The best way to get a high CPC on Adsense

Many people say that the most important thing to have a high CPM or CPC is the niche of the site. Really? In this article I want to give you definitive tips that will help you achieve a high CPC on Google Adsense! I want to present the best way to do this, regardless of your niche.

As the article is a little big, I will leave an index below to help in your navigation:

Glossary of the article on high CPC in ADSENSE

Perhaps you are a newbie in the world of adsense or website creation, and you may not understand some terms found in this article. Thinking of these people, I will try to briefly summarize some terms that I will mention a lot in this article.

Niche - Category of your website, the subjects or theme of your website;

Key words - In English keyword, indicates the main focus of your article. The theme or subject in mind that you use when writing an article. You should always use this keyword several times in the article, but without overdoing it.

IF THE - Techniques used to improve the positioning of your site on google, thus increasing organic visits from search engines.

Adsense - Google platform that pays for advertising space on your website with Banners.

Other terms will be clarified throughout the article.

A melhor forma de conseguir um cpc alto no adsense

What makes an adsense CPC high?

For those who still don't know, CPC stands for Cost per click, indicating the average earnings for each click on the ads on your site. CPC is not the only thing you should be concerned about on your site, the value of CPC also depends on:

  • Domain Age;
  • CTR - Click-through rate percentage;
  • RPM - The average earnings per impression;
  • Impressions - How often your ads are seen;
  • Site layout;
  • Ad placement;
  • Ad types;
  • Niche of the site;
  • Origin of website traffic;
  • Site visitor profile;
  • Keywords of the articles;

Although the article is focused on websites, it is worth remembering that youtube channels also use Adsense, and techniques involving the search for keywords with high CPC also affect your earnings on youtube, so this article is also useful for youtubers.

A melhor forma de conseguir um cpc alto no adsense

LOW CPC? What am I doing wrong?

When we search Google for articles that teach you how to increase your site’s CPC, we’ve come across a number of articles that provide some simple and obvious tips. Are these tips really useful?

Most of the tips found on the internet encourage you to test positions, test different ad units, test layouts, number of ads, increase the clickthrough rate and other obvious things that many must have done, but have not achieved a significant increase in earnings.

You may have already done everything, but your CPC never exceeds 0.10? Or worse, sometimes it borders 0.02? Then you browse Facebook groups and see people earning $ 10 with just one click? Did you just blame your niche?

The problem is not your niche, it is the way you work with your website. You may even understand SEO, receive thousands of organic visits, write articles in order to attract the most visitors, but that should not be your focus.

People only earn $ 10 in a click because they focus on a method of writing articles thinking about keywords with a high CPC. Of course, the niche helps you position yourself in a certain category with high CPC, but you can increase your earnings in any niche.

A melhor forma de conseguir um cpc alto no adsense

How do I find keywords with high CPC?

The technique consists of looking for keywords in the search engines until you find one that is related to your site and pays a good CPC value. You also need to break your head thinking about variations and ideas to put in these search engines.

Finding keywords with a high CPC is not an easy task. It requires you to spend hours and hours researching and searching for random subjects on your site and in competitors until you find a keyword with a high CPC.

What would a high CPC keyword be? These are words that pay at least 10 cents in dollars per click. Remembering that Google pays half the amount displayed in the tools that I will share now, so always choose words with more than 0.20 $ CPC.

Don't worry so much about the number of monthly searches, most words with high CPC tend to have few searches or it is practically a title for your article because it is so big. These big words are called Long Syrup Keywords.

A melhor forma de conseguir um cpc alto no adsense - computador dinheiro

Tools to search for keywords with high CPC

Unfortunately most of the tools that offer keyword suggestions and website analysis, are often paid and expensive. The most famous paid tools are semrush, kwfinder and long tail pro. Luckily, there are some free ones.

Google ADS - The Google ADS website offers a keyword planner that allows advertisers to search for keywords and get a sense of monthly searches and also the amount paid for ads for that word.

Ubersuggest - This tool is free and reaches the level of paid tools. In addition to searching for keywords and their CPC, you can also examine competing domains and find out which keywords generate the most visits and money for them.

