Guide on how to write the best articles for your website

In this guide you will learn how to write the best articles for your website. How to make articles that will get you on the first page of Google and that will surpass competitors' articles and surprise your readers.

Whether you are the site owner or a writer, the tips below will help you write the best article of all, without worrying so much about SEO analysis. I hope you use this article to educate the authors of your site.

I also did a very long video class talking about how I write my articles. You can watch it below:

Choosing the theme and title of your article

The first thing you will choose when writing an article is the topic or subject. No matter what niche your site belongs to, there are thousands of things you can write about, that no competitor has yet done, or can simply do better than the competition.

The tips below will help you choose a theme:

  • Do not write repeated subjects on your website;
  • Examine competitors' articles that generate the most visits;
  • Choose variations of the title that are widely searched on Google;
  • Think about adding a question or number to the title of your article;
  • The subject of your article should resolve the reader's doubt;
  • The keyword (theme) must always be present in the title;

These are simple tips that, if applied, will help you choose a great theme and title for your article.

Guia de como escrever os melhores artigos para seu site

Many spend hours just gathering the best topics to write. Some use SEO tools to study keywords, niche and competing sites. You may have to focus on that, or just write about what you think is most important.

In the title and article you can go beyond the competition in an extreme way. Some put it in the title 10 bla bla bla thing. Why don't you do better and write 50 things from bla bla bla? I've done up to 100 things myself. LOL

We don't recommend stupid practices like some big sites do using clickbait or fake titles. Always try to explain the content simply and directly in the title without lies and or generalizations.

Create your requirements, steps and goals

Before writing an article, you need to know the main steps that are involved in creating a perfect article and list them. These steps can be called rules, tips, strategies, goals or anything you want to call.

You need to choose these points yourself. You should also understand the focus and purpose of the article, the message you want to get across and how you want to do it. Before writing any article I personally create some requirements and steps.

Guia de como escrever os melhores artigos para seu site

My main focus is to reach as many people as possible on Google through organic searches using good SEO strategies. So my priority is to write a big, complete article focused on popular keywords.

In each article I have the requirements for:

  • At least 600 words;
  • Have at least 3 subtitles <h2>;
  • Have a summary with anchor links;
  • Have other subjects and keywords within the article;

The article also needs:

  • Address non-existent subjects;
  • Be better than the competition;
  • Arousing the reader's curiosity;

Before writing anything I think about how the text will affect the reader and how I can reach the maximum number of people with it. To make ranking easier on Google I always try to write a better and more complete text than the competition.

Guia de como escrever os melhores artigos para seu site

You can also think and research if the subject:

  • It will generate controversy and sharing;
  • It will impact the reader;
  • It will make the reader buy something;

If you follow or create steps and requirements, your article will be infinitely better and easier to produce. Some try to create these points using a checklist or mind maps. Just remember to always have some goal and requirement when writing.

Tips for writing good text

As already mentioned, aim to write at least 600 words and 3 subheads. <h2> and always try to put a summary with anchors link. This drastically helps your SEO. Other tips for writing a good article are:

Short Paragraphs - Write small paragraphs with a maximum of 4 lines. It is worth remembering that in mobile devices these lines triple. The longer a paragraph, the more lazy the reader will be, even if unconsciously.

Guia de como escrever os melhores artigos para seu site

Make questions - Asking questions makes people curious, helps them to reason about the subject, and draws attention to the main points of the article. Always ask the reader's opinion, so that he feels that he is participating in the article.

No Portuguese errors - Avoid Portuguese mistakes as much as possible. I am not a master myself, but I always try to avoid it, because the internet is full of critics, and you can keep readers away for just one grammatical mistake or lack of accent.

Use True Information - Always use reliable sources of information and do not change the information found. Try to use information and statistics to reason with the reader and, if you like, leave the source before anyone asks.

Draw attention to key points - Do not wander on random subjects in the middle of the article, always stay on the main points. Make clear each point covered in the article and its purpose.

Guia de como escrever os melhores artigos para seu site

Focus on positive things - Always try to show the good side of things, do not make widespread criticism or discourage readers on a certain subject. Always look on the bright side and write in a positive way.

Speak informally - Some are systematic in writing formally or on behalf of an organization. I think it is much better to write using informal expressions and also as if I am speaking in person.

Use examples and illustrations - Using examples and illustrations makes your text more interesting and helps to explain important points in a simple way.

Guia de como escrever os melhores artigos para seu site

Write in an easy to understand way - Do not leave the reader confused with many explanations. Try to write short, simple sentences, study the subject well and always explain the difficult words. The reader never knows what you do.

Think about the effect of your words - Our words have great power and influence on readers, so think carefully about what you are going to write. Do not try to influence wrongly, or misinform or cause confusion and fights.

Improving your article with media

Use a quality image - You must choose images that are easy and clear to understand, that everyone can see and that highlights the important points of the article.

Guia de como escrever os melhores artigos para seu site

One image every 2/3 paragraphs - I always try to put an image every 2 or 3 paragraphs so as not to bore the reader. Giant texts without any image can scare the reader and make him leave your site.

Use a standard image size - I always use a standard image size to make the article more organized. I personally like to use 800 × 450, but choose the one that fits your site best.

Beware of copyright - I already had a fine of 1000 reais for an image, after crying a little I paid 400. So be careful not to use images that have copyrights.

Always put videos in the article - YouTube videos can help your article rank better or even appear with a thumbnail in the google videos tab. I always try to put videos in my articles.

Guia de como escrever os melhores artigos para seu site

Some use Infographics - Explanatory graphics can be useful and encouraging to the reader. Some use infographics to catch the reader's attention and even capture e-mail with downloads of these infographics, in addition to the well-known ebooks and short courses.

Final article corrections

Add at least 3 internal links - Call readers to access 3 other articles on your site discreetly by checking key words or inviting the reader to read a certain article as a complement at the end. This helps SEO a lot.

Ending the article with suggestions - Suggest to the reader to share the article with friends or leave comments in a friendly way. To increase the chances of this happening, end the article with a question to the reader.

Guia de como escrever os melhores artigos para seu site

Bold Important words - Make bold the important words of the article, unknown words or in foreign languages. If you wish, you can also use italics and other text customizations.

Remove confusing and unnecessary phrases - Try to keep the text simple for the reader, read several times and remove or modify confusing and unnecessary things. Perhaps doing this on another date may improve your judgment.

Make a good conclusion - In the last few paragraphs, always try to remember the main ideas of the article and help the reader to take advantage of what was written. Make a simple and brief conclusion that is in line with the main theme.

Of course, there are thousands of things you can do to better and better the article. If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments. For today I will pass only these tips, if you liked, share the article with friends.