Online Remittance VS Banco Rendimento VS Inter – Which better for Adsense?

The 2 main banks used to receive money in the Google Adsense and other international platforms are Bank Income or Online Shipping. Which one is better? In this article we will do an inspection and understand what is the best option for your site.

Before people should ask themselves, why not get paid directly at the bank? The answer is obvious, the rates are high and you take a lot of damage. To receive money from Google Adsense by traditional banks you pay even more than 150 reais.

Not to mention that the dollar conversion is less. Therefore, we will not give any prominence to these banks. Even if you want to use your bank, you need some data such as the swift code and other internal information.

Withdraw in Adsense by Banco Yield

The income bank charges a fixed fee of 20 $ per withdrawal, being recommended for those who earn more than $ 1000 with adsense per month, or for those who prefer to accumulate this amount before withdrawing.

The registration process is simple, just follow all the instructions provided by the Banco Rendimento website. Your account is completely online and has no monthly fees or things like traditional banks.

Remessa online vs banco rendimento - qual melhor para adsense?

If you receive more than 70,000 per year, you will need to complete a registration on the site by sending data and documents. The bank also offers other options like card and checking account, but to withdraw money from Adsense you don't need it.

Online remittance is also known for its speed to transfer money from google adsense to your bank account. The only problem is the conversion of the dollar, which may be slightly lower than the commercial.

Receive money from adsense for online referral

The second alternative is a website called online remittance, where you pay a percentage of 1.5% for each withdrawal you make. So you can withdraw monthly the small amounts that your site receives in adsense, instead of waiting for a high amount to use the bank's fixed rate of return.

The online shipping fee is less than 2%, and can be cut in half with codes like mine (KH701) and others. There are codes that eliminate up to 100% of the tariff such as (ADSENSEFREE).

Remessa online vs banco rendimento - qual melhor para adsense?

The limit for requests without full registration is 65,000 per year. You can also send money to most countries, directly converting the dollar and without paying absurd fees that banks and governments charge.

The company Online Shipping was created in June 2016, in São Paulo, with the goal of becoming the solution for international transfers; through efficiency and differentiated customer service.

Online Shipping Discount Code

I personally will recommend Remessa Online, the platform provides several codes to receive discount on your remittance. You can use my discount code below:

Discount code: KH701

When you use my code you get 50% discount on the cost of the first transfer you make in Online Remittance. When you register you will also have a code like mine, you can share it with friends and accumulate up to 50% discount for one year.

Which one is the best? Online Remittance or Bank Income?

The main advantage of the income bank is the fixed amount of the charge, but in exchange the dollar conversion rate may be slightly less than the commercial rate without mentioning the 0.32% IOF.

If you generate less than $ 1000 in Adsense each month and want to withdraw instead of accumulating, online referral is the best option. Only if you earn a high amount above $ 2000, is it worth using Banco Rendimento and paying the flat fee of $ 20.

Remessa online vs banco rendimento - qual melhor para adsense?

If you try to use Remessa Online to withdraw $ 2,000 at adsense without the discount, you will pay about 2% of that amount that would be 40 $ dollars. At Banco Rendimento, you would continue to pay $ 20, even with IOF and Spread quotes, it would still pay to use Banco Rendimento.

Banco Inter - A New Enemy Appeared

When I wrote this article, there was only Banco Remessa Online and Banco Rendimento. Inter did not receive payments through BIC / SWIFT. Fortunately, on June 27, 2019, the option to receive Adsense payments at Banco Inter arrived.

This option is advantageous because it has absolutely no fees other than the IOF. I'm not sure if the price they use is lower than the other, but this seems to be the new option that no one expected. I didn't get to test to know, but it is good for you to know about this new existence.

The mistake of choosing wrong ways to withdraw money

I spent years withdrawing money from Banco Rendimento, even though I know about Remessa Online, do not make the same mistake I did in delaying using this platform. $ 20 can be sorely missed in Brazil's current condition. .

If you earn a high amount with adsense, we suggest waiting to accumulate a high amount and use the coupon on the shipment to receive 100% discount. Make sure that the coupon works so you don't lose out by paying a percentage for the withdrawal.

I remember the mistake I made when using paypal to withdraw money from ADX, even though I knew about the payoneer. The damn paypal eats 6% of the amount received and still has a dollar nut price of more than 10 cents below the commercial.

Always remember to choose the best choice to not throw money away at these millionaire companies. Face the unknown, get out of your comfort zone and don't be afraid to take a risk! I hope this article has helped you to understand the differences between Banco Rendimento and Remessa Online.

In your opinion which of the two services is better? Which do you use? If you liked the article share or leave your comments. We also recommend reading our article that teaches you the best technique for increases the CPC of your Google Adsense.