Guide on how to block pornography entirely

Some people try to prevent their children or themselves from consuming pornography. Unfortunately this is getting more and more difficult, even using filters and parental programs on the computer and smartphone. In this article I will explain how to block 100% of the pornographic content of your life.

The problem of pornography

No matter if the person is religious or an atheist, many realized that pornography only harms and strives to lead a lifestyle nofap. As much as sexual desires are natural, pornography is just a mental trap that deceives you.

Most porn addicts cannot stop and end up degrading their sexual appetite in a degrading way, becoming totally dependent and still considering it as normal and healthy.

Those who really open their eyes know that pornography can damage relationships, cause anxiety, depression, stress, social phobia, discouragement, laziness, negativity, sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual impotence, erectile dysfunction, lack of interest in sex and many other problems.

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Not to mention that watching pornography is anything but productive. Many spend half a day consuming such material, time that could be used productively, to work, undertake, exercise or gain knowledge. Then he complains about this generation being extremely stupid.

No matter what people say, I see absolutely nothing positive from pornography. Because of this misfortune, I became an anxious, lonely, shy, stressed, nervous, perverted, depressed and negative person.

How I Fight Pornography

This plague took over my life for a long time, now I am able to control it thanks to many years of fighting experience, drastic measures taken and improvement of filters and parental programs. It was not easy, it is a daily struggle, especially for someone single.

Unfortunately I am very smart when it comes to computers. I can circumvent and find fault with any filter. It took years for the filters to be improved in such a way that I can’t get around them anymore.

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Many sacrifices were necessary. I had to get rid of Google on iOS, Telegram (which I think is far superior to whatsapp), Google Driver, Tumblr, Twitter, download sites, torrent sites, I even had to sell my PS4 because of pornography.

I just didn't sacrifice Facebook and Instagram because, fortunately, they improved their filter, making it practically impossible to find pornography. Still it is possible to find sexy images and videos. I only use such social networks because of work.

Currently, after many modifications, my phone and tablet does not allow the installation of applications, it only allows the connection to sites that I have configured as allowed, in addition to having a time limit. This avoids any possibility of finding loopholes.

What filters and parenting programs to use?

As I use iOS and macOS, it is a bit tricky to recommend parental programs and content filters for Windows users. I know there are better ones, but K9 and Qustodio are the ones I tested on macOS and are also available for Windows.

O K9 it was the best content filter I found so far. Unfortunately it has been discontinued and has stopped receiving updates. In macOS, it slows down the browser and can crash the computer. Still, he is superior!

The advantage of K9 is that it allows you to block any URL that has a certain word. Most other filters allow the addition of links only. Another advantage is that it cuts off internet access if you enter a certain number of blocked pages. Not to mention that it allows you to add links without having to access the administration panel.

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Another very popular program is the Qustodio, which has a great free content filter. With it I block categories such as social networks, forums, search portals and download and streaming sites. It also blocks unknown websites.

The paid version of Qustodio can block access to applications and place a time limit. It can also monitor social networks and send notifications to the family administrator.

MacOS Catalina received a native content filter and parental control system called Screen Time. It is great, despite being inefficient in some browsers (at least in the first version). Despite being a strong filter, it does not block all pages and does not allow the addition of website categories.

Guia de como bloquear totalmente a pornografia - qustodio

I currently use the native macOS + Qustodio + DNS filter from Cleanbrowsing + Router Filter. The macOS filter can block connections within applications. Qustodio blocks the internet on other unsupported browsers. Together they become a powerful filter, preventing access to any site with adult content.

Remembering that for filters to take effect, you cannot have the password, not even the password recovery email. Find a trusted friend or relative to store your filter's password and email. Get more than one friend, one will die with the password.

A Perfect Filter - Personally, I believe that a perfect filter has to block applications, links, links with keywords, prevent certain terms from being typed and pasted, block access to the computer after a number of attempts, time limit per application, adding sites to blacklist without having access to the admin, force the use of a DNS.

Blocking porn from your smartphone

I use iOS usage time to block all of that. If I want to update the applications or make changes, I ask the person who has the password to type and configure the filter. Personally I do not recommend blocking adult sites, I block them all and leave a white list, otherwise you always end up finding a loophole.

I don't know of any good filters for Android, but I believe it is not difficult to find one by searching on Google. The problem with blocking mobile pornography is that many applications transfer data in a way that it is not possible to block.

As much as your phone has filters, you can easily download a social networking application like tumblr, twitter or even whatsapp, to search and view pornography. If your situation is serious, better block the installation of new apps.

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In the native iOS filter, there are loopholes that do not force safe search within an application's internal browsers. There are sites that clearly have an adult keyword that the filter simply cannot block. You can't always trust filters.

