Adsense x Adx x Affiliate – What is the best way to Monetize your website?

Have you heard of Google Adsense? Google Adx? Sell ​​as an affiliate on Hotmart, Amazon or others? Among these 3 What is the best way to monetize a website? In this article we will talk in detail about these 3 forms of monetization.

Many people know the Adsense as the biggest and best way to monetize a website. Others end up being curious about the premium alternative of Google Adsense call of Google Ad Exchange (ADX). Others don't even care about ads AD and prefer to sell products directly as affiliates in exchange for commissions.

Not to mention that you don't have to choose one of the 3, you can simply use the 3 forms of monetization together. Of course, you need to test your priorities and see which really gives you the most profit to focus on.

Google Adsense - The most common form of monetization

Google Adsense is a service that displays ads on your site and pays for clicks (CPC) and views (CPM). It is the world's most popular form of monetization and ad network. It is also the one that pays the most for showing ads.

You can place different banners of different sizes on your website, Google will pay according to your visitors, the subject of your website and the investment of advertisers. Everything is done through an advertising space auction, so the amount you earn for visits or clicks is never fixed.

Adsense earnings will depend on whether or not people click on the ads. Depending on the niche and the people who visit your site, they will rarely click on ads, making their earnings very low. The way people behave when they click on your ad can also influence earnings.

Adsense x adx x afiliado - qual a melhor forma de monetizar seu site?

Some people fail to log into Adsense

Unfortunately, Google Adsense is increasingly rigid to accept new members. We recommend that the site has a reasonable amount of articles and receives many organic visits from Google, before applying for Google Adsense registration.

Google Adsense has a very strict policy, the subjects written on the site may not have a lot of immoral, violent or adult content. Sites involving pirated content such as anime, music and movies cannot be monetized by Google Adsense.

Make sure your website is an original site, with no content copied from other sites. Articles must also be well written and your visits must

Adsense x adx x afiliado - qual a melhor forma de monetizar seu site?

The Google Ad Exchange is a premium version of Google Adsense that pays by CPM. The gains in theory are much higher than those generated by Google Adsense, but as already mentioned, they usually pay by CPM.

The real Google ADX is only accessible to giant sites that receive more than 2 million monthly visits, still need to be invited by Google. What people usually use are Networks that sign up for Google Adx through their business account and take a commission of 15% of their earnings.

Adsense x adx x afiliado - qual a melhor forma de monetizar seu site?

These Networks that take small sites to use ADX are partnered and made official by Google. Some try to innovate and make multiple partnerships in addition to Google ADX, they also use techniques to increase CPM such as the header bid (Header Bidding).

Some sites are able to increase their profit by up to 100% using ADX instead of Adsense. Others, on the other hand, do not achieve results greater than 30% or sometimes achieve lower results. It is best to use the 2 together and do tests to understand how to earn more on both.

Some Network or ADX itself manages the ads through an advanced Google platform called Ad Manager, formerly known as DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers).

What is the best ADX Network?

I personally used 3 ADX networks, I am currently testing a Brazilian called Premium Prommatig, but I'm afraid because they take 25% of the earnings. In return, they pay directly to the bank account in reais, without having to pay other percentages to Paypal or Payoneer.

Another very popular ADX network is the monetize, but your requirement to register is to have at least 500,000 monthly visits. Many other famous networks with great CPM also have high requirements as well.

It is worth remembering that when installing ADX do not expect exorbitant gains in the first days. It takes a few months for your site to improve earnings and increase CPM.

Adsense x adx x afiliado - qual a melhor forma de monetizar seu site?

I will personally recommend to you Ezoic, because in addition to providing an ADX account, they have a unique way of managing ads, it also makes it possible to merge your Ezoic account with Adsense itself and other online ad networks.

O Ezoic it also offers options to optimize your ad and the speed of your page, complete reports and many other forms of monetization. Best of all, your requirements are low to access, they promise increases of up to 250%.

If you are able to register a large site on any of the mentioned Networks, you can use the ads on other small sites as well.

The problems of using Adsense or ADX on your website

The big problem with ads in Brazil is the CPC and CPM, which is very low compared to other countries. Many sites in Brazil are unable to earn more than $ 1 with 1,000 visits, while there are sites in Brazil that earn $ 5 with only 1,000 visits. Working with ad banners in Brazil is not easy.

Unfortunately today most people know about Google ads and don't usually click on them. Others even use Adblock or extensions to block ads in their browsers. This can negatively affect your revenue.

Another problem with using ads is understanding how it can affect your site. Many may leave the site because of too many ads, not to mention that the ads slow down the loading of your site.

