How to create the best content - Articles, videos, marketing and lectures

It doesn't matter if you work making videos for youtube, writing articles on a website, giving lectures or promoting products using digital marketing, there are tips and strategies that will improve the quality of your content.

In this article I want to share these tips in order to increase your productivity and quality, holding your visitor's attention. These are simple tips that everyone should carry in all areas of life.

Improve your Introduction

One of the things that captures readers or listeners is the introduction, so it’s important that you start well. You need to get the person interested right at the start or they will leave your content. How can you make a good introduction?

How to hold people's attention? It is important to introduce the topic with questions, everyday stories, news or things that people are interested in or are of concern to them. 

Be careful not to make a confusing introduction, you need to make the matter clear that you’re addressing without complications or fuss. You also need to show the importance of the subject!

Como criar o melhor conteúdo – artigos, vídeos, marketing e palestras

Is this subject really useful? Will it improve people's lives? Or will it just generate views and then die? Remember that quality is better than quantity! You can have much greater results if you focus on quality!

Many do not care how to speak in videos, but try to say and read things correctly to make a good impression. When writing stay tuned to Portuguese (something I need to do more) ...

Be natural, lively and friendly

Some people have a habit of writing articles by hiding under the brand name or posing as an organization. All this because he believes that trying to be natural or speak for himself can harm the content.

People socialize with people and not with brands, it is much better for people to say what they have to say naturally without hiding behind brands or using ready-made sketches. Don't be ashamed to say what you think about the subject.

Como criar o melhor conteúdo – artigos, vídeos, marketing e palestras

You need to show that you care about the reader! Do not memorize phrases or speak as if you were reading, be natural in both your writing and speaking. The way you act will show how important the word is.

Show emotion when speaking - You can combine your emotion with rhythm and volume of your voice to convey your ideas clearly and clearly. The table below shows what the tone and speed of the voice can cause in the listener: 
Speak softlyExpectation, anxiety and fear
Speak loudlyMotivation
Speak fastExcitement
Speak slowlyImportance

Speaking or writing in an animated way will motivate and infect people, making them like you and your content. If you show that you are excited about the subject, people will also be excited.

If giving presentations or videos, remember that facial expressions and gestures are also important. If writing articles remember to bring it to life with images, videos and even emojis or quotes that highlight and excite the reader.

Como criar o melhor conteúdo – artigos, vídeos, marketing e palestras

Think about people and the effect of their words when writing or recording the video. Choose words that convince people, prepare well before speaking, or research well before writing. Showing certainty on the subject is also very important!

Focus on positive things - It seems that on the internet people love to talk about negative things, they only know how to criticize and see the bad side of things, don't be one of those suckers. Negativity only harms and never helps. 

Questions, Illustrations and Information

Use questions it makes the person curious about the subject, besides helping them to reason and pay attention to certain points of the subject. It is always a good idea to ask a question before talking about an important topic.

There are 4 questions that can help both you and the visitor:  Because? What? Who? Where? When? It is like? 

Even after talking about something, it is good to ask questions to emphasize what has just been said. The questions can also be rhetorical and help the person to think and answer himself. Make the person curious it's very important!

In addition to questions, you can try to use illustrations and experiences in your text or video. It doesn't have to be super elaborate, you can use simple things that match the subject. It can be comparisons or everyday things.

Como criar o melhor conteúdo – artigos, vídeos, marketing e palestras

Another thing you should do is use simple words, speak in an easy to understand way. Try to explain the complicated things, study the subject well to explain in a simple way that everyone can understand.

Try to make the person think about it, think about themselves. Leave some encouragement, remind people how you can apply the subject in their lives. Doing this you can conclude simply and briefly, remembering the main subjects of the topic covered.

Use True Information - People today use false information, often widespread or alarming to attract more people. It may seem like a good way to attract visitors, but in reality it will decrease your results and get your name dirty. Do not change information and always use trusted sources. 

Checklist and steps to improve your CONTENT

I hope you enjoyed the article and if you have any tips to add, leave it in the comments. I also thank everyone who can share our article to reach as many people as possible.

In this article I highlighted several tips that will definitely help you improve your content. With the tips here you will be able to make the best videos, write the best articles, devise the best marketing strategies and make great speeches and lectures.

Of course, some specific tips were missing for each area mentioned in the article. I wanted the tips in this article to be useful in all areas, be it for making videos and presentations or writing articles or attracting leads.

Finally, I will leave a checklist summarizing everything I wrote in the article:

  • Make a good introduction;
  • Make questions;
  • Hold the attention of the listener or reader;
  • Introduce things that interest people;
  • Make the subject clear and simple;
  • Show the importance of the subject;
  • Focus on quality, not quantity;
  • Be natural and speak from the heart;
  • Don't hide behind marks;
  • Show that the reader is important;
  • Don't be ashamed to say what you think;
  • Don't memorize phrases or use sketches;
  • Think about people and the effect of their words;
  • Focus on positive things;
  • Ask questions and make the person curious;
  • Use illustrations and share experiences;
  • Use simple words;
  • Leave an incentive;
  • Use true information;
  • Complete in a simple way;
  • Remember the main subjects;