I remember a case where a YouTube channel with a name doing well was blocked, but searches for gifs with explicitly indecent words were ignored. Sometimes the filter failed because of the addition of a letter.

It was for these reasons that I decided to completely block access to unspecified sites and limit the time in each application. In a way, this is a good thing that avoids wasting time and makes my work much more productive.

Using DNS to block pornography

You can block pornography in your home using DNS on your router or computer. A DNS is a type of address that connects your computer to the internet. Everything is passed in this DNS before arriving at your home.

DNS is the acronym in English for Domain Name System (System of Names and Domains, in Portuguese), responsible for decoding the domain names of the websites that people type in web browsers in IP numbers.

There are DNS that block pornographic sites and other deceptive and harmful sites for your computer and cell phone. Unfortunately, a DNS can be easily circumvented if the person has computer skills.

To prevent someone from changing the DNS configured on a computer. You can install a program that blocks access to Network settings. You can also use a router that accepts connection only in a specific DNS (they are expensive).

The most famous porn blocking DNS is called Open DNS. Unfortunately I don't think it is that efficient, so I strongly recommend using the Cleanbrowsing that blocks virtually all gaps.

We recommend adding these codes below to your router's DNS settings. If you don't have access and the filter is for people without computer experience, you can add it in the network settings. Follow the IPs below:

  • Open DNS: and
  • Cleanbrowsing Family Filter 185,228,168,168 and 185,228,169,168
  • Cleanbrowsing Adult Filter and

Although it is possible to block and force DNS on some routers. The person can easily get around the situation using the mobile data of the cell phone. Many cell phones like iPhone, do not allow to force DNS on 4G, but there are apps that can do that.

Forcing DNS on a PC via Terminal on mac

On macOS I found that I can make the network settings file immutable, which means that any changes to the network are prevented by the user, this is perfect for preventing the child, children or even you from changing the DNS to prevent Search Safe and adult content filters like Cleanbrowsing.

On mac I use the following commands on the terminal:

sudo networksetup -setdnsservers ethernet
sudo networksetup -setdnsservers wi-fi
sudo chflags schg /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/preferences.plist
sudo chflags schg /private/etc/hosts

The first two commands serve to define the DNS on certain networks, the third code serves to make the file of that definition immutable, that is, no configuration made in the network settings will be applied.

The last line makes the HOSTS file immutable. Like some internet tutorials, it is possible to block websites using the HOST file, either on windows, linux or macOS. The schg terminal code works on macOS and the Linux terminal, I can't say about Windows, but there must be alternatives.

You can follow this google tutorial to force Search Search on the computer even without using the family DNS. So, even if someone manages to change the DNS, through the HOST file the secure search will still be forced. So avoiding bugs that can happen even using DNS from Safe Search.

If you want to make an immutable file editable again, just do the same command only using noschg. To prevent you from circumventing or editing this security method, you can ask a friend to change the SUDO password, something you will rarely use.

What if I create a new user on mac?

If you are like me, want to use the administrator account and still avoid using the SUDO commands or create new administrator accounts by system preferences, try the following codes:

/bin/echo "Restrict admin users access to the Users & Groups (Accounts) system pref"
/usr/bin/security authorizationdb read  system.preferences.accounts > /tmp/system.preferences.accounts.plist
/usr/bin/defaults write /tmp/system.preferences.accounts.plist group wheel
/usr/bin/security authorizationdb write system.preferences.accounts < /tmp/system.preferences.accounts.plist

By executing all of the lines above, you make it impossible to unlock the lock to create a new user. Unfortunately, I don't know how to undo this feat. But to prevent you from using SUDO commands to make these changes? Try the following:

In the terminal type sudo nano / etc / sudoers and in the file delete the line or put a comment (#) in mins      ALL=(ALL) ALL; If you have other administrator users, create a line for that user, I don't know how to undo this, I'm confident in a system update.

Parental Control of Routers

Most recent routers have parental controls that allow the addition of up to 30 words. It can be useful to block sites that a filter might miss. You can add 30 keywords that it will block any URL that has that word.

For example, I put words like "xxx", "porn", "xvideos", "stream", "twitter" and others in my Parental Control of the router. Remembering that the filter blocks only the domain and does not detect words after the “.com /”…

This option is quite useful, with the right keywords you may be able to block many websites without needing filters to weigh your computer. Combined with Open DNS or Cleanbrowsing it gets even more perfect.

Fortify - The best content filter for MacOs

I am updating this article with an incredible finding I have been looking for for years. Throughout the article I say that I deprived of social networks and even google searches because of the loopholes imposed by the filters, but I finally found a decent content filter for macOs.

