How to find topic suggestions for your articles

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Have you ever wondered how to find suggestions of subjects and themes to write in the articles on your website or other project? Search for keywords with high search on Google, low competition and good CPC? In this article we will give you some tips on how you can do this.

Some can't think of ideas for writing, or look for topics that really generate visits and reach people. So in this article we will suggest some tools to help you choose keywords for your articles.

Generating themes and keywords for your article

The website keywordshitter allows from a keyword to generate thousands of suggestions, variations and similar keywords for you. Just put any word and it will generate thousands of subjects for you.

You have the option of generating positive and negative filters for the generated keywords to make a little sense for you. No matter the niche, the Keywordshitter site will change your worldview, you will never run out of ideas to write.

The site will generate results until you click the button stop job. Then you can select everything from the text box or download the text file. On this site you will also find a tag generator and a backlink detector.

Como encontrar sugestões de temas para seus artigos

There are other ways to generate keywords and suggestions for articles. Some use Google AdWords (ADS), others use Google Trends or even Google's own suggestions in the Search Bar. I believe that Keywordshitter is the most practical way.

You can still use Google AdWords to see variations of your chosen keyword, see if your competition is low, or know an average CPC (earnings per click on your ads).

Choosing the best keyword and subject

As we mentioned, Google Adwords can be a great tool for choosing keywords, but it is a slow and confusing tool, which sometimes presents results that we do not expect.

To understand the results generated by Keywordshitter, we recommend the site where you can paste up to 800 keywords and do a thorough search to understand which keywords generate the most visits on Google.

Como encontrar sugestões de temas para seus artigos

This tool is much more practical and faster. Just paste all the keywords generated by Keywordshitter that the presents a list with the average monthly searches for each keyword.

Of course, there are many other tools that suggest keywords or do in-depth analysis on them. Unfortunately most of these tools are paid or limited, you will hardly find any free one that does mass search.

ubersuggest - A COMPLETE AND FREE tool

O ubersuggest is another complete and useful tool that will help you choose the topics for your articles and whether or not to write about those topics. Always remember to use this tool when studying the topics you are going to write.

With ubersuggest you have an overview of your domain and the competition domain. So you can know what generates visits to your website and the competitor's website, so you can take the articles that most generate visits from your enemy and write an article better than his.

Como encontrar sugestões de temas para seus artigos

Ubersuggest also searches for keywords showing similar themes and words and also the articles on the first page of google. It shows competition, volume, CPC and the chance to rank on the first page.

In addition, you have an overview of backlinks, articles in the top positions and keyword suggestions. The site is easy to use and I believe that the best way for you to learn is to browse and not with step by step tutorials.

I am against tutorials step by step, because that way the person ends up becoming dependent on things, thus losing their ability to self-learn, something very necessary for those who wish to grow in the field of the internet.

How to use the suggested keywords and themes?

The obvious would be to use the keywords with the most searches on Google to be the main theme of your new articles. But you can also use the variations to be subtitles for your articles, achieving better search results.

For example, using keywordshitter + serachvolume I come to the conclusion that I need to write an article on “How to earn money on the Internet“. I can use variations to be the subtitles (H2) of my article:

  • make money with instagram
  • make money from research
  • make money watching videos
  • make money on the internet by cell phone
  • And many others ...

So keep in mind that when writing an article, try to use as many of the keywords or subjects suggested by the tools mentioned in a single article. Especially if you don't intend to write about those subjects afterwards.

In other words, it turns out that searching for suggestions and keywords helps you not only to write an article, but also to choose sub-themes of an article.

Como encontrar sugestões de temas para seus artigos

Finally, don't forget to put your chosen keyword or subject in the Google Adwords or ubersuggest to get a sense of CPC and competition. If you want to position your article well, always try to write better than the competitor.

I hope the tips in this article have helped you look for the best topic suggestions for your articles. If you liked the article don't forget to share and leave your comments.

Glossary of Terms covered in this article

Before we talk about how you can find suggested topics for your articles. We will explain a little the meaning of each technical or unknown expression to many that is being used in this article.

Keyword - It is practically the theme or subject of the article in one or a few words. There are short keywords and there are those long tail keywords, where it can be practically the title of the article. The keyword is basically the term that a person will search for on Google to find your website or article.

Niche - Site category or subject. For example, I have a website that talks about Japan, so its niche is Japan.

Backlinks - Links exposed in an article that direct the reader to another site. These links must not have the tag nofollow, to pass relevance (juice) to other sites. The more relevant sites recommend yours, the better it will get position on Google.

CPC - Cost per Click, this value defines the average you will earn per click on ads on your page, according to the keyword on the page. If you want to earn more with Google Adsense, you need to focus on writing articles with a high CPC (above 0.50 cents on the dollar).

Domain - URL, link, address of your website or any other website. The famous | |;

I also did a very long video class talking about how I write my articles. You can watch it below: