Stop paying for Instagram followers

There are thousands of sites that offer followers on Instagram for a very affordable price. Is it worth paying for followers on Instagram? In this article we will talk about the types of services related to Instagram and its automation, and show how some take advantage of the success of this social network to explore others.

They are not just entrepreneurs looking to have many followers on Instagram. Nowadays many young people want to be digital influencers or just want to like their photos. Regardless of your goal, don't be exploited by sites that sell followers.

Buying followers without targeting

The cheapest sites that sell followers on instagram usually charge about 15 reais per 1,000 followers. These followers can come almost on time, but they are not targeted, so it is money thrown away.

Pare de pagar por seguidores no instagram

Don't know what segmentation is? Suppose you want to sell a Japanese course, what sense would it make for you to have followers who are not interested in the Japanese language? You need followers who do what you want, not useless ghosts like most of my friends on social media.

Perhaps this is the fastest alternative to reach 10,000 followers and win the famous drag upwards, with the goal of posting your URLs. Even I have already considered this hypothesis, but it does not seem very healthy, it can be harmful.

There is no standard pattern of origin for these followers you buy, but many are fake profiles that simply have no use. Some are hacked or foreign profiles, so be careful when buying followers without segmentation.

Pare de pagar por seguidores no instagram

Free followers tip: Most of these sites that sell followers offer a free trial. Just place your profile and they will send around 25 followers to your profile. It can be a good strategy to increase followers quickly.

Buying targeted followers on instagram

Some sites offer the sale of targeted followers. You can target by hashtags or profiles, but you can get a lot more followers by spending a lot less.

I came across sites that charge almost 100 reais for 1,000 targeted followers. Some even have the nerve to limit the amount of stocks or accounts you plan to use on their expensive tool.

It is not a bad price if compared to Facebook ADS. Still it is a very expensive value, we can get more profiles just by manually following followers of someone in the same segment or hashtag. So don't throw money away.

Pare de pagar por seguidores no instagram

There are tools that automate the process of following people in the same niche. These tools usually follow and still unfollow and like, increasing the number of possible people who follow back.

In just one month, I was able to reach 10,000. followers using a Google Chrome extension that automates this process of follow, unfollow and like on Instagram. The extension cost 19 $ forever, and I don’t need to pay anything monthly and I can reach as many followers as I want in one account.

Despite this opportunity I had, there are much better options than Google Chrome extensions. These extensions force you to have a PC connected 24 hours, while other online services work in the cloud.

Pare de pagar por seguidores no instagram

There are famous services like managment, which in addition to following people by hashtag and profiles, has automation tools like automatic post and automatic messages for new followers. Unfortunately the management is very expensive and costs almost 100 reigns a month.

A cheap tool similar to the one that I found is called populated and offers annual and lifetime plans. There is no need to pay 50 or even 100 reais a month for an Instagram automation, there are cheaper and more perpetual options.

Click here to know Populei

Open Source Tools for Instagram

In reality, there are open sourcers that offer functions for Instagram or even other social networks for free or with a single payment. Just install on your hosting server and enjoy the script.

Unfortunately these open source tools that we can install on our hosting server, most of the time you need an Instagram API. We already mentioned one of these tools in another article, its name is midrub.

Pare de pagar por seguidores no instagram

If you know programming, you can find some sourcers on github and elsewhere. Ways to automate your Instagram are not lacking, the important thing is not to throw away your money monthly with tools of this type.

Thousands throw money away with automation from instagram or with email marketing tools. The other time we mentioned the mautic which is much more unlimited and totally free than having to pay to send emails and for a limited list.

Thank you for reading this short article. Thanks for the comments and shares. The advice I want to leave is: Stop paying for something expensive unnecessarily! Always focus on finding:

  • The cheapest option;
  • The most complete and unlimited option;
  • The most effective option;