People's laziness reached an unexpected level

Have you ever felt used? Have you ever had people wanting your help to do super simple things that anyone has the ability to do? In this article I want to talk about a laziness that has dominated all the people around me.

Many people think that I am an intelligent person, that I understand everything about computers, websites, computers, hardware, software, programming and other tons of subjects. I think the opposite, people who are very lazy and stupid.

I didn't go to college, I don't like to read or study. However, I have a skill called patience and courage. I never seek help from someone without trying to solve it myself. I have no problem asking for help, even in simple things, but there are limits!

A preguiça das pessoas chegou a um nível inesperado

Sometimes the person turns to your help even after looking for other sources, in these cases we are anxious and happy to help. Except that sometimes we create such an expectation that we will be useful for something, but that expectation is broken with a very simple question and that sometimes the answer is found in the question.

I like to strengthen several times because there are people who read and interpret the wrong way! I'm referring to people who are too lazy to go after things, not people who don't really understand the subject or don't know how to look for answers.

People only look for me with interests

I've had enough of counting the lonely hours and days on social networks and whatsapp without anyone sending a message to talk. Until finally a person decides to send me a message with the traditional hi and that's fine.

Soon after I am surprised by the following question: How do you say this in Japanese? Or What is the translation of that? I answer without problems, but I keep thinking: Why doesn't that person go to Google Translate or Dictionary?

Other people love asking me for links to certain tools, where he could just go on Google and enter the name of the tool or website he wants to access. Not to mention those who ask to send the image that is in the status, since they can simply take a print.

A preguiça das pessoas chegou a um nível inesperado

Unfortunately this is the reality, no one comes to you without ulterior motives ... And if you try to complain, that person threatens by saying things like: And that time? We are not friends? And even that phrase “wide of laziness”That I wanted to take and stick it in her throat.

These people can also be called Parasites, since only their presence, steals, even if unconsciously, the energies of the people with whom they live.

The purpose of this article is to complain about lazy people and encourage these people to be independent. At various times I will cite Google as a great help for most of your questions or things you are looking for.

Unfortunately, some believe that Google may show a fake news or translate a wrong word. If you really have a question about something, don't be overjoyed to ask a friend. Google should not always be trusted. But he won't let you down when looking for something.

Being lazy tires more than acting

Sometimes the person has the ability to make a whole conversation introduction to ask for a link to a website that could be easily found by Google. I'm talking about simple sites found on the first page looking for a single word and not specific links.

The time that a person spends asking me for a link to a certain article is much longer than searching for it on Google. Many ask me questions that you can find a detailed article on the subject just by writing the question on Google.

Sometimes I like to make fun of this laziness by sending links from the site allow me that allows me to create a simulated google search and still throw a sarcasm at the end with a message saying: Difficult right?

A preguiça das pessoas chegou a um nível inesperado

This lazy generation has learned to win everything by hand and does not run after anything alone, thus becoming increasingly stupid. If people at least look-up without Google's help it would save a lot of people time and it will also learn a lot more.

I am willing to help everyone, I can answer Japanese questions, marketing and SEO questions, share links or send images that people are looking for, but they should at least make sure before they can do it alone.

If she is in doubt or unsure of something, seeking help may also be necessary, but make sure that Google does not have the right answer to your questions. If you want to hear my opinion on a subject, then don't ask too obvious things.

Do not become a parasite, move, you are not a tree.

Understanding the limitation of people

I recognize the limitation of people, I know that many do not use computers, or are very lay in certain subjects. Still, I always recommend these people to seek knowledge themselves.

If you become an independent person, you will gain a skill called self-education, you will become more and more intelligent and you will learn things easily without relying on seeking help from Google or someone else.

I am also a limited person! People think that by to work with computers I have an obligation to know hardware or to work with cell phones. I've been put an android in my hand several times to solve some issues.

A preguiça das pessoas chegou a um nível inesperado

I know absolutely nothing about android, I am totally lost when someone puts an android in my hand. What do I do? I simply go to Google and search for the solution in front of the person.

I understand that many are not used to using computers or even Google. But I'm complaining about people who know how to use the internet, live online and some even work on the internet. How do they not have the ability to search for answers on Google?

The path of the lazy is full of obstacles, while the path of the diligent has no hitches.

Sloth exploits people - Parasites

Sometimes I feel exploited, as if I were giving private lessons from an online course, without receiving anything in return. I hardly have time to breathe, from so many people looking for me for interests.

When I write a text helping people on Google or respond to comments, I’m working. I often have to answer questions that I personally find very simple, but that other people have no knowledge of.

A preguiça das pessoas chegou a um nível inesperado

Most of the people I help find the answer to these questions by searching Google. I spend the day helping people write my articles and accepting suggestions and writing or responding in detail with pleasure.

I initially created the site with the aim of not only helping people, but me too. When writing I get more knowledge, I research and reflect on the things I do. I don't care at all to help anyone.

However, this laziness of searching for simple things on my own and depending on the help on knowledge that I don't even have, already irritates me. I often have to search Google to give the answer instead of the person looking for it.

Therefore, to all lazy people! Google was made to help! Try to use it instead of taking a person's time without precision. Only if you want to have full certainty or a friend's opinion, he will be open doors to talk about it and help you as much as possible! Be more independent!

Again I say, I don't mind being asked anything and I'm happy to help! However, I say for your own sake, learn to manage yourself, because you won't have me all my life. You can only gain by becoming independent!