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I have sites with over 2000 articles and I wanted to take them to YouTube, so I started looking for ways to create videos quickly using the text of those articles. In this article I want to recommend what I found.

There are several online tools that take the text from your page and automatically assemble a video with short scenes, images and highlighted texts full of effects and professional transitions. Some can even pronounce the text.

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Why convert articles into videos?

When I researched this, I found a lot of information saying the opposite. Many want to take videos from youtube and turn them into articles, a common and more elaborate practice that I will also comment on in this article.

For those who write on the website, having videos based on your articles can leverage the SEO of your website and channel on youtube. Even if the videos have no lines, or use the speech of an artificial intelligence.

There are famous channels with millions of subscribers with generic, viral videos that use the voice of Google. You only have to gain by making videos of your articles, the programs that I will recommend streamline this process.

You could very well record and edit on your own by making videos of all your articles. Unfortunately editing videos is a slow and boring process for those who are used to writing giant articles in 30 minutes.

Even if you don’t focus on YouTube, it’s essential to have a youtube channel to improve your ranking, even if it’s like a ring of authority. Posting videos and putting them in your articles improves a lot more.

Turning videos into articles

Turning articles into videos

The tools that I will mention in this article, usually work in the same way:

  • Choose the link of the article;
  • Choose the video template;
  • Choose the excerpts of the article that will be in the video;
  • Choose the images and videos of the transitions;
  • Choose the background track of the video;
  • Choose the timing of each scene;
  • Make your final modifications and edits;
  • Post the video wherever you want;

The orders and functions may vary depending on the tool you choose. I personally chose and recommend InVideo for being more complete and much, but much cheaper than the competitors.

These tools have a search bar for images and videos that are usually free of copyright or those sites gettyimages and the like. Another advantage of the tool is that you don't need a super PC to render video editing.

The tools in this article also serve to create videos for advertising, facebook and digital marketing. Generally, digital product sellers use this tool to advertise their products.

Creating quick videos based on articles - Complete and inexpensive

InVideo is perfect for being super cheap, having a very complete free version that even uploads videos in 1080p, in addition to having super cheap paid plans starting at $ 4 and a plan bussines of $ 15 monthly in the annual plan. If the person wants to pay monthly, this amount rises to 6 dollars or 30 dollars.

I was lucky to get a promotion from Cyber ​​Mondey where I paid only $ 90 in the annual plan bussines. Where your main advantage is the text pronouncer that does all the speech work for you.

The only thing I didn't like is that when you drag a video from the search engine to your timeline, it opens a window asking if you want to cut it. This unfortunately ends up taking away the practicality and speed of editing.

The good thing is to know that the InVideo it doesn't limit you to anything because of the chosen plan. You also have fast support and complete editing tools per scene, making it more complete than the competition.

Another advantage is that in the cheapest paid plan you already have access to all image libraries, in addition to the possibility to search for images on Bing. Honestly, it's the best tool I found.

InVideo video example: (I didn't use many different transitions)

Lumen5 - Good more expensive

This was the first tool I found, I found it super practical because you just need to select and drag the videos and images you want to put in your project. Unfortunately its disadvantage is the price.

The free version allows you to make up to 5 videos per month and post them in 720p. Unfortunately the library of images and videos is quite limited, plans usually release the complete tool little by little.

The cheapest version costs an absurd $ 30 a month, while the premium version costs $ 80. The best version costs an absurd $ 199, only this version allows uploads of fonts and music. Plans are cheaper if you pay the annual version.

Despite its absurd price, I found the best software for turning text into video. All for practicality and faster speed than the other tool that I ended up choosing for the cost benefit.

Video example made on Lumen5:

Other tools that turn articles into videos

The first one I found was Lumen5, it was love at first sight, but then I realized that supporting it is very expensive. I went after alternatives and found InVídeo, but I also found other alternatives worth mentioning:

Multimedia5 - Another similar alternative that offers a very good free plan, allowing you to post up to 5 free videos per month with watermark in 720p;

Felix AI - Another simple and interesting alternative to transform texts into video;

Viomatic - Another platform for creating video content that facilitates the automatic generation of videos from existing content, such as websites, images and written text.

Headliner - Great tool, its difference is that video editing is similar to the timeline of a computer video editing program.

  • Cofeshow;
  • Animoto;
  • Magisto;
  • Rocketium;

There should probably be other similar tools. If you know any, leave them in the comments. Remembering that in my opinion the best remains InVideo.

Turning videos into articles

Turning Videos into Articles

Many like to do the reverse, take videos from youtube and turn them into articles. This is easy to do, just download the video caption from a website and then convert it to text.

There are wordpress programs and plugins that do this job automatically. I prefer to do it manually by downloading the caption. We recommend using the filter to search for videos that have subtitles made instead of the ones generated.

Making articles based on youtube video is great, you can get original material quickly and even have a video to post with the article, thus improving the SEO of your page.

I hope you enjoyed the tips in this article! If you liked it, share and leave your comments! Thank you and see you next time…

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