Make money with sponsored articles, guest post and backlinks

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Many website authors pay editors to increase the amount of their content. Have you ever thought that instead of paying, you could receive money for people to publish articles on your website? In this article we are going to talk about exactly how you can make money by getting sponsored articles on your website, guest post or backlinks.

What are sponsored articles or guest post?

If your site has a large number of visits and a great position on Google, surely at one time or another you will receive an email from someone random wanting to publish an article on your site.

Guest post literally means guest post, a term that refers to any article published on a website that is not your own. Many make these sponsored articles in order to promote their own website or product.

Ganhar dinheiro com artigos patrocinados, guest post e backlinks

Despite these intentions, the main reason why sites exchange articles is to generate backlinks. These are links without the “nofollow” tag that point to certain sites, thus passing on a little relevance.

The more backlinks a site receives, the easier it gets to position itself in the top positions of Google. So thousands of websites and large companies invest tons of dollars to get backlinks and maintain their positions on Google.

How does sponsored articles work?

Large sites hire companies specializing in IF THE which has teams looking for large, relevant and niche sites with a high GIVES (domain authority) and PAN (page authority) and placement on Google.

Ganhar dinheiro com artigos patrocinados, guest post e backlinks

They offer a sponsored article that they write themselves, with full regard to the subject of their website and without appearing to be advertising. They don't care about the subject of the article, they just want to have the links pointing to their websites.

Most of the time they offer money for it. It can vary from 50 to 1000 reais, depending on the size of your site. Most pay in dollars or euros through Paypal. Others offer exchange of backlinks or try to offer the article with nothing in return, since some are unaware of this market and accept without gaining anything.

They get in touch via emails that are sometimes written in English, and even look suspicious. Some bloggers may have thought it was a lie or a virus, but in reality they missed a good chance.

Ganhar dinheiro com artigos patrocinados, guest post e backlinks

For some bloggers, only if someone offers a well-written article without advertising for free does he already feel like publishing. Now imagine someone paying for it? It is the joy of most website owners.

Those companies that offer money to publish sponsored articles do not want the article to look like advertising. They want the article to be as natural as possible to be well seen by google.

My Guest Post experience

It has been years since I receive requests for sponsored articles almost monthly. Some offer 50 to 100 reais, others foreigners offer high prices. On the day I wrote this article, I received 100 euros for publishing a sponsored article on my website.

Ganhar dinheiro com artigos patrocinados, guest post e backlinks

There is no need to have a giant website, the first contact to publish a sponsored article appeared when my website received less than 100,000 monthly visits. I also received sponsored articles on a website that has less than 50,000 monthly visits.

The secret is to have a DA and PA above 20. My DA, which is currently around 37, already receives articles that earn me more than 400 reais for the only job of receiving an article, pasting, and publishing.

I have had cases of the same company publishing several guest posts or sponsored articles on my website. They often take too long to send the article, which can scare you and make you think he has given up on the business.

Ganhar dinheiro com artigos patrocinados, guest post e backlinks

How to receive guest post requests

If you have a website and want to receive money to publish articles from third parties, instead of having to pay editors, you need to be aware of a few things.

Whenever you place an external link on articles on your site that are not from a sponsored post, place the tag nofollow. No company wants to publish articles on a website that all pages have external links to.

For example, you will put the source of an article, the link to a product, the link to a tool on the web, use the noffolow tag. Just leave the links dofollow for sites that pay for it, or that deserve it.

Ganhar dinheiro com artigos patrocinados, guest post e backlinks

Another tip is to grow and improve the IF THE and positioning of your website. The higher the DA and PA, but chances are there will be people wanting to pay to write for your site. Remember to leave a contact page on the website.

Perhaps creating a Media Kit is good for attracting partners and opportunities like these. Want to make more money? Have more than one website, because often these people you contact ask if you have another website to do business with.

The dangers of sponsored articles

Some claim that exchanging backlinks is not a well-regarded practice by Google. I think that everything done in moderation has no problem. Major sites like Globo and UOL sell sponsored articles without any problem.

Ganhar dinheiro com artigos patrocinados, guest post e backlinks

Anyone who is against the practice of selling articles on their website, will probably just lessen the competition. Google can’t do anything with the exchange of backlinks that are totally related to the subject or theme written on the site.

If any company or website uses links dofollow unrelated to niche, the aggrieved is who paid and not the site owner. Not to mention that the reader is not at all affected by the sponsored content, since he doesn't even know he is sponsored.

The only care you need to take with guest post is to check that the content in question is not duplicated. Make it clear that you will only publish original articles and nothing copied from other sites, so as to avoid being penalized by Google.

Ganhar dinheiro com artigos patrocinados, guest post e backlinks

You don't have to be afraid to sell space on your website. Both you and those who are paying to publish articles on your site do not want to be harmed by Google. They know the right way to work, you just need to know.

What else can you do?

You can also search for sites to exchange guest post and thus improve its relevance on Google, increasing the chances of companies that pay well, look for your site to publish a guest post.

It is important that you exchange links in a natural and friendly way, without making techniques that Google considers obscure and prohibited (blackhat). You can also hire companies that sell or buy backlinks or guest post.

Others even use their skill as a copywriter to earn some money from these companies. The exchange of sponsored articles is a profitable market for all sides. I hope you enjoyed the tips in this article, if you liked it share and leave your comments.