Things you should never do on social media


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Nowadays social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter are the biggest channels of communication, whether for business, friendships and relationships. Today I want to talk about things you should never do on social media.

This article is based on personal experience. The things mentioned may be a little obvious, but that many find it difficult to apply and understand. I myself am one who sometimes does something from that list.

Although the article is about social networks, the topics covered here are for all areas of our lives. If you apply the advice in this article, you will be able to improve people's view of you.

Never complain about the things you don't like

We arrived in a generation where opinion itself is the only thing that matters. People call this generation mimimi, since for whatever insignificant thing it may be, people cause a huge uproar of that.

Even if you feel hate for something, you will just drive people away if you express that hate through storie or posts. Even if you believe you are right about a subject, it is best to be humble and not talk about it too much.

Complaining only causes divisions, whether about someone, something or even yourself. Try to hold the bar, if you don't like something, just stay away and don't need to express your opinion to other people who may possibly disagree.

Things you should never do on social media

I learned this in the worst possible way, I noticed people walking away from me for complaining and hating Brazil and its culture. I was a true critic who complained about everything in life, so I still feel that nobody loves me.

Today I learned to accept my reality, to live with joy regardless of the place, I also stopped complaining, cursing or hating the things I don't like. We need to respect the choices, tastes and opinions of others, and if possible still show a little interest.

Summing up:

  • Don't complain about people;
  • Don't complain about singers;
  • Don't complain about politicians;
  • Don't complain about your city;
  • Do not complain about the choices of others;

Don't be negative, always be positive

Another major problem is negativity. Unfortunately we all face problems that let us down in some way, totally ruining our image, causing others to jump to conclusions.

Sometimes we have a wonderful life, full of things, but there is a little thing that spoils everything else. Because of something that may seem insignificant to others, we end up tarnishing our image in a spiral of negativity.

If something is not going well, try to take it positively. Don't post on social media that your life sucks, or that nobody loves you, or that you never get what you want, it will only make the situation worse and more frustrating.

Things you should never do on social media

Being negative drives people away and hinders you in achieving your goals. It may not be easy, but always try to see things in a positive way. Always try to see the good in things, be cheerful and emanate positivity.

Some people can only see the bad side of things, and still criticize it. I work with Japanese culture, there are always some Brazilians criticizing Japan because of its suicide rate, which is currently not even that high.

Tell me why the death of 17 people for every 100,000 inhabitants would be a reason to stop liking or traveling to Japan? And the other 99,983 people who live normally? Do people take something minuscule and use it as a wall to stand still?

If you want results in your life, stop making things difficult. Face reality and difficulty with joy and positivity as you will easily get over and attract more people to your circle.

Summing up:

  • Don't say your life is bad;
  • Don't say that nobody likes you;
  • Do not say that the person will not make it;
  • Don't name any bad facts about something;
  • Don't let something get in your way;

Do not send indirect on social networks

This is one of the most common things to happen. Once in a while we find a story or status with some indirect. We always ask, who is this indirect for? This is one of the lightest and most normal things to do, but be careful.

A person who constantly posts hints on social media is not well regarded by others. Why don't you just reach out and speak? It seems easy, but there are tips that are for all friends (lol).

Things you should never do on social media

Many use stories and posts to ask for help in some way or to make constructive criticism or advice. Many just share posts from other pages and profiles. No matter the method, just have control over the quantity.

It is much more beautiful and useful to give advice directly from a video or your creation, than just randomly sharing a print of a page. Of course, sometimes it will take a little courage.

  • It is not wrong to share hints, just don't overdo it;
  • Do not post one indirect after the other;
  • Don't post too many indirect memes;
  • Want to help others, create your own content;

Don't share what you ask for

People are tired of listening, but beware of fake news, spam and misleading advertisements. Time and again someone appears sharing a link that is obviously a bore, like the one on the adidas birthday that appeared recently.

The tip to avoid spreading lies on social media or in messages to friends is quite simple. Everything that someone sends that asks to share or send to other people, 99% chance of being a lie!

Things you should never do on social media

I won't go into details, but really, it can be as realistic as it sounds, asked to share a link, audio, video or post, it has a 99% chance of being a lie. This is the strategy that people use to spread their lies.

I've already written a talking article about fakenews and how to avoid falling into them. There are sites like and e-scams that help you make sure a news, video or audio is true or not. & nbsp; Just avoid sharing things that others send.

If information seems to be miraculous, exciting, widespread, has an impact or makes you feel like sharing… Try researching the subject before spreading more lies on the internet!

Remember if:

  • Don't share unrealistic sweepstakes;
  • No company distributes hundreds of products for free;
  • If asked to share, 99% chance of being fake;
  • If you ask to send to friends, 100% chance of being fake;
  • If something is striking to you, it may be a lie;
  • Do not trust just because a friend sent you, maybe he was cheated;

Don't choose either side

Like influence digital you will have fans and followers on both sides, whether left or right. Taking sides in this situation can be good, it shows that you have your own opinion, but it can also alienate your fans.

Not to mention that most of the guerrillas where you choose a side, are based on fake news, criticism, cursing, generalizations, misinterpretations, lack of respect and self-opinion. To take a side in these warfare is to enter an endless maze.

Things you should never do on social media

It is possible to remain neutral or to show your opinion on the subject without looking like a wretch. For example, when I am asked what I think of homosexuality, since I am a very religious Christian person. Do you know what I answer?

I do not like homosexual practice, just as I do not like fornication and adultery, but each person has the free will to do whatever he wants with his life, and I am pleased to respect, love and treat him like anyone . Just as I don't see any religious excluding heterosexuals for having sex before marriage, why would I act with homophobia? If I did that, I would be a big hypocrite. Who am I to play someone?

Still, some people will not respect my opinion. They want to compel people to think and accept like them. So be a exempt or neutral is not easy. People want to force you to choose a side.

I am not going to quote politics here, because I honestly see no benefit in discussing, defending or criticizing any of this. The best thing to do is to stay out of this war. If someone asks for their opinion, they don't have to lie, just don't offend others' opinions.

Being an insentão is not being someone with no opinion, it's just about avoiding unnecessary fights. You may well express your opinion or taste without affecting or harming others, however ignorant some may be, to the point of rejecting your opinion.

Therefore, we recommend:

  • Do not use words that offend one side;
  • Do not state that your opinion is better than that of others;
  • Do not say anything that causes intrigue or fights;
  • Avoid getting into subjects that generate bullshit;
  • Always present something positive on the opposite side;
  • Show respect for the opinion of others;
  • Don't force anyone to think like you;

I hope you liked the tips of what not to do on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. If you have any comments or anything to add, just leave it in the comments. We appreciate the shares.

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