Read book summaries in 12 minutes and increase your productivity

One of my biggest difficulties is reading. I personally hate to read, but ironically I really need to read and gain knowledge in this area that I work. There are many wonderful books on marketing, entrepreneurship and others. Fortunately there is a really cool website and app called 12 minutes and I want to introduce you.

The main purpose of the 12 minutes is simple. It takes giant, famous books and creates a 12-minute summary where you can read, listen and acquire all knowledge in just 12 minutes. The application has become very popular and is usually recommended in the Apple Store itself.

It can be downloaded for free, but with many limitations that make it kind of impossible to use for free. It is available in several languages ​​besides Portuguese.

Leia resumos de livros em 12 minutos e aumente sua produtividade - pensar

The goal is to speed up your learning and end your procrastination. This 12-minute project also allows you to come up with better ideas for your projects and develop more competently.

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How does the 12-minute Summary process work?

The 12 Minutes Team chooses best-selling books and examines every detail of those books. They read the books several times, underlining and writing down everything, the main and the key ideas.

Discussions are held in order to bring together important concepts and ideas for the 12-minute summary. They thus create an optimized and unique microbook that you can read in less than 12 minutes.

Leia resumos de livros em 12 minutos e aumente sua produtividade - 12 minutos

There are more than 500 books in your library and we will list some at the end of the article, some are completely free. We strongly recommend knowing this wonderful APP that helps those with procrastination and lack of time.

Using our referral link you get a lower price to subscribe, in addition to having more freedom than directly from the App or stores. Let's leave the link below, I hope you like this recommendation.

Many articles on the internet speak a thousand and one things about this application and website, in order to make you buy and earn commissions for the sale. I personally do not have much to say, better that the 12 minutes speak for itself.

I prefer that you have your experience, I don't like to pressure anyone! Much less make people buy on impulse, something they may not even enjoy 100%. Whether or not you sign up for 12 minutes on our website will depend on you. Anyway, follow the links scattered throughout the article, if one day you decide to subscribe, remember the links on our website.

Click here to access the 12 minutes website

List of 12 Minute Books

Use the Browser search to find out if 12 Minutes has the books you are looking for. I hope you like the book.

Book's nameBook author
10 Days to Faster ReadingAbby Marks-Beale
10% HappierDan Harris
100 DegreesRafa Prado
101 Questions and Answers for Beginning InvestorsTiago Reis & amp; Felipe Tadewald
10x: The difference between success and failureGrant Cardone
21 Keys to Personal AchievementRodrigo Fonseca
251 Practical Trading TipsLuis Henrique Boaventura
29 Minutes To Speaking Well In PublicReinaldo Polito
30 Days to ChangeDallas Hartwig & amp; Melissa Hartwig
30 ways to reboot your bodyBen Greenfield
33 War StrategiesRobert Greene
38 strategies to win any debateArthur Schopenhauer
4 Hours for the BodyTim Ferriss
5% moreMichael Alden
50 Economy Ideas You Need to KnowEdmund Conway
52 Ways to Say NoClene Salles
7 Steps to Being a Sales LeaderAlexandre Lacava
The Art of HappinessDalai Lama
The art of warSun Tzu
The Art of NegotiationMichael Wheeler
The Art of Negotiation (Art of the Deal)Donald J. Trump
The Art of ProcrastinationJohn Perry
The Art of Making It HappenDavid Allen
The Art of Reading MindsHenrik Fexeus
The Art of BusinessBill Ridgers
The Rise of MoneyNiall Ferguson
Sleeping BeautyBrothers Grimm
The Long TailChris Anderson
The Courage to Be ImperfectBrené Brown
The Mind DietDavid Perlmutter
The Crisis EconomyNouriel Roubini
Baby Charmer Solves All Your ProblemsMelinda Blau & amp; Tracy Hogg
The Age of CuratorshipGilberto Dimenstein & amp; Mario Sergio Cortella
The Ladder to TriumphNapoleon Hill
The Radical Innovation StrategyPedro Waengertner
The Blue Ocean StrategyW. Chan Kim & amp; Renée Mauborgne
The Winners FormulaOthamar Gama
The War of the IslandsBlake J. Harris
The Decisive AgeMeg Jay
The Journey of the EntrepreneurEdson Rigonatti & amp; Laura Mello & amp; Martino Bagini
The Law of Attraction and the Power of ThoughtWilliam Walker Atkinson
The Store Of EverythingBrad Stone
The Black Swan LogicNassim Nicholas Taleb
The Logic of Consumption: Truths and lies about why we buyMartin Lindstrom
The Oil CurseMichael L. Ross
The Mark of VictoryPhil Knight
Maternity and the Meeting with the Own ShadowLaura Gutman
The Valley GirlBel Pesce
The Founder's MindsetJames Allen
The Goal - A Process of Continuous ImprovementEliyahu M. Goldratt & amp; Jeff Cox
The Magic of TidinessMarie Kondō
The Definitive Question 2.0Fred Reichheld
The Fifth DisciplinePeter Senge
The Lean StartupEric Ries
The Third Measure of SuccessArianna Huffington
The Third Wave of the InternetSteve Case
The Triad of Time.Christian Barbosa
The Challenging SaleBrent Adamson & amp; Matthew Dixon
The Career TurnMarcos Silvestre
The only thingGary Keller & amp; Jay Papasan
Embrace Your SonThiago Queiroz
AbundancePeter Diamandis & amp; Steven Kotler
AbilioCristiane Correa
Wake up! Dreaming is not enoughIsis Moreira
Believe me, I'm lyingRyan Holiday
Adams ObviousRobert Updegraff
Goodbye, RetirementGustavo Cerbasi
High Performance ManagementAndy Grove
Time managementPaulo Labegalini
Manage StressDonald Weiss
Now I'm a MotherFlávia Calina
Beyond LeadershipLeonardo Peracini
Love and Be FreeSri Prem Baba
AnxietyAugusto Cury
AntifragileNassim Nicholas Taleb
Learning to Silence the MindOsho
LearningsGisele Bundchen
Argumentation and RhetoricVeronica Daniel Kobs
Risking your own skinNassim Nicholas Taleb
Make Your BedWilliam H. McRaven
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of LeadershipJohn C. Maxwell
The 22 Consecrated Laws of MarketingAl Ries & amp; Jack Trout
The 4 Keys to Unlimited AchievementSuryavan Solar
The 48 Laws of PowerRobert Greene
The Weapons of PersuasionRobert Cialdini
The Five Languages ​​of LoveGary Chapman
The seven spiritual laws of successDeepak Chopra
Mindfulness - MindfulnessMark Williams
Positive Mental AttitudeNapoleon Hill
DaringMauricio Benvenutti
Business AdventuresJohn Brooks
Common Shares, Extraordinary ProfitsPhilip Fisher
Wheat BellyWilliam Davis
Be Obsessed Or Be AverageGrant Cardone
Behind The CloudCarlye Adler & amp; Marc Benioff
big dataTimandra Harkness