A melhor forma de conseguir um cpc alto no adsense

Google Search Console - You can use your own Search Console to get keyword ideas that get a good amount of visits. So you put those words in other tools like Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest to get more ideas. - This site suggests many long tail keywords for a given term. Perfect for finding suggestions for articles, you can play the suggestions in the Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest to see the CPC.

We recommend reading our article on SEO tips that there you will find other tools with the same objective.

The highest CPC THEMES and niches of all

There are niches where the CPC will always be very high, maybe you can try to include some articles related to these topics without escaping the main niche of your website. There are keywords that pay even $ 100 for a click.

Cheers it is undoubtedly one of the most profitable niches on the internet. It is not enough to have thousands of sites that talk about health, you must have come across fake news on social networks about curing diseases or the like. They write alarming topics to increase visits and profit even more from Adsense.

A melhor forma de conseguir um cpc alto no adsense

Many end up creating general websites with no specific niche and focus only on topics with a high CPC, writing alarming news and publishing on social networks to generate random visits and shares.

Others focus on creating a specific niche website. The niches with the highest CPC tend to be:

  • Investments
  • Business
  • Slimming
  • And either;
  • Women's fashion and tips;
  • Technology;
  • Bets;
  • Games;
  • Product reviews;
  • Credit;
  • Relationship;
  • Public tenders;
  • Lawyers;
  • Tourism and travel;
  • Cars and automotive tips;
  • Financial tips;
  • Tips for pregnant women;
  • Courses;
  • Sports;
  • Donations;
  • Gas / Electricity;
  • Loans;
  • Teleconference;
  • CBT;
  • Beauty Tips;

Of course, there are thousands of other unknown niches and micro-niche with much higher CPC. Those who end up discovering a lucrative market do not usually reveal their websites to avoid competition.

A melhor forma de conseguir um cpc alto no adsense

Explore the world beyond Adsense and CPC

Adsense ads are not always the best way to profit from many sites that receive a high rate of visits but few clicks. Some resort to ad networks that pay per thousand impressions (CPM - cost per thousand);

One of the main alternatives to adsense is called ADX and is from Google itself. Unfortunately getting into Google's premium network is complicated, but there are third-party networks that place you inside ADX in exchange for a small commission on your winnings. For more information read our differences about Adsense and ADX.

You can use Adsense and ADX together and still try to profit in another way by selling guest posts, affiliate products or creating your own digital product. Ways to profit from a website abound, just stay focused and your dedication will pay off.

A melhor forma de conseguir um cpc alto no adsense

Courses to help you work with Adsense

Despite the tips I gave, making money from Adsense is a long job and requires a lot of testing and knowledge. It may not be your job to perform all of these procedures yourself, especially if you have no experience working with Internet or Adsense.

There are online courses that explain in detail the whole process of setting up ad units, banners, niches, layouts and keyword searches to increase CPC and profit a lot from your site.

If you are able to invest, we strongly recommend you to take an online course to gain experience with the platform and increase your earnings. I selected a few and I will share them below:

To access the courses listed below, simply click on the course title at the beginning of each paragraph. Don't be put off by the sales page, everyone promises exorbitant things, but they will just teach, the results will depend on your effort.

A melhor forma de conseguir um cpc alto no adsense

Adsense Survival - In my opinion it is the best Adsense course, super complete. But it is currently under reformulation and sales are closed. But it's worth taking a look, they released it.

Adsense in Practice - Rodrigo Porto will help you set up the site and place the ads in a practical way, focusing on the gain and profit with Adsense. A course with many years on the market and a good number of customers.

How to be approved by Adsense - A simple ebook that explains all the processes for not having an account denied by Google, in addition to tips involving SEO, traffic, CPC and WordPress.

Online Business Formula - One of the most famous and complete courses on the Internet. It teaches you from the beginning, how to create a website, grow it, manage it, generate valuable content, do marketing and manage with adsense.

Unfortunately, for now these were the few Adsense-related courses I found. If I find others I will update the article, unfortunately whoever finds the gold mine does not reveal it easily.

I hope you enjoyed the little tips that will help you raise the CPC of your site, if you liked it don't forget to share it with friends.

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