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In this article I will explain in detail every process that I use to find ideas and write an article on a certain subject, in a complete, organized way, optimized for SEO in order to position yourself in the best places on Google. 

I want to show you how I can make the best articles that give me more than 500,000 monthly visits to my niche website Japan. Pay close attention to the video below:

Seeking Subjects for Your Article

I already wrote one article on that subject, I explain that there are several ways to find ideas for articles. I also explain the importance of you understanding whether such a subject will receive many visitors or not.

Tools like Google Search Console, Adwords, the combination of Keywordshitter and, in addition to the perfect free SEO tool Ubersuggest. Also examine competing sites and use these tools to understand your traffic.

Como eu escrevo os artigos para meu site

Examine the first Google results to get ideas for subtitles, examine the competition and always try to write something better, bigger and more complete than the competitor's website. Only then will you be able to position yourself on the first page of Google.

Introducing your article with a Summary

I usually write 2 or 3 paragraphs introducing the subject of the article, then I make a summary. The summary is of paramount importance because it increases your chances of positioning yourself on Google in different keywords.

I have also written an article explaining the importance of the Summary and how I create them. Basically, a summary is a list of anchor links with a title that leads directly to an H2 subtitle, it can be easily done in HTML.

Como eu escrevo os artigos para meu site

In addition to HTML, there are wordpress plugins that do this job automatically, but I prefer to do it manually using a block with a different color background. Fortunately the new wordpress editor makes it easy to create anchor links.

How should I do the article?

First, the article must have at least 3 subtitles (H2 header) to facilitate the creation of the summary and make the article rich for SEO. The article must also have at least 800 words to facilitate ranking.

You need to search for articles from enemy sites using Google, searching for the subject of your article. Always try to write better than the competition. Do not copy directly the content of enemy sites, write in your own word.

Como eu escrevo os artigos para meu site

I usually add lists to increase the amount of words without having to write so much. Word lists can be copied and cluttered differently from the competing website to make it look original.

Always try to do something better than the competitor, never forget that. If a competitor site has written 10 things, write 50 or even 100 things. Don't let anyone take their rightful place on the first page of Google.

Choosing images for your article

Usually I choose images at a fixed size of 800 × 450 pixels, I get copyright-free images using sites like unsplash, pixabay and google images itself with filters to display images without copyright.

I usually put an image for each subtitle, I also put the alt tags of the images, because this is of paramount importance in the SEO of the article and the website. Also, don't forget to add videos.

Videos and images generally rank outside of standard Google search, allowing your site to be accessed from Google Images and Google Videos as well. Never stop adding media to your site, even PDF can add lol.

Como eu escrevo os artigos para meu site

List of other things that make your article better

In addition to what is mentioned in the article and in the video, I will list below some things that I always do or have in mind to make my article better. I hope you like the short list and have enjoyed the article. Share and leave your comments.

  • Have no Portuguese mistakes;
  • Do not repeat or go too far on the subject;
  • Do not repeat the key word too much (2.5%);
  • Use at least one image per subtitle;
  • Have other subjects and keywords within the article;
  • Choose controversial topics that generate sharing;
  • Use small paragraphs of a maximum of 3 lines;
  • Use true information;
  • Be positive on the subject;
  • Make a good conclusion;
  • Remove confusing and unnecessary phrases;

For more tips, don't forget to read my guide on how to write the best articles for your website.

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