The infestation of digital marketing gurus


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The number of people who want to work on the internet selling digital products through platforms like Hotmart has grown tremendously. Unfortunately these people just want to know about selling courses related to making money on the internet.

Something totally understandable, everyone needs money. This site of mine enters the money category and publishes courses with the objective of introducing people to digital marketing. So, basically, I'm also a Digital Marketing Guru.

The big problem is that most of the Digital Marketing Gurus Today, promises to teach others how to make money on the internet, even though they don't even make that much money. Their only goal is to sell you an online course.

Many use the same marketing strategies, sell the same things, and promise dreams they are unable to fulfill. They say that digital marketing is easy, without any honesty in relation to the real work.

- The origin of marketing gurus - The problem of Digital Entrepreneurs - The mistake of Gurus Marketing? - What do digital marketing courses teach?  - Is the digital marketing niche getting saturated?  - How to have a structured business on the Internet?

The origin of marketing gurus

The digital marketing gurus have always existed. Many people have always learned the tricks of the market and start copying them. One of the most famous tricks is Erico Rocha's launch formula.

In 2019 the phenomenon is happening on Instagram. Several young people have followed me on social networks, in his profile we see that he works with Digital Marketing, mentors and has a link to some Marketing course like MSR or Method Expert.

They show off their sales results and promise to teach you how to work on the internet like they do, selling one of your courses in exchange for the large commission they receive, usually more than 50%.

Not that this is wrong, I do it myself, post my results and post different courses on my sites. The problem is in the way people have done it, using lies and fallacies to make sales.

In fact, marketing has always been a liar. Whether in stores or products, people lie to sell. If you don't see a problem with that, that's fine. I think that in digital marketing, customer satisfaction must come first.

A infestação de gurus do marketing digital

The problem of digital entrepreneurs

Many who know the affiliate market and buy a digital marketing course, end up taking to the letter the whole process taught in the course, not differentiating a little and working only in promoting the product they bought.

The Affiliate Market is becoming a kind of Multilevel Marketing or Pyramid, where people learn only to sell the product they bought to others, promising lots of money as something easy and that demands little time.

Some online courses only teach the person to lie by creating a profile of a successful person, just to get attention and sell the course. Making the person have an illusion that he will get easy money.

Something similar has happened to the famous Coaching, where people earn money to take people from one end to the other, even though they have absolutely no training or knowledge of the subject. Some write and even sell books.

A infestação de gurus do marketing digital

The Gurus' Marketing Mistake?

Many are lying to their customers, who usually buy the product excitedly, but due to lack of determination, it ends up having no results or being disappointed afterwards. Research claims that only 10% of people achieve results with such courses.

Is the fault in the product in question? Of course not, the problem with this marketing is that people are caught by impulse, lies and emotion. Many are not really determined to apply all the teachings and achieve the results.

This also happens in face-to-face courses, I myself took many courses that were practically useless. The problem is that these lies end up creating a fear of people, along with a negative advertisement for online courses.

Suppose a person, caught by emotion, buys a course and then is disappointed. This causes them to spread their negative experience of the course, creating a wrong preconception about online courses, negatively affecting the entire market.

Unfortunately the human being only thinks about himself, they want immediate results, so they create low quality products and sell them as something of high quality and at an abusive price. People are selling dreams and not realities!

A infestação de gurus do marketing digital

What do digital marketing courses teach?

Most of these online courses teach people how to sell the course they bought through social networks, Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook. It teaches the basics of the Hotmart platform and also the interaction and sales tricks.

The courses really teach what people want to learn. The problem is that people follow only what is taught in the course, not improving or creating a structured and unique business in the market.

For people to survive all the changes that happen in the digital market, they need to improve each day. She needs to learn to be independent of the course, learn things on her own using Google, reason and not depend on others.

My criticism is not the courses that I sell myself, but the way that people consume and apply the course. Many give up too easily, I even intend to write about this withdrawal. The fact is that if the person does not update, he is left behind.

A infestação de gurus do marketing digital

Is the digital marketing niche getting saturated?

Although I don't like the infestation of people doing the same thing interested in making money at all, I believe that this should not be a concern for those who wish to work seriously in the same niche.

I started the and in a few months I had results, even Money and Marketing being one of the most popular niches on the internet. There are 200 million Brazilians, if I manage to sell to 10,000 people, I will become a millionaire.

Suppose you sell 10,000 courses that earn 300 reais each, you already earn 3 million. No matter the niche, every day more children are becoming adults and are interested in this or other things. Seniors are also now entering the internet world.

Competition should never be a reason to give up working online. My friend Luiz Rafael do Japanese Online Program said that the dozens of online Japanese courses that have emerged in recent years are positive and warm the market.

You must have a positive thinking about it. I was slow to enter this digital marketing niche for fear of competition. If I had done this before, I could have been at a much higher level. I regret not having entered before.

If your niche is not profitable, you always have the chance to create a niche-related product yourself or take your audience to a slightly different niche. Don't give up like most! The tip I can give today is: Be different!

A infestação de gurus do marketing digital

How to have a structured business on the Internet?

As I mentioned, most of the marketing gurus we find on Instagram don't study or know everything about digital marketing. One hour, that source of profit that some can get will dry up if they don't structure their business.

I remember that in 2014 I started at Hotmart selling courses that teach how to play the lottery, I sold 30 lottery courses on social networks, after that I was never able to sell a course on that again.

I currently work creating a structured business, a website focused on a specific niche along with its social networks and youtube channel. I focus on delivering content to users and gaining organic visits to the site.

After satisfying my audience, they automatically take pleasure in buying what I am willing to sell. I create real trust, I know my fans, I know what they need and I want to deliver the best for them.

In the midst of so many online courses on digital marketing, I am pleased to focus on Online Business Formula. This is because I see the course among the best sellers since 2014. Its content is also rich and teaches much more than the others.

While many courses teach only something specific like paid traffic, Instagram profile, social networks, website creation and organic visits, the Formula Online Business Alex Vargas teaches all of this and more in a single, affordable course.

A infestação de gurus do marketing digital

So if you are someone with no computer experience and really want to get into Digital Marketing, this is practically the best course I can recommend today, along with my articles that address topics that others don't talk about.

So, I hope you enjoyed this article. Do not feel pressured to buy courses, even though I have recommended the Formula. I just want people to buy if they are really determined to dedicate, apply and work online.

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