Complete analysis of the Mobile Maintenance and Repair course

In this article, we will do a complete analysis on the Complete Cellular Maintenance and Repair Course. You will find out what the purpose of the course is and if it is really reliable. I will also present some alternatives and information.

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As in this article we are going to do a complete analysis of the mobile phone maintenance course, we will leave a summary to facilitate your navigation.

Purpose of the Cell Phone Maintenance and Repair course

The name of the course is very straightforward, its purpose is to teach the maintenance and repair of cell phones and tablets. We live in an era where everyone has a cell phone, and its cost is usually quite high.

Since many people are clumsy and drop their iPhones or top-of-the-line android phones, servicing is a much better outlet than buying a new phone.

I personally worked in a cell phone store in my childhood and my boss used to fix cell phones even though I never had a specialization or college in that area. Anyone is capable of learning.

Even I learned without any course how to make simple repairs to certain devices. Although some find cell phones quite fragile, if you know what you're doing, there's no secret.

The aim of the course is to teach you and help you start your own business and change your life once and for all. See below the video presentation of the course on cell phones 3.0 and its objective:

Free mobile repair course

If you want to make a simple repair, the cell phone repair course has a free version with more than 8 lessons that can be accessed through the buttons spread throughout this article.

The free course only serves to immerse you in this area and show you if you really want to act in it. The course can also give an idea of ​​the quality of teaching by the team behind the 3.0 Cellular Maintenance and Repair course;

So if you are in doubt about buying the cell phone maintenance and repair course, why not open the free version now and start watching?

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Cellular Maintenance and Repair course content

The Cellular Maintenance course is currently in version 3.0 with more than 210 video lessons, + 70 hours of content, extra course for tablets, support, suppliers, tools, documentation, partnership with technical assistance, software installation and much more. It is really a complete cell phone repair course.

The Cellular Maintenance and Repair course has several modules and extensive content that will clarify your problems and teach you the whole subject. Below is a list of topics covered in the course:

Module 1 - Introduction

  1. Important information and details
  2. Release of Course Modules
  3. Course Gifts
  4. How to Download Handout
  5. Introduction to Handout
  6. Repair Tools
  7. Electronics Applied to Cell Phones
  8. Cell Phone Board Components
  9. First steps for repair
  1. Battery Activation
  2. Cell Phone Disassembly and Assembly
  3. Types of Defects
  4. Microphone exchange
  5. Button Change
  6. Deoxidation
  7. Difference of glass, touch, display and front
  8. New Deoxidation Class
  9. How much to charge for the Service
  1. Main Stock
  2. Order of Service
  3. IMEI Consultation - Blocking
  4. Cleaning and Deoxidation Term
  5. How to Download Documentation
  6. Whatsapp and Suppliers Phone
  7. Block Diagram and Troubleshooting
  8. Service and Troubleshooting Manual
  9. End of module 1

Module 2 - Repairs

  1. Introduction Module 2
  2. Repair Moto G2 XT1069
  3. Sony Z3 Front Swap
  4. Moto G1 XT1033 chip connector repair
  5. GranPrime G531 repair - Suspected broken track
  6. Asus Zenfone 6 Repair
  7. Moto X2 Repair - Front Change
  1. Samsung GT355M Repair - Not Alloy
  2. Repair LG G2 D805 - Front Trocal
  3. Repair LG E455 WiFi and Bluetooth does not work
  4. Repair Iphone 5g several defects
  5. Power Button Repair Iphone 5
  6. Repair Iphone 5c not charging
  7. Moto G2 Charge Connector Repair
  1. Repair of the front Iphone 6
  2. Moto E Chip Slot Repair
  3. Repair Resolda Charge Connector Sony T2 Ultra
  4. Samsung Granduos Charge Connector Repair
  5. Samsung J5 Front Trocal Repair
  6. Repair Moto G3 does not start
  7. End of Module 2

Module 3 - Repairs

  1. Introduction Module 3
  2. How to disassemble and assemble Iphone 5s
  3. How to disassemble and assemble iphone 6
  4. Difference from Replica to Original
  5. Samsung GranDuos 7102 with antenna problem without repair
  6. Galaxy Win Repair
  7. Repair LG E615 Making Trail to Chip Slot
  8. Samsung GranDuos repair Does not detect headset
  9. Nokia Lumia 530 does not charge
  1. Sony xperia E2124 Deoxidation
  2. Changing the iPhone 5 Charge Dock
  3. Touch exchange and back cover Xperia Z3
  4. Leaving Iphone 5 New
  5. Electronics Applied to Cell Phone Board
  6. Backup and Restore Android
  7. How to Download Rom
  8. Firmware-StockRom
  9. Samsung Hard Reset
  10. Samsung Rom Firmware Installation
  11. Samsung USB Jig
  1. LG HardReset
  2. LG Rom Firmware Installation
  3. Motorola HardReset
  4. Unlock Motorola BootLoader
  5. Installing the Motorola Rom
  6. Software is not guaranteed
  7. How to Erase Content and Icloud Iphone 5s
  8. How to Download 14.5 GB of Software, Manuals and Roms
  9. End of Module 3

