Guide to Boost Your Instagram Business


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One of the things that has most on instagram are profiles related to makeup, eyebrows, hair, clothes and others. Some provide services, others sell products, but both have the same need to grow their business.

Usual tips for managing and grow an instagram profile can be found on our website and dozens of other sites, youtube videos and even instagram marketing profiles. The problem is that none of them gets to the point.

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Technical Terms used in the Article

Before we start talking about boosting your local Instagram business, we need to explain a few terms that I will use throughout the article. If you find any confusing words, just come back here to know their meaning.

IF THE - SEO (Search Engine Optimization, in English) is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It is an improvement process so that your website or page on the social network has a higher ranking to appear on the first pages of Google and other search engines.

Hashtag - # - Used in social networks to tag a tag, category, label or keyword that links other posts with a single subject. Mainly used to stand out and appear in other social media locations.

Niches - Niche is a category, a main topic addressed in your business. This site has the niche of marketing and money, my other site has the niche Japan, some has a niche for makeup, football, games and so on.

Facebook ADS - Ad auction platform, where the person pays for your ad to appear as sponsored to a pre-defined audience. The platform also covers Instagram and even some websites.

Affiliate program - They are programs where you indicate a specific product through your own link, so when a person makes a purchase through your link, you will earn a commission for the sale.

Guide to boost your instagram business

The basics of your Instagram profile

Let's sum up again, what you need to do to succeed on instagram. A standard goal that I give to everyone is to reach 10,000 followers, where links are allowed in stories, to help in the sale of external products.

You can reach 10,000 followers quickly if you constantly:

  • Publish daily content in stories and on your instagram profile;
  • Use the 30 hashtags allowed per post, I recommend in the comments;
  • Follow competitors' followers in the hope of following them back;
  • Like other people's posts from a specific hashtag or location;

If you do all these things, you will quickly reach 10,000 followers. There are tools that automate this work and avoid banning Instagram for following or liking many people in a short period of time.

You can also run after partnerships, hold sweepstakes, ask others to post, comment on other people's posts and many other ways to grab followers. I recommend taking a look at the automation tool bombainsta.

If you want to reach local customers, just add the location in the profile, follow people who live in your region through competing pages or even from niches many different.

Guide to boost your instagram business

Working the Local SEO of your business

IF THE Local consists of techniques to position and improve the reach of your local business on the first page of Google, Google Maps, Facebook Profile and Instagram. The more the local SEO works, the more visits and followers you will get.

Just because you don't have a store or workplace, it doesn't mean you can't have a space on Google Maps. Having your business on Google Maps allows more people to find your work through Google, without the need for a website.

It is not enough to create your local business with your phone data on Google Maps. We recommend that you add the link to your social profile (instagram) and also fill out your Google My Business profile, also with links from your instagram profile.

The more links are pointing to your instagram, the better it will position itself among competitors, whether on instagram or on Google. Therefore, always touch your social link when registering on other sites, working the SEO of your local business.

Add photos and videos to your local Google business profile, so that those photos also appear on Google Maps when people search for your business. If you have difficulty adding your business to Google Maps, watch some videos:

Using Best Friends - Close Friends

As I mentioned in another article on close friends, you can use such a tool to sell exclusive content to your followers or simply engage the page by showing that they are special to you.

I use the close friends adding everyone I follow on the list. Internet marketers use their best friends as a form of profit, offering exclusive stories to those who contribute a value to enter close friends.

Others use close friends as an invitation in order to advertise with Facebook ADS. They use it as a way to show importance with followers, add value and engage the profile. Increasing reliability and possible sales.

Guide to boost your instagram business

Increase profit by exploiting monetization

In addition to the above close friends that some use to generate profit, there are other ways to monetize your business in addition to the traditional products you sell. There are sites like which makes it possible to earn commissions with referrals.

At Hotmart you can find any type of course or digital product that perfectly matches your Instagram profile. For example, if you work with makeup sales, you can also advertise Make courses available at Hotmart.

In addition to Hotmart, there are other platforms for digital affiliation and physical products such as Amazon and Lomadee. We recommend reading our article on affiliation platforms available in Brazil.

Guide to boost your instagram business

Use other Social Networks - SEO

Just as I suggested adding your business to Google Maps, you can also add your business to other social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and wherever else you want and have patience. Why is it important?

As I said, the more sites that link your business with links, the more your visibility will increase, both on Google and on social networks themselves. So even if it is difficult to manage even one social network, at least have profiles on the others.

You do not need to update all social networks daily or weekly. Just have them with contact details, some photos and links to other social networks. Recalling that there are tools that automate the publication on several social networks at the same time.

Guide to boost your instagram business

Don't Stop Learning About Marketing

All social networks and the internet are constantly changing, requiring constant learning on the subject. For this reason, we always encourage you to continue studying techniques, formulas and acquiring knowledge in these areas.

If you are new to the digital marketing business, we recommend purchasing a complete course like Online Business Formula, which in my opinion is the best digital marketing course on the internet, cheap and complete.

Well, that's it, I hope you enjoyed this short article. If you liked it, leave your comments and share with friends. I wish your profile on Instagram and other social networks successful.

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