Real SEO, the best SEO Course

Real SEO is one of the best SEO courses on the face of the earth that I am sure my article will not rank in first out of so much competition from dedicated students who are also promoting such a course.

In this article we will talk about details about this magnificent SEO course that actually teaches you not only about SEO but also how to create your own website and set up a WordPress site. The course summary follows:

Seo de verdade, o melhor curso de seo

Real SEO Course Objective

The real SEO course teaches you from scratch how to create a WordPress site, buy a domain, install a theme, use elementor, configure SEO plugin, use Google Sitemap and much more.

In fact it is much more than that, the course teaches you practically everything about SEO on Page and SEO off Page. You will learn how to buy backlinks, get free quality backlinks, use search tools and more.

You will learn how to find decent keywords for your website using free tools. You will also learn how to build your article in a semantic way and position yourself well on Google.

For the gigantic community that I have been part of for some time, I guarantee that this is the best SEO course that you will find on the internet. Rather than messing around, I'm going to let the sales page speak for you.

Real SEO course content

The SEO SEO course has numerous modules and integrated content that will clarify your problems and teach you the whole subject. See now a list of topics presented in the course:


# 1.1. & Nbsp; Welcome: What we will learn, structure and objectives of the course



# 2.1. & Nbsp; WordPress and SEO, how to create profitable business with this combination?

# 2.2. & Nbsp; What factors does Google take into account when placing a website?

# 2.3. & Nbsp; Google Algorithms: Learn which ones to avoid falling into a penalty

# 2.4. & Nbsp; Know and learn how to join the different affiliate programs available to earn commissions

# 2.5. & Nbsp; How to create the account to participate and generate income with Google ADSENSE?

# 2.6. & Nbsp; How to find profitable niches to start a Google Adsense project and affiliation?

# 2.7. & Nbsp; How to analyze the competition and measure the degree of difficulty to define which niche to attack


# 3.1. & Nbsp; Branding and domain name with SEO in mind

# 3.2. & What is a Hosting and which one to hire?

# 3.3. & Nbsp; How to install WordPress without complications with CPANEL and free SSL certificate?

# 3.4. & Nbsp; (Local Host) - How to install free WordPress on your computer for training?

# 3.5. & Nbsp; Getting to know the WordPress home panel


# 4.1. & Nbsp; How to create and manage articles and pages, when using one or the other?

# 4.2. & Nbsp; How to create and manage categories and tags in WordPress, withdrawing SEO benefit?

# 4.3. & Nbsp; Comments: What they are for, configuration and moderation

# 4.4 & nbsp; Multimedia: Management of videos and images 

# 4.5. & Nbsp; Editor Gutenberg layout in blocks

# 4.6. & Nbsp; Installation and customization of WordPress themes, which free themes to choose and where to buy?

# 4.7. & Nbsp; Widgets: What are they for, how to insert, delete and use correctly as added value on the web?

# 4.8. & Nbsp; Menu: What are they, how to create, edit, insert and delete?


# 5.1. & Nbsp; Users: Setting profile options and permissions for third-party management

# 5.2. & Nbsp; General Options: Enter or modify site title and description, language, email, date and time format

# 5.3. & Nbsp; Reading: Configure homepage, blog and feed settings, visibility for search engines

# 5.4. & Nbsp; Permanent Links

# 5.5. & Nbsp; Tools and privacy

# 5.6. & Nbsp; Plugins: What they are, what they are for, how to install, activate and delete

# 5.7. & Nbsp; Knowing some of the most interesting plugins 


# 6.1. & Nbsp; What is Elementor and what is it for? 

# 6.2. Paid version vs. free version?

# 6.3. & Nbsp; Installing Elementor and understanding its interface and structure

# 6.4. & Nbsp; Best themes for Elementor and use of pre-installed professional templates

# 6.5. & Nbsp; Styles

# 6.6 & Basic widgets

# 6.7 & nbsp; WordPress widgets

# 6.8. Elementor PRO and add-ons

# 6.9. & Nbsp; Responsive editing (Mobile device adaptation)

Module 7 - SEO ON PAGE

# 7.1. & Nbsp; What is SEO on page?

# 7.2. & Nbsp; How to create free logos for our projects?

# 7.3. & Nbsp; Types of web architecture

# 7.4. & What is keyword research and why is it probably one of the most important parts of SEO?

# 7.5. & Nbsp; How to use Google's Keyword Planner tool to search for keywords?

# 7.6. & Nbsp; Understanding the phases of users' search intentions

# 7.7. & Nbsp; How to do keyword research complete with semantic extension to generate visits faster?

# 7.8 & nbsp; Designing structure for visual understanding

# 7.9. & Nbsp; Building semantic structure in WordPress through keyword research

# 7.10. Discovering the optimal and meaningful concept for optimal configuration of permanent links and friendly URLs

# 7.11. How to develop semantically rich and optimized SEO value content?

# 7.12. & Nbsp; How to develop a transactional article optimized for conversion to sell more?

# 7.13. & Essential internal linking concepts and strategies to improve your rankings

# 7.14. 2 & nbsp; Simple techniques to get original content quickly 

# 7.15. & Nbsp; How to insert affiliate banners?

# 7.16. & Nbsp; Implementation and basic configuration of Adsense ads on the site

# 7.17. & What is it for and how to configure the Robots.txt file

# 7.18. & What are they for and how to use META SEO LABELS NO INDEX, NO FOLLOW to optimize the Crawl Budget?