Bitcoin - currency in the digital ageFernando Ulrich
Blink: The Decision at a GlanceMalcolm Gladwell
snow WhiteBrothers Grimm
Brandscendência - The Spirit of BrandsMario E. Rene Schweriner
BrazillionairesAlex Cuadros
Big Dog fight.Fred Vogelstein
Buddhism at the Bar TableLodro Rinzler
Bulletproof: The Bulletproof DietDavid Asprey
Business Model GenerationYves Pigneur & amp; Alexander Osterwalder
Buyer PersonasAdele Revella
Sand captainsJorge Amado
House Organized All YearBete Monta
Smart Couples Get Rich TogetherGustavo Cerbasi
Chief Customer OfficerJeanne Bliss
CyberattackTed Koppel
Clientivity - How to Offer What Your Customer WantsCesar Souza
Coaching in One WeekMatt Somers
Start with the hardestBrian Tracy
How Music Got FreeStephen Witt
How Democracies DieSteven D. Levitt
How to Increase Your Own SalaryNapoleon Hill
How to Reach the Top in CompaniesRicardo Diniz
How to Shop ConsciouslyReinaldo Domingos
How to make friends and influence peopleDale Carnegie
How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still SucceedScott Adams
How markets workAlvin Roth
How to Identify Your Financial SelfReinaldo Domingos
How to start your digital business from scratchWalmir Lima da Silva
How to read booksCharles Van Doren & amp; Mortimer J. Adler
How Google worksAlan Eagle & amp; Eric Schmidt & amp; Jonathan Rosenberg
How to organize your financial life - the key to success is in your handsRubie José Giordani
How to Settle Your DebtsReinaldo Domingos
How to Reduce the Buying ImpulseReinaldo Domingos
How to Be Financially IndependentReinaldo Domingos
How to Live a Richer Life and Influence PeopleDale Carnegie
How to Overcome Shyness and Create CourageChristian H. Godefroy
How to Overcome the Fear of Public SpeakingLeBooks Editions
How to Win When You're Not a FavoriteRubens Teixeira
ComplacencyAlexandre Schwartsman & amp; Fabio Giambiagi
Nonviolent CommunicationMarshall B. Rosenberg
Quantum ConsciousnessAmit Goswami
Tales of the VicarWagner Tomás Barba
ContagionJonah Berger
Conversation with Brazilian Stock ManagersLuciana Seabra
Danish ChildrenIben Dissing Sandahl & amp; Jessica Joelle Alexander
Creativity S / AEdwin Catmull
Wealth CreationPaulo Vieira
Crossing the ChasmGeoffrey A. Moore
Project Management CourseAlex Pimentel
David and GoliathMalcolm Gladwell
Where comes the good ideiasSteven Johnson
Back to the MonasteryJames Hunter
From Zero to OnePeter Thiel & amp; Blake Masters
Decipher and Influence PeopleDeibson Silva & amp; Paulo Vieira
Dedicate your heartHoward Schultz
Deep WorkCal Newport
After the stormRicardo Amorim
Unlock the Power of your MindMichael Arruda
Awaken the Millionaire in YouCarlos Wizard
Awaken Your Inner GiantAnthony Robbins
Stand outMarcus Buckingham
Unraveling the Secrets of Body LanguageAllan Pease
Cultures DialogueLeandro Karnal
From a thousand to a millionThiago Nigro
From Dream to Realization in 4 StepsSteve Blank
Double your profitsBob Fifer
Dom CasmurroMachado de Assis
Don't Make Me ThinkSteve Krug
OwnerMarcelo Toledo
DriveDaniel H. Pink
What If Money Fell From Heaven?John Doerr & amp; Mike Schultz
Eat, Move, SleepTom Rath
Economics of AccessRodrigo Dantas
Elon MuskAshlee Vance
In Search of OurselvesClovis de Barros Filho
In Search Of SenseViktor Frankl
In search of direct treasureMiguel Longuini & amp; Samy Dana
In Defense of FoodMichael Pollan
Emotional AgilitySusan David
Undertake with LessGiovanna Baccarin
Companies Made to WinJim Collins
EndgameJohn Mauldin
Balance and ResultChristian Barbosa
You chooseJames Altucher
EssentialismGreg McKeown
This is no longer a diet bookRodrigo Polesso
Good strategy, bad strategyRichard Rumelt
Competitive StrategyMichael Porter
I want to be rich!Maurício Bastter Hissa
I Will Teach You To Be RichBen Zruel
Unforgettable customer experienceKenneth Blanchard
Extreme OwnershipJocko Willink & amp; Leif Babin
Public speakingVilson Santos
Enrichment FactorPaulo Vieira
Economy Facts and FallaciesThomas Sowell
