What is the difference between Geek and Nerd? How to reach these audiences on the web?

You must have heard or read the terms "Geek" and "Nerd" somewhere, right?

Anyone who manages a project on the web, be it a personal blog or a website, has certainly come across these two terms. "How about reaching the Geek audience?" "How to dialogue with the Nerd guys?"

And that is where a third question comes in: But after all, what is the difference between Geek and Nerd?

Well then, in a very succinct way, before knowing what the difference is, it is important to first know the similarities. I know it sounds confusing, but although they are different, Geeks and Nerds also have a similarity.

Qual a diferença entre geek e nerd? Como atingir esses públicos na web?

The similarity is that both Geeks and Nerds appreciate themes related to technology. The difference is that Geeks are more interested in pop culture, such as movies, games, comics, TV series and literature.

The Nerds, in addition to being also attracted to these themes, go further and are interested in more complex themes, such as nanotechnology, astronomy, computer programming and other fields of science.

Anyway, the truth is that many things that are part of our daily lives on the internet, such as artificial intelligence and applications, are the results of the studies and dedication of many "Nerds".

The Geeks and Nerds Empire Strikes Back

Given the massive presence of these two audiences that also produce, but mainly, consume products and content, it is important to know how to dialogue with each of them.

Who wants to invest in a personal blog, or video channel, and still does not know which audience to reach, that is, with whom he wants to talk, Geeks and Nerds are alternatives.

Qual a diferença entre geek e nerd? Como atingir esses públicos na web?

Those entrepreneurs who have a virtual store dedicated to selling very diversified products, it is also worth pointing your eyes at the group of Geeks and Nerds.

Therefore, when setting up a project on the web, create content for these audiences. However, it is always good to remember that they are demanding and thoroughly research the topics that interest them most.

How to dialogue with these audiences on the web

Let’s say you’ve already chosen your blog’s platform, purchased a good domain name, installed the necessary templates and plugins, however, you just don’t know yet who your target audience will be.

In that case, try to conquer the Geeks. The term “Geek” has been part of the English language since the 19th century. It is a variation of the word "geck", which alludes to meanings like "fool" and "crazy".

Over time, the term “Geek” has become a reference to street artists. However, especially after the technological adventures of the 90s and 2000s, he became more famous when he started to refer to the enthusiastic public of pop culture and technology.

Qual a diferença entre geek e nerd? Como atingir esses públicos na web?

The term "Nerd" was also considered pejorative for a long time and was used to designate excessively shy individuals, with difficulties in relating to people and who dedicate a great deal of time to studies.  

So here are some of the various web projects that can yield a good audience if they are targeted at the Geek and Nerd audience.

Video channel

By combining image and sound, videos have become a versatile way to talk about any topic. This is where the popularity of Youtube that doesn't and lets lie.

In addition, mobile technology using devices such as smartphones has made video production and consumption increasingly common.

Qual a diferença entre geek e nerd? Como atingir esses públicos na web?

Some possible themes for the Geek universe are video games, classic works of science fiction (both in cinema and literature), comic books and television series.

For the Nerds, themes like scientific discoveries, news in the world of technology and physics are some themes that will yield several likes and comments.


In order to further segment the Geek audience, a blog aimed at them can talk specifically about comic books, or even some characters or superheroes.

In the case of a blog for Nerds, subjects like techniques and programming codes are a good choice. Sciences, such as Mathematics, Physics and Biology are also topics that are very appreciated by them.

Qual a diferença entre geek e nerd? Como atingir esses públicos na web?

Besides that, when creating a blog, it is good to have a good web hosting able to ensure good performance and support multiple accesses. When it comes to good website hosting, there is VPS hosting and Cloud hosting.


An online store for the Geek and Nerd audience can bring products such as action figures, which are those famous miniature dolls of characters from pop culture.

Not to mention also in terms of games and in the most varied technology products, such as computers, tablets and even flash drives in the shape of famous characters.

It is interesting to note that, for your online store to have good resources, it is worth adopting a good platform like Magento or Prestashop that offer several advantages for the online store, from stock control to different payment options.


Geeks and Nerds, alike and different. But it doesn't matter, the fact is that both are loyal audiences and dedicated to the subjects they most appreciate.

For this reason, when creating a website or blog, it costs nothing to look at the Geek / Nerd side of the force and bet on this crowd that is tuned with everything that is new and modern.