Best of all, this filter is cheap and has a single license, it can be found on the macOs App Store. Fortify does something that every filter has an obligation to do, close a website that has a certain word in a URL.

The best thing is that it does not only with words in the domain, but also with words that are in the URL between /on here/… The filter also works on sites that load without updating the page (Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube).

This allowed me to return to having the freedom I had before using filters, being able to have social networks without falling into the loopholes and failures of it. Just create an extensive keyword list, combined with native macOS filter, I guarantee it will be impossible to circumvent.

The only problem is that to avoid deactivating the filter, you are left without access to the macOS terminal and settings. Not that this is bad, it actually allows you to use the HOSTS file to force YouTube's restricted mode along with the DNS configuration.

How to end pornography on Whatsapp

Despite all the filters that we put on our phones and computers, there is a major flaw in Whatsapp that allows the user to find pornography of all kinds. No filter is useful if the person knows this flaw.

The person has an alternative to delete and prevent the installation of the whatsapp application, but this is not feasible since we all need to use the Whatsapp to communicate with us. The biggest threat is from public Internet groups.

What I recommend doing is blocking the domain using any cell phone application or parental program. This will prevent you from joining any public group via links on the internet.

Unfortunately, if you know how to circumvent this (I will not teach), the only alternative I know is to use a program that blocks any remote connection that has whatsapp as a domain and password.

I did this using the Intelbras router, whatsapp still works, but it doesn't download any images or videos, making entry into adult groups totally unnecessary. As a sacrifice, I can't download friends' images and videos.

Guia de como bloquear totalmente a pornografia - celular whats

Unfortunately the router only works on Wii-fi here at home, that is, I can easily circumvent using 4G. Still, this suggestion is interesting for those who do not usually have credits on their cell phones or have a very limited data package.

Add a time limit on Whatsapp it can also help you avoid wasting time by joining such groups to receive adult content. Many groups are killed and do not send content, making their search a waste of time.

With Qustodio or cleanbrowsing DNS, you can decrease your success in searching for group links for whatsapp, either on youtube, facebook or google itself. Most sites that offer group links are blocked by these programs.

Delete the whatsappweb or block your computer’s access entirely, it can discourage you from finding links. Creating a need to type every link, making the hunt for this content long and discouraging.

Final Card - Only Allowed Sites

In macOS, its default filter has the function of allowing you to browse only allowed websites, probably all filters of all operating systems have. So, if you're super smart and can find it on any website, maybe this option is your final card to avoid pornography.

I work with internet and even so I ended up opting for it on both iOS and macOS. I was happy to know that the filter allows you to release sites by their full address instead of the domain, so I only release specific pages from some sites that may have loopholes.

We always use the same sites over and over, so with a few months of adaptation, you'll be able to create a list of sites to be released, avoiding any loophole to find pornography. I make a list of sites that I want to release and with time I add them to the filter, it didn’t hinder my navigation at all.

NLP and Biokinesis to combat pornography

Another thing that helped me a lot was NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), which consists of specific audios that manage to program the brain to follow certain orders consciously, differently from hypnosis that works the unconscious.

There are also audios of biokinesis, a kind of hypnosis in meditation audios with hidden and subliminal messages. It may seem sinister, but these treatments really work and helped me a lot.

I found biokinesis a little strange, I prefer NLP as I know what is being said. I can't trust what the biokinesis author added in the audio, I also avoid anything that messes with my subconscious. But I believe in the truth of both.

After these treatments, I was simply able to make progress on my NOFAP. Of course, this is not the only treatment you should resort to. Make absolutely everything possible, even changes in your diet.

NOFAP - Books and courses that help

Nofap is a movement of people who want to stop masturbating and watch porn. There are several channels and communities that deal with the subject and know that it is not an easy process to stop being dependent on it. 

We will recommend some courses that can help you. Of course, simple courses will not free people from pornography. This is a daily struggle that you will have for a lifetime and that victory depends entirely on you.

First I want to recommend the most popular and important course, the AlphaSpirt method. I've watched a lot of videos from your YouTube channel, the guy has a lot of presence, so without a doubt I believe this is the best recommendation. Click here for details.

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I will share below a list of links and domains that I recommend blocking in your program. Unfortunately, some filters simply ignore these sites, where it is possible to consume pornography in some way. Here is the list of links:

There are thousands of other sites that you should block. So I recommend using a filter that blocks sites by category, and adding sites to the list of exceptions.

I hope you enjoyed this article, that my tips will help you overcome your addiction to pornography. If you liked it, share and leave your comments! If you have any tips, we would be happy to see you in the comments.