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In this article I want to explain how I work and earn money over the internet, while also guiding you to do the same. Anyone can work on the internet with something they like, and still earn a lot of money without doing much, and I will explain it in detail.

The first thing you need to know is that making money on the internet is not an easy task. Some win easily, others work hard. Just be aware that there is no miracle formula as online courses promise.

There are several ways to make money on the internet such as websites, blogs, youtube channels, facebook, instagram and advertising. You can choose, earn money doing something you like, without depending on boss and hourly charges.

Below I will leave a summary of all content that I will write in this guide:

Glossary of Terms mentioned in the article

Maybe you are sweet and do not understand some of the words that we will mention in the middle of the article, so I will leave a glossary explaining in detail each of the technical terms and complicated words that I will mention.

Affiliates - A system where you advertise a company's product and earn commissions when someone buys a product through your promotional link. You are a sales intermediary for large companies.

IF THE - Set of techniques that position your site on the first pages and positions of search engines with Google and Yahoo. It stands for Search Engine Optimization and it involves a lot of things from working on optimizing the site and its articles.

Como eu trabalho e ganho dinheiro pela internet

WordPress - An open platform for creating websites and blogs complete with support for themes and plugins that enable various functions, from stores, members area, forums and thousands of other possibilities.

Niche - Subject, segments, audiences or category of the website, social network or channel on youtube. For example, my website is about Japan, so my niche is Japan. My youtube channel is about English, so my channel's niche is English.

Layout and Theme - Appearance of the website, format, position of the items on the website, text formatting, images and background colors of a website. In WordPress we use ready-made themes and we customize them by editing codes called CSS.

How I make money online

I always wanted to work on the internet, I never liked the idea of ​​following an 8-hour workload, a repetitive routine or having a boss. I always wanted to have my own business, I already considered being a programmer and game creator, but I ended up becoming a website creator and writer.

In order to learn Japanese, I created a website called Suki Desu. My goal was to teach Japanese at the same time as I learned, in addition to delving deeper into Japanese culture and the anime that I love so much. Fortunately, this business worked very well.

Without worrying about marketing, SEO and other tons of techniques that people use to grow the site, I just managed to take off on social media by writing normally, and soon gained position on the first pages of Google.

Como eu trabalho e ganho dinheiro pela internet

In about 4 long years of website, I have reached an average of 500,000 monthly page views. I started to profit a little from Google ads, sponsored articles, commission on selling Japanese courses and books from Amazon.

I still think the profit on my site is very low compared to other competitors who earn 3x more with a much smaller audience. Unfortunately the Japan category is not very profitable, but it is something I like and love to write about.

It's much better to earn little by doing something I like than trying to earn a lot by doing something I don't like. Fortunately I also like to write about my journey on the internet and about working online, creating websites, marketing and WordPress.

I like to write about these technical things because I am also gaining knowledge while teaching and helping other people to make their dreams come true. It turned out that now I have more than 5 sites that are:


It was not an easy path, I had the help of great Entrepreneurs like Luiz Passari and a friend named Rafael. It took years of dedication and learning to achieve the skills I acquired today. I still have a lot to improve, especially when writing articles.

Below see a little of my income in one of the forms of monetization that I use in my projects:

Como eu trabalho e ganho dinheiro pela internet - saldo hotmart

How to make money online

The first thing you need to make money on the internet is to have an audience, whether on your social network, youtube channel or website. The more people who visit your content, the easier the chances of you making money.

To generate money on the internet you need to sell something. There is no such thing as making money out of nothing, there is an interaction of both parties, whether viewing an ad, registering on a website or buying something.

The 4 main ways to make money online today are:

  1. Sale of advertising space (ADS);
  2. Sale of physical products;
  3. Sale of digital products (courses);
  4. Selling solutions and services;
Como eu trabalho e ganho dinheiro pela internet

Most of the time you will need to register on sites that manage ads or offer links for advertising. You will work as an affiliate (an intermediary) that takes the person from your website to the product or service. By doing this you earn a small commission.

If you don't have any social networks, websites or YouTube channels, try to do these things quickly. I recommend creating a website, then social media. I am already saying that it is not an easy task, but it is better to learn yourself than to pay professionals.

I will not explain in detail how to create a website in this article, but I will briefly talk about the steps towards the end. If you want to go deeper, we have other articles and I also recommend the course Online business formula.

Now let's talk in detail about these 4 ways to make money on the internet. Let's talk about ads and advertising space, selling physical products, selling digital products and services.

1 - Earning money with advertising space

The first way involves selling an advertising space on your website. You can do this using Networks from advertisers like Google Adsense or Google ADX. These networks usually pay for views or clicks on the banners.

In addition to these ad networks, some advertisers prefer to make a direct contract with the site to display their banner somewhere. They offer a fixed monthly fee to have the banner displayed on your website.