# 7.19. & Nbsp; Policy pages: LGPD - Cookie Management and the new General Personal Data Protection Law

# 7.20. & Nbsp; How to produce original quality images for your project

# 7.21. Trick to get free and original quality images in the eyes of Google

# 7.22. & Nbsp; Installing special plugins to fine tune SEO optimization 

# 7.23. & Nbsp; Optimal SEO plugin configuration 1

# 7.24. & Nbsp; Optimal SEO plugin configuration 2

# 7.24. & Nbsp; Guidelines for creating titles and descriptions that increase the clickthrough rate

# 7.25. & Nbsp; Guidelines for load speed optimization based on Google Page Speed ​​Insights

# 7.26. & How to implement structured data and Schema Markup?


# 8.1. & Nbsp; What is off page SEO?

# 8.2. What is linkbuilding and how should we work to generate qualified traffic and rankings?

# 8.3. & Nbsp; Google Webmaster Tools integration and functions 

# 8.4. & Nbsp; What is it and how to send the Sitemap to Google?

# 8.5. How do I check the indexing of my content and my backlinks on Google?

# 8.6. Understanding metrics to determine the authority of a web

# 8.7. Link Juice and Tags: Do Follow, No Follow, UGC, Sponsored

# 8.8. What is the perfect anchor text for my links?

# 8.9. Creation and configuration of own communication channels to increase brand authority and visibility

# 8.10. How to prepare the web to receive linkbuilding?

# 8.11. Where to buy links and what are the most powerful backlinks?

# 8.12. Ways to find and features the best free links

# 8.13. & Nbsp; How to investigate and replicate competitor's backlinks for free

# 8.14. & What are authority link tiers and how can we benefit from this technique?

# 8.15. 3 & nbsp; Simple + effective techniques to increase the crawl rate and the possibility of indexing the Backlinks

# 8.16. & Nbsp; How to identify and disable bad links (SPAM)?

# 8.17. & Nbsp; Google Analytics integration and functions for traffic analysis among other metrics

# 8.18. & Nbsp; Subsequent actions to continue increasing traffic to your business, assets and conversions


# 9.1. & Nbsp; Local SEO - Google Maps - Masterclass 

# 9.2. Recommended SEO tools

# 9.3. & Nbsp; Downloads

# 9.4. & Nbsp; Advanced Seo Platform “Real Seo VIP”

Seo de verdade, o melhor curso de seo - seo

About the Author of the Real SEO Course

See a brief description of the Course Author's Story Tico Santos:

Tico Santos founder of the & nbsp; SEO De Verdade VIP community, a united community formed by entrepreneurs who achieve real results. We are currently more than 6,000 members and we continue to grow. My first contact with computers was many years ago, when I became a professor of computer maintenance at SOS computers. After a while I became interested in developing websites and learning more about search engines….

I have been living for 7 years in Barcelona, ​​Spain, studying SEO and Digital Marketing positioning. I arrived in Barcelona without knowing how to speak anything, much less understand the Spanish language. I had no work & nbsp; and I had little money, which allowed me to spend a maximum of 3 months, it was the time I had to change my life.

I met a Brazilian who offered me the opportunity to create and position his locksmith website on Google. The locksmiths' niche is one of the most competitive niches here in Spain and one of the ones that generate the most money online. I studied day and night like crazy about the language, tested everything I learned about SEO to position the site in the top positions of Google, worked a lot of overtime to try to earn a little more and hit my head hard to find ways and improve my situation.

Thank God, after 1 year of a lot of struggle I was able to position the site and started to feel my value and understand the power of SEO and web development. After this project I placed many others who are still at the top of Google generating money! I even show some & nbsp; VIP Real Seo Platform.

Since then, I briefly continue studying and creating my own businesses on the internet. I make money online by planning potential projects and generating online visits that convert. I am a producer, selling products and services as an affiliate inside and outside Brazil. & nbsp; I have satisfied clients in Brazil and my agency where we take care of clients in Barcelona.

It does me a lot to help all those who want to live on the internet, sharing everything I've learned along the way today. To know my story in more detail, visit the page about me in the menu. On this page I count on a live that we did in the group.

Is the Real SEO Course Worth It?

Is the Real SEO course really worth it? The results of the Real SEO course just depend on you. You don't have to buy a course if you don't study it. Dedication is required!

Luckily the Real SEO course is entirely online. Thus carrying numerous benefits such as:

Simplicity - You study whenever you want.
You don't have to spend time going out to take the course Real SEO.
The Real SEO course can be opened from any mobile and tablet.
Multiple options to pay, without recurring payments.
Several payment options through Cards, Boletos, Paypal and others.
The Creator has full time to commit to the course content. 
Full online support to assist and answer questions throughout the course.
Easier to understand the matter.
 Video, audio and text classes.
 Classes with quizzes, tests and additional exercises for you to polish your knowledge.

Is the Real SEO Course Reliable?

Many people are unsure when it comes to online courses. Absolutely right! It is not safe to trust any online course.

Luckily the Real SEO course is distributed by the online courses company called Hotmart. This platform is responsible for distributing most of the online courses in Brazil together with other trusted companies entitled Udemy, Eduzz and Monetizze.

Any obstacle, you are insured by Hotmart's own consumer warranty. Just request a refund and you get your investment back. Hotmart courses can be guaranteed for 7, 15 or 30 days.