How to use Alexa skills not available in Brazil

Alexa arrived in Brazil in 2019 and its Skills catalog is still low. Many important skills cannot be active in Brazil, but you can still use them in Portuguese if you follow the tips that I will leave in this article.

I bought Xiaomi's Smart Yeelight Lamp for my room, I was desperate when I found out I didn't have the Yeelight skill on Amazon Brazil, and I didn't know how to control the lamp by voice.

While browsing the internet, I found that some suggested using Samsung's Skill or Mii Home. I tried both but I didn't have much success, luckily I followed a great suggestion that I found in the website's comments, and it was more useful than I thought.

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Como usar skills da alexa não disponível no brasil

Use Skills by changing your Amazon region

The only way to install a Skill unavailable in Brazil is to change the region of your Amazon account. This will not affect your Prime subscription in any way and your local address will still be saved in your Amazon account. Follow these steps:

  • First enter the Amazon Brazil website and click on the menu Accounts and Lists;
  • click in Manage your content and devices;
  • click in preferences;
  • click in Country / region settings;
  • click in Change;
  • Choice U.S and add a new address;
  • Confirm all steps until your region changes and the site is in English;

To reverse the process of an Amazon account in English browse:

  • click in Account & amp; Lists;
  • click in Your Content and Devices;
  • click in Settings;
  • click in Country Settings;
  • click in Change;
  • Select your Brazilian address and click Update;

The video below can help you:

Leveraging Alexa's American Skills

With the American account, just browse the link to find the skills you want and activate in your account. Best of all, your Alexa remains in Portuguese, many skills even without language compatibility still work.

For example, lamp apps, music players and other skills that use standard Alexa commands will work perfectly in Portuguese.

The best thing is that even returning the Amazon region to Brazil, the active American Skills continue to work on your Alexa without any worries. Your Brazilian and American address is saved, making it easy to change when you want.

My only disappointment is that unlike Google, Alexa currently does not allow the addition of a second language. If possible, you could use all American skills speaking English, Spanish or another language.

My dream is to talk to Alexa in Portuguese and Japanese at the same time. I hope Amazon will take a quick step so as not to fall behind the Google assistant. Siri, you also need to get better, you're getting far behind.

I use the following Skills that work perfectly: Tidal and Yeelight. If you have tested others, leave your Feedback in the comments. I find these skills compatible, because several languages ​​are not available in Brazil.

Como usar skills da alexa não disponível no brasil

Help increase Alexa Skills in Brazil

Alexa has recently arrived in Brazil, maybe we can increase this if you are a developer or are interested in entering this market. If you want to enter this market, why not start making your skill now?

Amazon offers the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), a collection of self-service APIs, tools, documentation and code examples that facilitate the development of Alexa skills. You can even earn money doing these skills.

If you use Alexa only on your cell phone, have you thought about buying something better and turning your home into a Smart? Let's leave some interesting products below for those interested. If you liked the article, share and leave your comments.