On social networks, this advertising space can be sold by sharing a link or banner. On youtube, banners appear in the middle of the video, not to mention those advertisements on videos that generate money for the channel.

Como eu trabalho e ganho dinheiro pela internet

Earnings through advertising with ad networks are low in Brazil, in most categories of websites (niches). They usually pay $ 1 less for 1,000 visits to the site.

Internet advertising works like football. Players in this sport only earn millions if they are famous, because thousands of people watch their games and sponsors with those banners on the pitches pay millions for it.

There are thousands of techniques used to make people earn more with clicks on ads or sell advertising space. We recommend reading our article that explains more about the Google Adsense + Google ADX.

2 - Making money from selling physical products

There are ad networks that pay for sales generated through links and banners. These companies usually pay commissions of less than 15% and physical products can vary widely and cover any category.

Some online stores offer their own affiliate systems or use CPA affiliates like lodamee and rakuten. Others go further and personally contact the owner of the website or channel on youtube to talk about the promotion of a physical product.

Como eu trabalho e ganho dinheiro pela internet

Amazon, which is one of the largest stores in the world, offers its own affiliate system, and I myself manage to earn a reasonable income by selling books and mangoes. The commission is only 10% but the percentage of people who buy is high.

The biggest competition are big stores like Free market who sell products at prices below stores that offer affiliate systems.

3 - Making money from selling digital products

Nowadays people are after information and knowledge. Most digital entrepreneurs try to make money by offering facilities and knowledge to these people through online courses.

Most people want to learn a language, lose weight, earn money online, learn things, solve their social life and others. These entrepreneurs offer solutions to these problems through online courses in videos and digital books.

The market for digital courses and products is one of the largest on the internet, where thousands of people try to create their own product or solution and publicize it through the help of affiliates.

Como eu trabalho e ganho dinheiro pela internet

I have worked as an affiliate of digital products for many years and I guarantee that this is the most profitable way to profit on the internet and still satisfy your readers. Nothing better than spreading knowledge to people instead of selling useless things.

The best thing about the online courses market is the high commission fees paid to affiliates, which can vary from 15 to 50% depending on the product. In addition, you can go further and offer your own course or digital product and earn much more than an affiliate.

4 - Selling solutions and services

Suppose you are someone famous and have a large audience, just create and offer a paid solution for your fans that they will buy without any problem. Many think that courses are a limited area, but there are courses on absolutely everything.

Digital products go beyond courses, it can be any 100% online solution. The fourth item on the list is exactly that, solutions in addition to online courses. It can be subscription services, website hosting or any online service or not.

Como eu trabalho e ganho dinheiro pela internet

For example, at kevinbk I recommend WordPress layouts, cloud services and other things to help you create your website. Every time someone signs up through my link I get a little incentive.

This way of profiting is good for those who are focused on a certain thing, since unfortunately these services usually offer their own affiliate system. Forcing you to maintain and manage affiliate accounts on multiple sites. Not that this is a problem.

Where to start? How to learn?

Now that you know the top 4 ways to make money over the internet with websites, social networks or youtube, you need to take action. Maybe you are a sweet guy and you don't have a lot of knowledge with internet and computers, so we strongly encourage you to take some courses online.

I personally learned everything in the can, without taking any courses, panning on the internet, but it took me more than 5 years to acquire skills that with courses you can achieve in a matter of months. The courses teach you step by step everything you need to learn.

Unfortunately I am not able to teach you the whole process of creating a website, facebook, instagram and youtube channel. For those with computer experience it may seem easy, but for many it can be new and difficult.

Como eu trabalho e ganho dinheiro pela internet

There are technical details such as server configuration, marketing strategies, banner creation and visual image, attractive texts with mental triggers and many others. Online courses promise to teach you exactly these things.

All courses are rich in content, but some are created solely for the purpose of selling, so make a good choice to invest your money. If you do not want to take a course, without problems, you can also learn everything in the race and alone.

The most complete course on creating websites, social networks, youtube, affiliate marketing and selling that I found is called Online Business Formula that you can meet clicking here.

Como eu trabalho e ganho dinheiro pela internet

Another inexpensive course that is booming, involves making money only with your cell phone using instagram. The name of this course is expert method, you can read an article about make money with instagram by clicking here.

If you already have or intend to acquire basic knowledge about computers, social networks, website creation and others, you can go ahead and take the first steps in creating your digital business.

The first steps to make money on the internet

Perhaps you are undecided between working only with social networks, creating a blog or channel on youtube. Personally, I recommend you work with the 3. We recommend choosing something you like, thinking about long-term results.

Another important thing is to focus on your marketing and personal disclosure. You may not like to appear on social media, but a human identity is better and gives you more confidence than hiding through fictitious brands and names.

