Is Working Online a Stable Job?

People have doubts about the stability of an online job. Most believe that in order to have a stable job, she needs to be trained or competed. Now, when she works online, people have no idea of ​​her stability. They believe that her money source can dry up and run out of nowhere.

Some factors end up strengthening this idea that those who work on the internet do not have a stable income. Others even believe in working online, but think only one in millions can do it.

Trabalhar online é um emprego estável?

Many people ask me constantly if it is possible to live only with Google Adsense, youtube channels or websites. Is this job stable and can it be my only source of income?

Why don't people believe in working online?

It is a great truth that the internet is full of things, lies and promises to work online. What we find most are courses teaching how to work online or advertisements on websites that pay to do certain actions. And about 90% of people looking for this information on the internet do not get anywhere, some even engage in sites that pay, but can barely reach 100 reais in a long period.

Trabalhar online é um emprego estável?

People also know those who have earned millions through websites like telexfree or other multilevel marketing services and have seen that their source of income has dried up overnight. A site that was famous can simply lose its fame over time, if it is poorly managed.

Gurus who work online also end up boasting in a different way than the rest of the population. Most see stability in a person who has a home and car. But some who work online have none of the 2 and live traveling the world, enjoying their freedom.

Trabalhar online é um emprego estável?

What is more stable? Secular or Online Work?

The fact is that there is nothing better than working on your own, having your own company, making your own hours. If you know how to work, an online job is a thousand times more stable than any secular job where you are a miserable employee who can be fired at any time.

  • What's better? Work 10 hours a day or 4?
  • What's better? Moving to a workplace every day in traffic or just waking up anytime you want and sitting in a chair for a few hours anywhere in the world with internet access?

Many ignore and criticize people who work online, saying it's lazy. In fact, online work can be as tiring as secular work. It requires a lot of mental effort, where even I am full of white hair at the age of 24.

Trabalhar online é um emprego estável?

Others say that dedicating yourself to an open competition, college or secular work is more stable and safer. A wrong thought, where even recently the public tenders in Brazil have been threatened.

The great truth is that there is nothing stable in this world, much less in Brazil. I guarantee that the income to support your family will be much safer if it comes from the internet. While in a secular job you can be fired from one hour to the next, or worse.

Working online is a blessing that makes it possible to spend more time with family, children and friends. Have much more time to enjoy your earnings and find satisfaction. Just don't get carried away by greed, because it is your undoing.

Trabalhar online é um emprego estável?

Some question: What if the internet stops working? If for some reason it stops working, I guarantee that your secular work and your country's economy will be much more threatened than the people who took money from it.

How to keep your online work stable?

I guarantee that it is not difficult to reach the minimum wage by working on the internet a few hours a day. Everything requires dedication and learning. People are frustrated when they want to enter this area, but they do not strive to acquire knowledge in it.

I have friends who are always disturbing me asking for help to do certain actions in their online projects. Basic things that were enough to search on Google, I think these dumb and lazy people and I guarantee that they will not succeed if they continue to be dependent.

Trabalhar online é um emprego estável?

For people to always keep their income online and never dry out the source, they need to dedicate themselves daily to their way of earning and explore other areas while doing so. The person who has experience working online and seeks knowledge, knows how to succeed without difficulty.

If the person started a website in a certain segment, and then that website simply lost their income, they can try to revive it or create another website in a different segment and grow it more quickly because they have already acquired knowledge in SEO, designer, programming and sales and marketing techniques.

Trabalhar online é um emprego estável?

That is, if the person has the ability to work online, the knowledge! Your source of income will never run dry, on the contrary it will always increase! It will get to the point where he doesn't have to do anything but manage employees!

Some earn millions on the internet, others are happy generating 2 thousand reais a month. The internet is big enough and has space for everyone. If you want to know how to make money online, read our another article.

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