, and what do some do? They copy your articles and put them in the application. If you play their article, they appear first than yours in Google searches.

Amino - a grande ameaça dos criadores de conteúdo

Others write only as a hobby, are not interested in making money or that others make money on their backs. And this app is really a great option to reach more engaged people.

Even though Amino doesn't offer any kind of monetization, some still make money promoting product links digital or physical. As I do not currently monitor or use the application, I am not aware of its guidelines or if this is really allowed.

Maybe Amino will even pay some people, but I tried to research about monetization and generate income with amino and I found absolutely nothing. Just rumors that pop-up ads were showing in the app, but remember that banner ads are not the only way to monetize. alone receives 40 million visits, even without any AD, already makes the business millionaire.

Amino is truly a complete experience, some even use gamification to set up virtual stores within the app. Others can literally sell and make money from it.

What is the difference between Amino for Youtube and Facebook?

Don't they do the same thing as YouTube and Facebook? The big difference is that youtube and facebook pay their users, and probably some who use Amino don't work for free and try to get paid.

On youtube you can find several ways to monetize, not to mention that facebook is not a blog with random writers from all over the world. You do not find on Facebook texts copied from another site with 2,000 words stealing the position of the true authors in Google searches.

Not that Facebook and Youtube are smelling flowers. Both are full of copied, rotten content and without any connection. The internet itself is full of it, but it's still a good idea to alert smart users.

It is for these and other reasons that I think Article 13 may not be the most horrible thing in the world. What we get tired of seeing are people making money from other people's content. I personally think Amino is a real threat to content creators.

Still, Amino can be a very useful tool to boost your website, you don't necessarily need to look like an enemy arch. In reality, it's not the app's fault, it's the people who don't think and prefer to be used to write giant texts to give money to a millionaire company.

If the person likes to write so much, why not look for freelance jobs or help websites that are not millionaires? Or who knows, does not create its own website? If you still like to write on the amino, at least don't copy content from other sites.

Some really take advantage of and its reach to get a lot of profit and income. Others live and work only using this application, but some unfortunately are unaware of the techniques of making money and write for free. Who knows, in the near future Amino may not create a more user-friendly way to monetize its content creators?