With that in mind, you need to choose a name for your website and channel on youtube. Don't try to pick crazy names and have nothing to do with it as I did with Kevinbk or Suki Desu. Better to choose something that bears the name of something related to your project.

Como eu trabalho e ganho dinheiro pela internet

For example, my website on languages ​​is called and my website on musical instruments and songs is called AprenderMú; Choosing a name related to your website's niche will improve the SEO of your project.

Before choosing your niche, I recommend taking a look at the digital products that are available in your focus area. You can do this by registering on the websites that allow you to affiliate with digital products like Hotmart and Monetizze.

Creating your website

Now that you've chosen your desktop well, it's time to make your website. I am not going to explain step by step how to make a website in this article, so we recommend taking a course as we mentioned earlier.

There is a sequence of steps involved in creating a website. I have recommendations for each of these steps and I will leave an article link on each one. See below what you need to do:

These are some of the steps you need to take when creating a website. Of course, there are many parts not mentioned, especially when it comes to SEO. We wrote an own article that talks about how to optimize your site for Google.

Como eu trabalho e ganho dinheiro pela internet

Effort and Patience is required

I see a lot of people interested in working online, but they don't put any effort into it. They believe that there is a miraculous technique and that you gain a lot without doing anything, but it is not so.

There are people who grow fast, others slowly, but everything requires effort and dedication, as well as a lot of patience to wait for the results. It is not overnight that you will receive money in your bank account.

I see a lot of people wanting to work online, but they don't even have a basic understanding of computers, so we encourage online courses, because they really teach everything step by step, something I don't have much patience to do.

Como eu trabalho e ganho dinheiro pela internet

Others live aid dependent, not having the ability to go after information. Having the ability to research and study alone without depending on others in this area of ​​the internet is kind of a must. If you don't have the ability to solve simple problems yourself, you won't be able to run a digital business.

Although many say that working online can be secondary, you can very well make your online business a primary and stable one. The more time you spend on the internet, the more profit you will receive.

Tips for generating valuable content

Nowadays the competition is very big, so you need to be innovative and unique. All content you generate needs to be superior to the competition. Doing this you will get a space in the market and generate your income.

That's why I find it easier to work writing, because making videos and being a digital influencer depends a lot on your popularity or social skills. If you just write you can have more privacy, tranquility and results.

For your texts to be superior to others, keep the following points in mind:

  • Choose a good keyword (subject);
  • Write an article with at least 1,000 words;
  • Search for similar articles from the competition and do better;
  • Do not hide yourself through a mark;
  • Put the keyword in the titles and subtitles;
  • Make short paragraphs easy to read;
  • Ask questions like: Why? When? Where? It is like?;
  • Always direct a reader to another article;
Como eu trabalho e ganho dinheiro pela internet

Tips to have value in videos and social networks:

  • Automate their publications on social networks;
  • Make short videos with about 10 minutes;
  • Try to make videos that solve problems;
  • Don't be shy about showing who you are to your fans;
  • Don't try to be someone else in order to add more;
  • Don't lie to your followers;
  • Think carefully before commenting on anything;
  • Be neutral and do not divide your fans;
  • Ignore haters and negative comments (they will always exist);
  • Always answer your audience;
  • Treat your fans like people;

Now it's all up to you

I wanted to extend this article more, but it will be very tiring and I don't even know where to start talking, since working on the internet is something huge and requires daily learning. That is why our website is focused on helping people to manage their own website or online business.

If you really want to work in this area, keep reading our website, sign up for our email list (top of the article) and start by taking the first steps. You can start with social networks, website, wherever you want, just decide what you want to work on.

Como eu trabalho e ganho dinheiro pela internet

As I mentioned, if you have no knowledge, you urgently need to take an online course or hunt down every step from creating a website to involved marketing. And remember, even though I mention website, this is not the only option.

Keep an eye on our website that we will always post innovative ways to make money over the internet. I hope you enjoyed the article, to finish we will leave a list of courses and books that I recommend you to read and that will help in your online business. Don't forget to share and leave your comments (I disabled this post because of so much spam lol).

Courses that will help you step by step

Before I would list below a ton of online courses that teach you how to work with digital marketing, creating websites and affiliate. It comes and goes and I only find myself stuck to a product, Alex Vargas' course. So I will recommend only him, the famous course Online Business Formula.

It teaches you how to create your website and work in the business of selling as affiliates of digital, physical products and generating money with adsense. It is the cheapest and most complete course I know. Click here to learn more about this formula!

Below I will recommend some books that will help you understand about online business and the influence you need to have among your visitors. I hope you like it, but I didn't read them all, I just followed recommendations (I don't like to read lol).

I will also leave you some inexpensive courses that can help you boost your social networks, websites and new projects. They are Udemy courses, they are super cheap and generally offer good knowledge for beginners. But be sure to see the formula.

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