Module 4 - Electronics Applied to Cellular Card

  1. Introduction Module 4
  2. The 3 electrical quantities
  3. Potential Difference
  4. Voltage drop
  5. Resistors Part 1
  6. Resistors Part 2
  7. Capacitors Part 1
  8. Capacitors Part 2
  1. Analyze Block Diagram
  2. Trouble Shooting
  3. Inductors Part 1
  4. Inductors Part 2
  5. Circuit Analysis
  6. Diodes
  7. Integrated circuit
  8. Crystal 19.2 Mhz
  1. How to identify ICs on the cell card
  2. Positive and Negative Points Identification
  3. How to Connect Device to Bench Source
  4. Multimeters
  5. iFixit
  6. End of Module 4

Module 5 - Repairs and Glass Replacement

  1. Glass Exchange Introduction
  2. Yaxun 945 separator
  3. Polarizer Strip Machine
  4. Machine 4 × 1 Bubble Strip, Vacuum, Laminator and Separator
  5. Manual Hollow Laminator
  6. Liquids and Tools
  7. Glass Stock
  8. How to Change the J5 Glass
  9. How to Change the LG K10 Glass
  1. How to Change the J7 Glass
  2. Introduction Cícero Cawboy
  3. Cícero Cawboy glass changing machines
  4. How to Change the Moto G2 Glass
  5. Alternative points of charge connector moto g
  6. Alternative points for power moto g key jumper
  7. Moto g4 adapting chip slot
  1. LG E405 does not touch
  2. How to Remove Front Samsung A5 Without Breaking
  3. s3 mine, i8190 not charging
  4. Moto G2 WiFi Problem
  5. Lumia 520 exchange chip slot
  6. LG X Cam hangs on the charger
  7. End of Module 5

Module 6 - Software

  1. About the Software Module
  2. What equipment to use
  3. File BackUp
  4. LG Flash Software
  5. Download Rom and cell drive
  6. Unlock google Moto E2
  7. Hard Reset Samsung Devices
  1. Hard Reset Devices LG
  2. Hard Reset Motorola handsets
  3. Hard Reset and Unlock LG K8
  4. Reinstalling Rom Motorola Devices
  5. Reinstalling Rom Samsung Devices
  6. LG Rom Reinstallation
  7. Reinstall Rom with LG Bridge
  1. Samsung Flash Software
  2. Sony Flash Software
  3. Unlock Google Account Samsung J7, J7 Neo, A7, A8, S8, S9, Android 7.0 7.1 2018
  4. End of Module 6

Module 7 - Iphone

  1. Backlight introduction
  2. Apple diagram backlight introduction
  3. ZXW program
  4. PhoneBoard
  5. BackLight Practice Class Part 1
  6. BackLight Practice Class Part 2
  7. Headset, Audio PA and Codec
  8. Smartphone operating principles
  1. Measuring technique 4 tips
  2. Apple Scanning System
  3. Integrated Circuit Testing
  4. Iphone 6 Charge Circuit Analysis
  5. Short Detector
  9. IPHONE 8 Plus home button repair
  2. Exchange Display IPHONE X
  3. Radio Frequency industry
  4. Iphone 6 Buttons
  5. Vibracall Iphone 6 Engine
  6. IPhone 6 Camera Sector

Module 8 - New Repair Classes

  1. New Tools
  2. Design Iphone 5s with USB Meter
  3. Jumper and FPC Exchange Iphone 6
  4. How to Reflow Plate
  5. How to Rebaling a Plate
  6. Replace Component Exchange
  7. Iphone Charge CI Analysis
  8. Iphone Charge IC Repair
  1. Moto G4 Does Not Turn On Problem Charge Button and Connector
  2. Iphone 5s Pad Recovery
  3. Eeprom display recorder
  4. How to use 200m scale
  5. J7 Hall Sensor Problem
  6. LG K4 With White Screen
  7. LG K10 Black Screen
  8. Moto G2 in Short
  1. Reballing CI WiFi Motorola
  2. Moto z shows loading more does not charge
  3. Cicero Cawboy suppliers