Make Your Business Take OffFabrício Morini
Make your own lawsSam Jolen
Made to LastJim Collins & amp; Jerry Porras
Spoiled Adult Children, Neglected ParentsTania Zagury
Philosophy for the BraveLuiz Felipe Pondé
Firms of EndearmentDavid Wolfe & amp; Jagdish Sheth & amp; Raj Sisodia
FocusDaniel Goleman
Out of the CurvePierre Moreau
Outstanding - OutliersMalcolm Gladwell
FreakonomicsStephen J. Dubner
Endless HolidaysBruno Picinini
ClawAngela Duckworth
People that ConvinceEduardo Ferraz
Value generation - Volume 1Flávio Augusto da Silva
Point of Sale ManagementAdir Ribeiro & amp; Leonardo Marchi & amp; Luís Gustavo Imperatore & amp; Tonini Júnior & amp; Maurício Galhardo
Easy ManagementOseias Gomes
Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network MarketerEric Worre
Google BiographySteven Levitt
Grinding It OutRay Kroc
Grit to GreatLinda Kaplan Thaler & amp; Robin Koval
Grow to GreatnessEdward D. Hess
Suno Dividends GuideJean Tosetto & amp; Tiago Reis
Hackers & amp; PaintersPaul Graham
Hacking GrowthSean Ellis
HypergrowthAaron Ross & amp; Jason M. Lemkin
Men Are from Mars; Women Are from VenusJohn Gray
HookedNir Eyal
How to be EverythingEmilie Wapnick
HustlePatrick Vlaskovits & amp; Neil Patel & amp; Jonas Koffler
Ideas That StickChip Heath & amp; Dan Heath
iEDarrell S. Champlin
IkigaiSebastian Marshall
TirelessMaurício Benvenutti
Indispensable, unbeatable and invincibleMarcos Scaldelai
InspiredMarty Cagan
Sales IntelligenceMarcelo Ortega
Smart InvestmentsGustavo Cerbasi
Invisible Selling MachineRyan Deiss
IracemaJosé de Alencar
Kellogg on BrandingPhilip Kotler
Killing MarketingJoe Pulizzi & amp; Robert Rose
KintsugiEdgar Ueda
LaunchJeff Walker
Dynamic readingAdriana de Araújo
LeviathanThomas Hobbes
Leading the Starbucks StyleJoseph Michelli
Losing My VirginityRichard Branson
Right ProfitSulivan France
Leaders Serve LastSimon Sinek
MacunaimaMário de Andrade
Made in AmericaSam Walton & amp; John Huey
Smarter Than the DevilNapoleon Hill
Faster and BetterCharles Duhhigg
Making MeaningDarrel Rhea & amp; Nathan Shedroff & amp; Steve Diller
Powerful MorningsNeder Izaac
Manias, Panics and CrisesCharles P. Kindleberger
FBI Persuasion HandbookJack Shafer
University Survival HandbookLeo Monastery
Practical Law of Attraction ManualCarol Pires
Marca - What the heart does not feel the eyes do not seeStalimir Vieira
Marketing 3.0Philip Kotler & amp; Iwan Setiawan & amp; Hermawan Kartajaya
Word of mouth marketingJerry R. Wilson
Epic Content MarketingJoe Pulizzi
War MarketingAl Ries & amp; Jack Trout
Marketing and Communication in the Post-Digital EraWalter Longo
Small Business Marketing and DisclosureRivaldo Chinem
Franchise MarketingDenis Santini & amp; Filomena Garcia
Successful Business MarketingSérgio Cides
Personal marketingSady Bordin
Wake Me When I'm Rich!Fábio Alves
Save me!Nathalia Arcuri
MeditationsMarco Aurelio
The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras CubasMachado de Assis
Unique MindsClay Brites & amp; Luciana Brites
Goals For A Happy LifeJanete Dopke & amp; Mariano Soltys
My Son Doesn't Eat!Carlos Gonzáles
MindsetCarol S. Dweck
My storyMichelle Obama
My InventionsNikola Tesla
Mobilized - A insider's Guide to the Business and Future of Connected TechnologySC Moatti
MONEY Master the GameTony Robbins
Change or DieRenato Mendes & amp; Roni Cunha Bueno
Beyond Mars and VenusJohn Gray
My Years With General MotorsAlfred Sloan
At Estação da Sorte - The Story of Rodrigo Diniz MascarenhasJuli Mascarenhas
In My SkinLazarus Ramos
NetworkingDiane Darling
Never Split the DifferenceChris Voss & amp; Tahl Raz
Nobody is F # d by ChanceRicardo Bellino
KnockoutGary Vaynerchuk
Never give up on your dreamsAugusto Cury
Don't Ask If He StudiedRenato Alves
Don't Be Afraid to Be BossBruce Tulgan
The Social AnimalDavid Brooks
The Leaders' PathFernando Pacheco
The Path to Supreme HappinessDeepak Chopra
Capital in the 21st CenturyThomas Piketty
The Dream CatcherGeraldo Rufino
