Which niche should I choose for my digital business?

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The question of many newbies who are interested in doing a business on the internet is to choose the niche or category in which the person will dedicate themselves, whether with paid or organic marketing. Today I want to help you choose the right niche for your business.

If you have already taken the course FNO (Online Business Formula) you must have seen Alex Vargas talk a lot about niche and its importance. If you have not taken the course, I will write briefly about what a niche is. Even if you did, choosing is still a difficult task.

What is a niche market and how important is it?

The niche defines the target audience of your business, these are the subjects that you will address on your website, channel, social network or media that you use to promote yourself and interact with customers.

Qual nicho devo escolher para meu negócio digital?

The niche market is like a segment, it will identify the sector and interest of your audience and the content shared by your media. For example, I have sites in the Japan niche, languages, music and marketing.

My Kevinbk site is in the marketing niche, but on this site I also address diverse subjects and I could consider WordPress and SEO as the niche of this site.

You don't have to be stuck in just one niche. There are dangers for those who have a very broad niche or something more specific. It is necessary to analyze whether a niche has many competitors, is difficult to work with or has forms of monetization.

Qual nicho devo escolher para meu negócio digital?

The niche is one of the most important things in business. Many newbies ignore the niche and keep shooting around wanting to profit in many different ways. I did it myself, I just delayed my results.

If you are seeing a person generating millions in a particular niche, don't waste your time trying to do the same thing. All niches are profitable, you just need to know how to work.

Choose a niche you like!

Before choosing a niche or subject you will be working on for a long time, please choose something that you like. Don't choose niche based on quantity of products to sell, ease or profit.

Qual nicho devo escolher para meu negócio digital?

Any niche is profitable, so it is important to choose something that you know and like. I chose my first niche as Japan, because I like anime, Japanese culture and I also wanted to learn the Japanese language.

I set up this website kevinbk.com because I wanted to improve my knowledge in digital marketing, I also find it fun to write about these things. In addition to being a domain with no specific niche, where I can address other things.

That is, always choose something you like to work on. Don't think about profit, you will only be frustrated if you choose a niche in which you are not happy to generate content or experience. With a right niche you can only gain and learn.

Qual nicho devo escolher para meu negócio digital?

If you choose a niche you don't like, you probably won't have any success at all, and even if you do in the beginning, it will stagnate and you won't be in the mood to continue and will waste more time than you wanted to save.

It doesn't matter if you like something unpopular, maybe that is something positive. I recently saw a video from a television interview where young people were passionate about buses. I see a lot of success if a person made a website focused on that.

Many are stuck in choosing a niche that results and profits quickly. Today the competition is strong, so you need to explore new places to win over an audience and master it.

Qual nicho devo escolher para meu negócio digital?

I'm not talking about giving up niches with high competition, never give up on anything because of your competition. Just ignore the competition and do better than it! This site is in one of the most popular niches in the world.

A more specific and unknown market niche has much easier to stand out & nbsp; and add value to your products and audiences. In return, by choosing a comprehensive niche you can make a profit in different ways.

A small or comprehensive niche?

It doesn't matter the size of the niche or how comprehensive it is. You will never be short of content or audience to make use of your business. A small niche is good that soon you reach the demand and can rest and focus on other things.

Qual nicho devo escolher para meu negócio digital?

If the niche is large, you can explore unexplored places in it, but you will need all your effort and you will never be able to lack valuable content for your audience. If you don't deliver what you need, competitors will swallow you up.

It all depends on the time you are willing to dedicate yourself to this work. Do you prefer to earn a lot and not have time to enjoy the money? Or do you prefer to earn little and work rarely? The choice of the niche can define that!

Unfortunately you are not at liberty to write about what you want for your audience. This will most often divide and cause confusion and lack of interest in your audience. Don't try to sell cars on a makeup website.

Qual nicho devo escolher para meu negócio digital?

Profit does not depend on whether the niche is big or small, it depends on you knowing how to work in it. In fact, the bigger the niche, the harder it becomes to become someone relevant. Sometimes less is more and more is less.

What to consider when choosing a niche?

As already mentioned, you need to like the niche! Work with something you enjoy and have passion for. Then you must have skills in that niche, if you don't, use that opportunity to acquire.

You also need to examine whether there is money in that market. If you don't run money in a particular niche, you can try to spin and innovate. The important thing is also to know if there will be interested people in this niche or if there is a possibility to attract new followers.

Qual nicho devo escolher para meu negócio digital?

Who would have thought a lottery course would be successful? Or that there would be a breast enlargement course? The truth is that there is room for any subject. Even for bus fans or even play with decorated toilet seats.

In this article I will not mention popular niches or make suggestions, because I honestly think this is a waste of time. Focus on something you like, period! If you want to know if there is an audience for your niche, check out social networks and products at hotmart.

To finish the article I want to leave a small checklist with points that you must take into account when choosing a niche. If you liked the article don't forget to share and leave your comments.

  • Choose something you like, your greatest passion;
  • Choose something you want to learn;
  • Choose something you know how to do;
  • Choose something that you can generate content for the rest of your life;
  • Choose something that has a digital product to join;
  • Choose something that has a good CPC in adsense;
  • Choose something unknown that you can easily rank on Google;
  • Choose something that you can maintain a relationship with your audience;

Ask the following questions:

  • Is there enough demand?
  • How often is it sought?
  • Who will consume this content?
  • Are there people who need them?
  • Will it be useful to anyone?
  • How much do you understand that subject?
  • Have you worked with the theme before?
  • Does this method and reference really work?
  • Can you pass on your knowledge?
  • Are you an expert on this topic?
  • Are you willing to research and share what you learn?