What are DA, PA and MozRank? How does this affect SEO?

In this article we are going to talk about all the important metrics on your website that you should constantly examine. Let's talk about the importance and significance of GIVES (Domain Authority), PAN (Page Authority), Moz Rank, Moz Trust, Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Trust Ratio and Alexa Rank.

Many must already know the traditional DA and PA, or know that the higher the value, the more chance the site has to rank on the first page of Google. But few know the other metrics mentioned or their total importance in SEO.

Most of the metrics mentioned in this article are created by MOZ, a company specialized in SEO tools, link building, website audits, optimization and keyword research. She created these metrics that became the standard in the area.

IF THE - Search Engine Optimization - A set of techniques that optimize your site to appear on the first pages of Google search. Being one of the most popular, the achievement of backlinks that increase the GIVES and PAN from the website.

Backlinks - Links from other sites that point to articles on your site. People use these backlinks to increase the relevance of their website. The more quality links pointing to your site, the better your metrics will be.

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What is DA - Domain Authority

GIVES is the acronym for Domain Authority, as the name suggests is the domain authority. This value, which can range from 0 to 100, indicates how valuable your website domain is. The higher the value, the easier your site can dominate the first few pages of Google.

The age of the domain, the number of backlinks, internal links, loading speed, mozrank and moztrust have a great influence on the value of the DA. The amount of information presented and the prestige of the website and its authors also influence the value and authority of the domain. Even the niche's situation and competition can determine the value of your DA.

O que é da, pa e mozrank? Como isso afeta o seo?

Many use the technique of obtaining backlinks from relevant sites as the best way to increase the authority of their domain. Others even buy expired domains with a great DA to redirect and pass the authority on, but it's a dangerous practice.

In the past there was a Google system called PageRank, a way to measure your site’s placement with a value of 1 to 10, where the highest meant the best. Today this note has been replaced by DA and PA.

What is PA - Page Authority

PAN is the acronym for Page Authority, and as the name suggests, it refers to the authority of the page. Each page within a website also has a value or score that can range from 1 to 100. Having pages with a great PA can influence your site's AD and improve your ranking.

The way the internal links are positioned, the keywords used in the links, the external links, the relevance of the content and the semantics of the text are factors of influence to have a high BP. Also try to avoid as much spam and negative links that point to your site.

PA and DA are always close to each other. My page has about 37 DA and 32 PA, but it is normal to have a lower or higher PA or DA, everything will depend on the internal and external link of each page.

What is Moz Rank and Moz Trust

O Moz Rank is a value from 0 to 10 similar to PageRank, but its main influence is the amount of popular quality links that link to your site. It is recommended that these backlinks be in the same niche for a Higher Rank Moz.

Having a score above 3 on MozRank is already quite an achievement, as your score is a logarithmic scale from 0 to 10. There are other factors that can significantly improve your MozRank, such as total traffic and page loading speed.

O que é da, pa e mozrank? Como isso afeta o seo?

The Moz Trust is similar to Moz rank, but focuses on measuring trust rather than link popularity. The more reliable a backlink pointing to your site, the bigger your Moz Trust.

Some use tools like the Chrome extension MozBar to measure MozRank and MozTrust scores in addition to other interesting metrics for each page or domain.

Citation Flow, Trust Flow and Trust Ratio

O Citation Flow it is a citation flow, a metric that measures how influential a domino is in relation to the number of links that point to it. The more domains with high authority (DA) pointing to your site, the higher the domain's Citation Flow level.

Trust Flow is the flow of trust, this metrics measures the quality of the backlinks instead of the quantity. The higher the Citation Flow, the lower the Trust Flow, as it receives many unreliable domains.

The Trust Ratio is the calculation based on the formula [Trust Flow / Citation Flow = Trust Ratio]; Having a ratio greater than 1.0 is already a good thing, always try to have a higher ratio than your competitors.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Rank is a list made by alexa.com to determine the popularity of your website. It is like a normal ranking that can be separated by niche, country or even a worldwide ranking of websites.

It uses the amount of visitors and pages viewed to define the popularity of a website. The popularity of Alexa Ranking can open doors for analysis and partnerships and other projects involving your website and competition.

O que é da, pa e mozrank? Como isso afeta o seo?

How to measure SEO metrics?

In our SEO article I talk about various tools used to measure the metrics of your website and competitors. There are thousands of tools and extensions for your browser focused on displaying website metrics.

A popular site I recommend is Bulk da pa checker tool where you will find several tools that will measure your DA, PA, moz rank, trust flow, citation flow and others.

I am not going to recommend many other tools, because you can simply type in Google Check Moz, Check DA or Check PA and find thousands of sites that do this. As I mentioned in a previous article, I like people to be independent, so they will gain skills and knowledge.

checklist - What should I do now?

Now that you know the main metrics, we recommend that you always examine mainly your DA and PA which are the most important ranking factors. Aim at least to have:

  • AD and PA greater than 30;
  • MozRank greater than 3.5;
  • Trust Ratio greater than 1.0;

If you have achieved these goals above, depending on your niche you can earn thousands of monthly visits. I myself get half a million unique visits per month with an AD less than 40. But the more, the better!

You know that in order to increase any metric mentioned in this article, you will need quality backlinks. We don't encourage you to focus on creating backlinks, nor do we want you to desperately go after them.

If your niche requires weekly content creation, we recommend that you always focus on creating the best content. Thus, automatically other sites will end up linking yours. Perhaps focusing on viralizing your content will have much better results.

Either way, the Checklist below will help you improve your website's SEO metrics:

  • Have quality backlinks;
  • Improve the speed of your website;
  • Write quality content;
  • Study the competition and do better;
  • Get quality backlinks;

If you focus on the things mentioned above, you will definitely be able to achieve great metrics for your website or domain. I always say, focus on making content that the rest appears!

I believe that I have already fulfilled the main objective of the article, which is to briefly mention each metric used in SEO and its objectives. If you still have doubts, please leave it in the comments. Thanks for sharing!