Adsense x adx x afiliado - qual a melhor forma de monetizar seu site?

So let's talk about another form of monetization that can yield much more and still be more friendly to your site, without disturbing visitors. Instead, working with affiliate products delivers what the reader is looking for and satisfies his or her desire.

I'm not asking you to stop using Adsense or ADX, I use both on my sites!

Monetizing your website selling as an affiliate

Selling as an affiliate means you affiliate with a product by spreading your link in exchange for commissions for every sale made. It can also be known as a kind of CPA (Click per action) that other AD Networks work with.

Unlike direct sales, you simply send the person to the product page and hope that they will buy to earn your commission. Without having to deal with customers, inventory problems, shipping, students, people or any headache.

Adsense x adx x afiliado - qual a melhor forma de monetizar seu site?

You can work as an affiliate promoting physical products or digital products. Both have their advantages and difficulties. Everything will depend on the niche and audience of your website, or the way you want to work with these products. Here are some characteristics of each:

Physical Products Affiliate

An affiliate who works promoting physical products can sell just about anything that arrives at the customer's home. They are much easier to sell because of the promotions and fame of the stores.

Selling physical products can fit into any niche or subject. Its disadvantage is that commissions are low and tend to be less than 10%, not to mention the value of products that are smaller than digital ones.

Adsense x adx x afiliado - qual a melhor forma de monetizar seu site?

The main affiliate channels for physical products in Brazil are AmazonBR, Lomadee and Zanox. A ton of other sites work as Networks that allow you to affiliate with thousands of online stores for physical products in the world.

Digital products affiliate

An affiliate who works promoting digital products can sell almost any online course, ebook, subscription service, hosting, scripts, templates, rentals, plane tickets or anything that doesn't arrive at the person's home.

The main advantage of digital products is the high commission which can vary from 20% to 50%. The products also usually have a high value of 2000 reais for large courses. Not to mention the marketing done by the creator of the digital product you are promoting.

Adsense x adx x afiliado - qual a melhor forma de monetizar seu site?

The main channels for digital products in Brazil are Hotmart, Eduzz and Monetizze. Some international digital product channels are Envato, Clickbank, Udemy and a multitude of sites that offer advertising fees.

You can create your own product

Some people have websites with totally different themes that it seems impossible to find any course or digital product to advertise as an affiliate. In fact, you can innovate and create something, it can be anything.

Nowadays there are courses on absolutely everything on the internet, totally strange subjects such as: Winning the Lottery, losing weight in 40 days, how to win people and so on. A producer makes a lot more money if he dedicates himself well to his product.

Adsense x adx x afiliado - qual a melhor forma de monetizar seu site?

The best way to create a product first is to focus on the free content on your site to attract people. Then you can think about selling and creating something.

What is the best way to monetize your website?

As I mentioned several times in the article, the best thing to do is to test these 3 forms and others that you find to try to use them in sets and maybe prioritize the best one or take the one that doesn't give results.

I say that for me the best form of monetization is to sell some courses and digital products as an affiliate. So readers are not affected by banners everywhere filling the site. The problem is that the results are neither monthly nor guaranteed.

Adsense x adx x afiliado - qual a melhor forma de monetizar seu site?
Um dos principais sites onde dedico meu tempo! Pode dar uma olhada para entender a forma que eu trabalho…

Working selling products is much more difficult and requires dedication outside the website, such as social networks and email capture. Ads are for those who just want to write and leave the site there without worrying about anything.

I hope the tips in that article helped you understand the differences between Adsense with Adx, and also about sales as an affiliate. It is up to you to decide what is best for you. We hope to hear your opinion too.

WordPress plugins to help monetize

To end the article I would like to recommend some interesting plugins that can help you improve your earnings from Google Adsense, Google ADX or with affiliate sales.

Content Egg - Mandatory plugin for those who want to make money from affiliate products. With this plugin you connect to several different affiliate networks and can add products directly to your wordpress editor articles. It also offers an autoblog option.

Adsense x adx x afiliado - qual a melhor forma de monetizar seu site?

Rank Math - SEO is one of the most important things if you want to make money from your website or increase your earnings. This is the free plugin that I consider the best of all SEO plugins.

Advanceed Ads - This is the free plugin I use to manage my WordPress ads. There are probably better and more complete paid options, so I'll leave some below for you to take a look at.

I will end this article with a list of recommendations for plugins, courses and things related to Google Ads and affiliates. I hope you enjoyed the article, if you did, share it with friends and leave your comments.

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