CDC and Its Application in Real Estate BusinessMarcos Catalan
The Self-sabotage CyclePatrícia Hermes & amp; Stanley Rosner
The tenementAluísio de Azevedo
The Brain with Focus and DisciplineRenato Alves
The Brain and Emotional IntelligenceDaniel Goleman
The CEO CodeDavid Rohlander
The Code of IntelligenceAugusto Cury
The Awakening of a New ConsciousnessDalai Lama
Puss in BootsCharles Perrault
The Minute ManagerKenneth Blanchard & amp; Spencer Johnson
The Effective ManagerPeter F. Drucker
The Rich Dad Guide: The Business of the 21st CenturyRobert Kiyosaki
The Essential SaaS Metrics GuideLeandro Faria
The Hero of a Thousand FacesJoseph Campbell
The Impasse of Urban Policy in BrazilErmínia Maricato
The Disney Way to Delight CustomersDisney Institute
The Harvard Way to Be HappyShawn Achor
The Zuckerberg Way of Doing BusinessEkaterina Walter
The Difficult Side of Difficult SituationsBen Horowitz
Children's BookOsho
The Book of the EgoOsho
Malaise in CivilizationSigmund Freud
The Communist ManifestoFriedrich Engels & amp; Karl Marx
The Original ManuscriptNapoleon Hill
The Success MapCaroll Crown
The best of the worldSeth Godin
The Millionaire MessengerBrendon Burchard
The MentorEdvaldo Pereira Lima
The Morning MiracleHal Elrod
The Myth of the EntrepreneurMichael Gerber
The Myth of Free GovernmentPaulo Rabello de Castro
The Monk and the ExecutiveJames Hunter
The World is FlatThomas L. Friedman
Daddy is PopMarcos Piangers
The ugly duckHans Christian Andersen
The Little ThumbCharles Perrault
The Power of ActionPaulo Vieira
The Power of EnergyBrendon Burchard
The Power of PositivityGeraldo Rufino
The Power of Simplicity in the Agile WorldSusanne Andrade
The Power of HabitCharles Duhhigg
The Power of the SubconsciousJoseph Murphy
The Power of the RestlessChris Guillebeau
The Power of the QuietSusan Cain
The Turning PointMalcolm Gladwell
The Breakeven PointChristine Carter
The 80/20 PrincipleRichard Koch
The princeNicholas Machiavelli
The Frog PrinceBrothers Grimm
What Life Taught MeMario Sergio Cortella
What's mine is yoursRachel Botsman & amp; Roo Rogers
The secretRhonda Byrne
The Secret of DenmarkHelen Russell
The Secret to Overcoming FearAdriana de Araújo
Your First MillionPedro Queiroga Carrilho
The Creative LeisureDomenico De Masi
Thanks for MarketingVitor Peçanha
Only the Paranoid SurviveAndy Grove
Disguised OpportunitiesCarlos Domingos
Exponential OrganizationsSalim Ismail & amp; Michael S. Malone & amp; Yuri Van Geest
OriginalsAdam Grant
The 5 Team ChallengesPatrick Lencioni
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleStephen R. Covey
The Axioms of ZurichMax Gunther
Challenges to WillpowerKelly McGonigal
Warren Buffett's EssaysWarren Buffett
The InnovatorsWalter Isaacson
The Games of LifeEric Berne
The Secrets of the Millionaire MindT. Harv Eker
The Secrets to Having Strong Memory and Always Young BrainRenato Alves
DaringRaiam dos Santos
Dare to GrowTara Mohr
Rich Dad Poor DadRobert Kiyosaki
Smart Parents Enrich Their ChildrenGustavo Cerbasi
Passion for WinningJack Welch
To Educate Feminist ChildrenChimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Stop Believing in GovernmentBruno Garschagen
Stop thinking like an employeeKeith Cameron Smith
Pasaje al FuturoSantiago Bilinkis
Think Like an ArtistWill Gompertz
Think and Grow Rich For WomenSharon Lechter
Think SimpleGustavo Caetano
Small Attitudes, Big ChangesCaroline L. Arnold
Leadership PipelineRam Charan
Pitch AnythingOren Klaff
One Week Career PlanningCharles Jackson & amp; Wendy Hirsh
Marketing planVicente Ambrósio
Flight planFabrício Morini
It May Not Be What It SeemsSamy Dana & amp; Sérgio Almeida
Unlimited PowerAnthony Robbins
Inflection pointFlávio Augusto da Silva
Inside AlibabaPorter Erisman
Why Nations FailDaron Acemoğlu & amp; James Robinson
Why Do We Do What We Do?Mario Sergio Cortella
Why We SleepMatthew Walker
Empowering ExcellenceRobert I. Sutton & amp; Huggy Rao
Boost Your BrainPersian Lucrecia
