Full review of the course Monografis – TCC Advisor – Worth it? It's trustable?

With this article, we will make a complete analysis about the course Monografis - Advisor TCC. Let's find out what the course proposal is, the course modules, meet its author and see if the course is really reliable.

Objective of Monografis - TCC Advisor

Monografis is a software focused on the creation of Monographs, TCCs and other school works. The program aims to assist and increase the speed at which your work is done.

The Software also structures your work in the best possible way in order to get great grades. All benefits and objectives will be revealed in the video below and throughout the article.

Free tcc courses and books

The Monografis team also offers thousands of templates, infographics, books and free courses for download for those who want to know a little about the project. Just click on any of the links in this article to access one of the downloadable registration pages.

Among the content available for free download are some highlights:

  • TCC Project Week - Free course full of videos and tips;
  • ABNT Word styles;
  • 9 Types of Argument for CBT;
  • Blocks CBT;
  • TCC 23x faster Ebook;
  • Infographic Justification of CBT;
  • Summary Simulator for Monograph;
  • Events with free live classes;
  • Ideas generator form for Monograph;
  • Entire file base on Drobpox;
  • Infographic Types of quotation;
  • Several other infographics and templates in Word;

To have access to the entire Dropbox of TCC Guide files just click here.

Tudo sobre o curso monografis - orientador tcc

The content of Monografis - TCC Advisor

Monografis is a software that uses a block-based CBT system to help students do their CBT. In addition to the software, the student has full access to a CBT course and a lot of material to help him.

When purchasing monograph you have full access to the Software and:


Monografis Full Course Modules:



• All classes are practical showing what to do step by step;
• How to keep your CBT safe;
• How to get ideas for your CBT;
• Training schedule.


• Simulate your complete project in a few hours;
• Generate your justification, problem, theme, delimitation, objectives and methodology in a few hours;


• Simulate the probable your CBT structure in less than 15 minutes;
• Make your TCC schedule in 5 minutes;
• Transfer your content to Word in ABNT standards in 30 minutes;


• Write the theoretical basis of your TCC Project in 6 hours;
• Learn how to find the best references to use in your theoretical framework;
• Transfer your content to Word configured in ABNT standards in minutes.


• Create your TCC work at Monografis in less than 5 minutes;
• Using the templates, write any chapter in 2 hours;
• Receive notes for what you write with the writing validator and know if you are on the right track;
• Generate a well-written chapter for you to fail-proof in less than 1 hour;
• Using our ABNT model, quote directly with 1 click;
• Make your theoretical reference 10x faster and save time for your research;
• Learn how to use the Google tool to search faster;
• Dedicate 4 hours a day and get your TCC 10x faster.


• CBT ready and configured in ABNT standards by styles;
• With just one click you can set up a direct quote;
• With just one click you can set up an illustration;
• Model of & nbsp; Project TCC;
• Scientific Article Template;
• Monograph and CBT model;
• Dissertation and Thesis Model.


• Follow an already tested and approved Presentation Guide, made by banking teachers;
• Use the same Power Point Slideshow template as many students who scored 10;
• Learn techniques to stay calm in the presentation, even if the board tries to slaughter you

In addition to the Monografis Software you receive:

How to Do a TCC from Zero Using Monografis - We recorded the entire production process of a TCC done at Monografis do Zero until the end.

Secret Group on Facebook - Secret and closed group for members of the course there on Facebook. There we exchange ideas, give tips, talk about news, exchange experiences and much more. Really good ...

Scientific discovery Tranquility in presentation - Know which non-illicit drink that will keep you calm on the day of the TCC presentation. Rest assured when presenting, your brain will be sharp.

E-book with Presentation Guide - Screenplay for the presentation of an approved CBT. No decorating. No nervousness. All you have to do is decorate the script sequence and rehearse.

Ministry of Education Primer showing the TSAC method and textual articulators, with this material you will have in hand the secrets of scientific writing.

Tudo sobre o curso monografis - orientador tcc

About the author of Monografis - TCC Advisor

The main author of the Monografis team is the Systems Analyst Douglas Tybel who graduated in 2006. He did a postgraduate degree in Software Engineering in 2008, then a postgraduate degree in Teaching in higher education.

He is also a professor at Faculdade FVC, also acts as Owner Partner of Effective Services and Founder of the Largest Channel on TCC of Youtube - Monograph Guide.

He is the great creator of the Innovative Project The Monografis!!! & nbsp; The TCC Guiding Software never created in Brazil or abroad. See what Douglas has to say about his project idea:

“After a few years of representing CBT boards, I got tired of seeing the same mistakes students repeatedly. For this reason, I made an e-book for my college students that works as a script for writing each part of the TCC (introduction, conclusion, chapters, summary etc.).

The form of scientific writing is based on phrasal topic, support, argumentation and conclusion, in addition to using open loop techniques to hold the reader's attention.

A text written using my model divided by blocks of 3 to 10 lines, if followed strictly, is undeniable by the bank. To my surprise everyone who used the Monograph achieved scores greater than 8.5 and 9. ”

Tudo sobre o curso monografis - orientador tcc

Is Monografis - TCC Advisor Worth it?

Is Monografis - TCC Advisor really worth it? The results of Monografis - Advisor TCC are only up to you. There is no point in buying the product if you do not take advantage of it. Dedication is a must!

It is an online software, but Monografis is also a complete course that enjoys the following benefits below:

Flexibility - You learn at home.
You do your CBT much faster while saving a lot of time.
You will earn a much higher grade for your work. 
The Monografis - TCC Advisor course can be opened from any mobile device.
You will not need to spend time going out to use the course Monografis - TCC Advisor.
Multiple payment options, only once.
The Creator has all the time to devote himself to the content of the course. 
Payments through Cards, Boletos, Paypal and others.
Great online support to answer questions and assist you throughout the course.
Easier to understand lessons.
 Text, audio and video classes.
 Classes with quizzes, tests and additional exercises for you to polish your knowledge of the subject.
Tudo sobre o curso monografis - orientador tcc

Is Monografis - TCC Advisor Safe?

Most are unsure about online courses. That's right! You can't trust any online course.

Fortunately, the Monografis - TCC Advisor course is sold through the online course platform called Hotmart. This platform is responsible for distributing 80% of the online courses in Brazil together with other trusted companies entitled Eduzz, Monetizze and Udemy.

Any inconvenience, you are insured by Hotmart's consumer warranty. Just request a refund and you get your investment back. The warranty on Hotmart products can last for 7, 15 or 30 days.

Tudo sobre o curso monografis - orientador tcc

Alternatives to Monografis - TCC Advisor

You may not have sympathized with anything from the Monografis - TCC Advisor course. So I will share some alternatives below.

In addition to listing other courses, we will recommend you books that can address the same topic as the Monografis - TCC Advisor course. We don't want to confuse your decision, but there is a lot of material that can complement your course.

I assume you enjoyed the Monografis - TCC Advisor course! If you want to share with friends, we will be very grateful. Make good use of our website, and may it help you to always learn about this and other subjects!

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