Online Business Formula VS Launch Formula

The Online Business Formula and Launch Formula online courses are the most famous online marketing courses on the internet. In this article I want to talk a little about these two courses and the difference between them.

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Main difference between formulas

The Online Business formula is a course taught by Alex Vargas cheap and focused on helping affiliates to create an online business from scratch focused on selling digital products and online courses.

The launch formula, on the other hand, is a very expensive course taught by Erico Rocha and focused on teaching people how to create their own products and sell them through launches.

Fórmula negócio online vs fórmula de lançamento

Both are courses focused on digital marketing and serve both affiliates and producers. They teach lay people with no experience on the internet to create their profitable business. The main difference is that one is cheap and the other is expensive.

Both courses teach people how to generate content in a persuasive way, with the main objective of selling digital or physical products. The launch formula focuses on sales, while the online business focuses on having your network and delivering content.

The great success of Formula Business Online

Alex Vargas' course is one of the most famous of the Hotmart online course platform for over 5 years. From the first day I registered on the platform, I see the product online business formula at the top of the site being one of the best sellers.

The big difference between the online business formula and other digital marketing courses is in its price and content delivered. It teaches just about everything you need to know to create your website and make money online.

In the Online Business Formula course you learn things like:

  • Get started
  • Creating online accounts
  • International card creation
  • Work and use Hotmart
  • Choosing the market niche
  • Create a website or blog
  • Structure your blog or website
  • Do content marketing
  • Make an email marketing list
  • Generate traffic with SEO
  • Generate traffic with social media
  • Generate traffic in other ways
  • Analyze results
  • Maximar results
  • Multiply results
  • Creation of sales and digital products
Fórmula negócio online vs fórmula de lançamento

I like the online business formula because it teaches just about everything that any beginner needs to know to work online with a website. Best of all, its price is very low compared to the competition.

If you want to know more information about Formula Negocio Online click here.

The great success of the launch formula

The launch formula is a super famous course that I got to know thanks to my friend Luiz Rafael of the Japanese Online Program. My biggest criticism of this course is its price, which requires a huge investment for something small.

Erico Rocha is one of the biggest entrepreneurs, he inspires people and helped Luiz Rafael to reach the top. His course is really reliable and if the person dedicates himself, he will get results and reach millions easily.

Fórmula negócio online vs fórmula de lançamento

Still, I looked at its content and I don't see much difference with the other cheaper courses. For a lay person on the internet it may be valuable content, but for me it is something that I am able to learn on my own by studying marketers.

The difference is that the launch formula focuses exclusively on launches. There are many types of product launches, those that happen before a workshop, week or online event, others are perpetual launches, etc.

Most digital producers use the launch formula as inspiration in their projects and online courses. This is great and has brought a lot of results to most people, but its price is very steep for the content presented.

If you do not intend to create a course, perhaps the launch formula is a waste of your money. In case you are really determined to apply the whole formula and want to have results, this investment was small.

Fórmula negócio online vs fórmula de lançamento

The problem is that not everyone who buys these courses on impulse is able to apply the teaching step by step and have results. The person needs effort and dedication, otherwise the course won't do.

Remembering that online courses are just a kick to your long journey in the digital market. You can't get stuck on the course like many people do. Do you believe that only 10% of people who buy courses, apply and get results?

Expert Method - alternative to the Launch Formula

The launch formula is a product dedicated mainly to producers. It has absolutely nothing to do with Online Business Formula which is focused on creating a structured income source as an affiliate.

What if you are looking for a course that teaches you how to produce your own online course? Fortunately Alex Vargas, creator of the Online Business Formula, also has a course focused on content producers called Expert Method.

The Expert Method costs less than half the price of the Launch Formula, it is also always available and accessible to everyone. It teaches you step by step how to create your own internet business.

I could list here all the benefits of the Expert Method, but I prefer that the Alex Vargas sales page speaks for itself. There's a lot of information there, so click here to access the Expert Method.

Are there any better alternatives?

There are courses much cheaper than the Online Business Formula or Launch Formula, but none is as complete as. Fortunately, courses are only necessary for people who have no computer experience.

I myself, despite selling courses, never took a course and learned everything by hard. There is no knowledge that cannot be obtained for free on the internet, of course you need to be patient, it took me 5 years to learn about marketing and I didn't learn everything.

Fórmula negócio online vs fórmula de lançamento

The courses are just a path that teaches step by step those who are not used to living the day on the PC. Some courses are focused on a specific platform such as the expert method to Instagram or bolt method.

The great truth is that all of these courses are similar and teach basically the same strategies. Email marketing, creating websites, making investments in ADS, approaching and capturing customers and the like.

Don't be fooled by the promises of thousands of reais in the first months. That doesn't exist, maybe you will become one of those idiots who keep spreading copied comments on facebook groups.

If you need a course and want to work properly as I do writing on websites, FNO is the best option. If you want to work selling as an affiliate only on a network like Facebook or Instagram, you can use one of the courses mentioned just now.

If you want to know more information about Formula Negocio Online click here.

The fact is that there is no good or bad course. It is the clients who invest the money that advertise it, they are satisfied and spread good things about these courses. They are good, they help thousands, but it all depends on you and not the course!

I hope these tips have helped you choose a definitive course. If you liked the article don't forget to share and leave your comments. Thank you and see you next time!