Module 9 - New Software Lessons

  1. Google Account Asus Zenfone 3 Max
  2. Google Account Lenovo Vibe K6
  3. Google Moto G4 Plus account
  1. Remove CQA Test
  2. Google Moto G5s account
  1. Google Moto G7 account
  2. Google Moto One Account

Module 10 - Real Student Repairs

  1. Screen Change and Housing J7 PRIME
  2. J5 Prime Battery Replacement
  3. Making the change to the J320m farmware for Odim fix
  1. Deoxidation MOTO E 4 PLUS
  2. Repair positive plate exchange CI
  3. How to Test Chip Slot
  4. How to test load connector
  1. Opening of J7 Original Display Resolda in the Operator Signal CI
  2. Glass replacement LG k10 in hollow glue

Module 11 - Support Part 1

In this module you will receive 10 hours of classes from the live support that was done during 1 year with questions and answers about
repairs and defects in mobile devices and tablets

Module 12 - Support Part 2

  1. How to receive the course certificate
  2. Certificate Questions and Answers
  1. AndreCisp Forum Support
  2. Live Channel support every week
  1. Group of students telegram

Module 13 - Tablets Course Gift

  1. Introduction
  2. Tablet repair Multilaser m7s does not turn on
  3. Repair Philco Tablet does not turn on
  4. Diney TecToy Tablet Repair Doesn't Charge
  1. Repair philco tablet does not charge
  2. Repair Multilaser Tablet exchange toch and connector
  1. Lenoxx Tablet Repair Does Not Turn On
  2. Download Apostila de Tablet

Module 14 - Toast Technical Assistance Management Course

  1. Introduction
  2. Commercial point
  3. Competition
  1. Mistakes to avoid damage
  2. How to publicize my service
  3. Increasing Service Profit
  1. Technical Assistance Levels
  2. The secret of success
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About the author of the Mobile Maintenance and Repair course

The Course on Maintenance and Concert of Cell Phones 3.0 does not have only one author, it is a team of several technicians who take the course and all material for students. Fortunately, we do have an Author to speak with.

The genius behind this course is the Andrecisp Company, which has been working since 2014 professionalizing and qualifying people for the job market through several courses.

In addition to courses for mobile phones, the AndreCisp team has courses in Notebook, electronics, monitors, bios, desktop, networks and Reballing in Notebook BGA. There are many complete online courses for you.

AndreCisp has a YouTube channel with more than 300 thousand subscribers and tutorials that have received over 3 million views, thus showing total confidence in its content full of loyal followers.

When purchasing a cell phone repair course, you don't have to worry or be afraid to pick up something without quality at all. The course has been online since 2014 and is considered one of the best online courses.

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Is the Cell Phone Maintenance and Repair course worth it?

Is the Cell Phone Maintenance and Repair course really worth it? The results of the Cell Phone Maintenance and Repair course are up to you. There is no point in buying a course if you do not take full advantage. Dedication is a must!

Thankfully, the Cell Phone Maintenance and Repair course is completely online. Thus bringing numerous benefits such as:

Facility - You study whenever you want.
The Mobile Maintenance and Repair course can be accessed from anywhere.
You don't have to spend time going out to use the course Cell Phone Maintenance and Repair.
Several payment options through Cards, Boletos, Paypal and others.
Several options to pay, without recurring payments.
The Creator has all the time to commit to what the course can offer. 
Easier to learn lessons.
 Text, audio and video classes.
Full online support to answer questions and assist during the course.
 Extra classes with exercises, quizzes and tests for you to polish your knowledge on the subject.
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Is the Cell Phone Maintenance and Repair course Safe?

Most are unsure when it comes to online courses. Absolutely right! It is not safe to trust any online course.

Fortunately, the Cellular Maintenance and Repair course is administered by the online course platform entitled Hotmart. This company is responsible for distributing 80% of online courses in Portuguese along with other trusted companies called Eduzz, Monetizze and Udemy.

Any setback, you are insured by Hotmart's consumer warranty. Just ask for a refund and you will get your money back in your account. Hotmart courses are usually guaranteed to last 7, 15 or 30 days.

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Mobile phone maintenance tools

Let's finish the article by also recommending some kits for cell phone maintenance. You can purchase them and already try to disassemble some cell phones without worry. It is not as difficult as it looks.

I hope you enjoyed those of the Cellular Maintenance and Repair course! If you are interested in sharing on social networks, we will be very grateful. Take advantage of our website, and may it help you to learn what you want about this and other subjects!