Why is Alexa flashing green? How to Disable!


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Today something interesting happened that made me angry, but I figured out how to solve it myself, since the internet didn't help. Your Alexa is flashing green or another color and doesn't know how to stop? This quick tip will help.

This morning I invented a drop-in call for my Alexa, but when I got home it was flashing green without stopping. I really wanted to stop those blinks, but I had no idea how.

I searched the internet for green light, found several articles, but none of them explained how to stop the green light from flashing. I tried on my own, things like:

  • End Drop-In;
  • Hang up calls;
  • Delete messages;
  • Disconnect messages;
  • Turn off the green light;

Despite trying it all, the green light kept flashing. I even asked Alexa what the hell the green light is, but she didn't know how to answer me ... Until she finally said: Alexa, delete notifications!

It seems very simple, but maybe you are like me, looking on Google for a way to disable the pulsating and flashing green light… I hope these tips have solved your problems. Also test shutdown, delete and other alternatives to turn off the pulsating green light.

See also our article on to activate Alexa Skills not available in Brazil;

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The Meaning of Alexa Lights

First let's talk about the Pulsating Lights that bothers people so much:

Yellow pulsating light: You have a message or notification waiting. Say, "Play my messages" or "What are my notifications?" 

Violet pulsating light: An error occurred while setting up Wi-Fi.

Pulsating light green: You are receiving a call. & Nbsp; Or someone is accessing your Alexa with the Drop In feature.

Why does alexa blink green? How to disable! - alexa 3

Solid blue with cyan revolving lights: Alexa is starting.

Solid blue with cyan pointing towards the speaker: Alexa is busy processing your order.

Alternating solid blue and cyan: Alexa is responding. 

Orange light rotating clockwise: Alexa is connecting to your Wi-Fi network. 

Green light turning counterclockwise: You are on an active call. Or you have an active Drop In call on your Alexa.

White light: You are adjusting Alexa's volume level.

A single flash of purple light after an interaction with Alexa: The Do Not Disturb feature is enabled.

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40 thoughts on “Por que a Alexa fica piscando verde? Como Desativar!”

  1. Very good, I was already angry. I tried several things too, reset the echo, reinstalled the app and nothing. Such a simple thing to do and so difficult to find in research. Thank you for the tip.

  2. Man, thank you very much, I went through all the processes you went through, I asked her to say my messages, notifications ,. I asked her, Edi for her to turn off the green light .., kkkk
    It was blinking for about three days.
    Then I got here and pow!
    Quick, easy
    Help us make better use of Alexa's services, please.

  3. You should be on Amazon support! Why not even on his website has this information, I looked at several places on the internet and found nothing! Then I ended up bumping here and managed to solve it! Thank you!

  4. Shot and fall !! Two days seeing this blink and I didn't know how to do it, I came here and solved it. Thanks !!

  5. Cool, helped me. But I asked "Alexa, what is the notification?" So she said she had a notification, in the end, she just meant that I could use it to help with cooking, cooking, recipes, tips, and the 'ounces of the cup' kkkkkkkk


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