Practicing the Power of NowEckhart Tolle
I need to know if I'm fineRichard L. Williams
I need to know if I'm doing wellRichard Williams
Predictably IrrationalDan Ariely
Predictably IrrationalDan Ariely
Predictably IrrationalDan Ariely
Predictably IrrationalDan Ariely
Predictably IrrationalDan Ariely
PrinciplesRay Dalio
Maximum ProductivityTamara Schwambach Kano Myles
Productivity For Those Who Want TimeGeronimo Theml
PurposeSri Prem Baba
Punished for RewardsAlfie Kohn
Breaking the Habit of Being YourselfJoe Dispenza
Who Convinces EnrichNapoleon Hill
Who Moved My Cheese?Spencer Johnson
Who thinks enrichesNapoleon Hill
Who's Afraid of Black Feminism?Djamila Ribeiro
I want to get richRafael Seabra
Radical CandorKim Scott
Rebels Have WingsRon Meisler
Predictable RevenueAaron Ross & amp; Mary Lou Tyler
CopywritingLourdes Gabrielli & amp; Tânia Hoff
Refuse To Choose!Barbara Sher
Food RulesMichael Pollan
RepeatabilityJames Allen
ResiliencePaulo Yazigi Sabbag
ReworkDavid Heinemeier Hansson & amp; Jason Fried
Creative RoutinesAlexandre Teixeira
RumpelstichenzinhoBrothers Grimm
Running LeanAsh Maurya
Fast and SlowDaniel Kahneman
SapiensYuval Noah Harari
Satisfaction GuaranteedTony Hsieh
Scientific AdvertisingClaude Hopkins
scrumJeff Sutherland
Be Fuck!Caio Carneiro
Be a Leader of YourselfAugusto Cury
UnlimitedJosé Eduardo Costa
Service DesignAndy Polaine
Your Property - How to Buy WellMauro Halfeld
Your Dream Has a FutureCandice Pascoal
Smart MoneyJoão Kepler
Dream Big, Think BigTheunis Marinho
Big dreamCristiane Correa
SprintJake Knapp & amp; John Zeratsky & amp; Braden Kowitz
Startup WeekendClint Nelsen & amp; Frank Nouyrigat & amp; Marc Nager
Steve JobsWalter Isaacson
Sugar BluesWilliam Dufty
Super CrunchersIan Ayres
Overcome NoWilliam L. Ury
SuperFocusMário Antônio Porto Fonseca
SwitchChip Heath & amp; Dan Heath
Talking to HumansGiff Constable
Technical MarketingFelipe Spina
TED: speak, convince, thrillCarmine Gallo
TEvEPEduardo Shana
The 12 Week YearBrian P. Moran & amp; Michael Lennington
The Accidental BillionairesBen Mezrich
The Checklist ManifestoAtul Gawande
The Filter Bubble: How the New Personalized Web Is Changing What We Read and How We ThinkEli Pariser
The Industries of the FutureAlec Ross
The Making of Donald TrumpDavid Cay Johnston
The Practicing MindThomas M. Sterner
The Sales Acceleration FormulaMark Roberge
The Secret Life of SleepKat Duff
The Southwest Airlines WayJody Hoffer Gittel
The Thank You EconomyGary Vaynerchuk
The Virgin WayRichard Branson
The Vitamin SolutionArielle Levitan & amp; Romy J Block
Thinking In NumbersDaniel Tammet
This Idea Must DieJohn Brockman
Organized WorkThais Godinho
Digital TransformationDavid L. Rogers
TractionGabriel Weinberg & amp; Justin Mares
Everything is a matter of attitudeMarcos Hans
A New Way to WorkLaszlo Bock
A new worldEckhart Tolle
A “Toc” at CucaRoger Von Oech
A Curious MindBrian Grazer & amp; Charles Fishman
Go deep!Gary Vaynerchuk
Go there and do itTiago Mattos
Sell ​​Much MoreCláudio Tomanini
Selling is HumanDaniel H. Pink
Venture DealsBrad Feld & amp; Jason Mendelson
Life and CareerMario Sergio Cortella & amp; Pedro Mandelli
Dried livesGraciliano Ramos
Turning Your Own TableRicardo Semler
VisionariesDiego Carmona
Vitor BelfortVitor Belfort
Live, Love, LeadBrian Houston
We Live More! Do We Live Well?Mario Sergio Cortella & amp; Terezinha Azerêdo Rios
You Can Heal Your LifeLouise Hay
You Can Perform Your Own MiraclesNapoleon Hill
Do you (really) read?Ana Gonzalez
Do you have what hunger?Deepak Chopra
You Are Stronger Than You ThinkLeslie Parrott
WhiplashJeff Howe & amp; Joi Ito
Who Gets What - and WhyAlvin E. Roth
WikinomicsDon Tapscott & amp; Anthony D. Williams
Winning with DataFrank Bien & amp; Tomasz Tunguz
Work the SystemSam Carpenter
Make Your BedWilliam H. McRaven
Suno Dividends GuideJean Tosetto & amp; Tiago Reis
101 Questions and Answers for Beginning InvestorsTiago Reis & amp; Felipe Tadewald