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Everyone who uses instagram knows the best friends option, where you select some special friends to display exclusive stories. How have people used this tool in Work and Digital Marketing? Today we will see some utilities of close friends.

Although the tool in Portuguese is called Best Friends, people often use the expression of English close friends, which literally means closed friends. A private circle of best friends that you choose.

Previously I read some interesting articles talking about close friends like that of rocket content. His view is quite interesting, but very technical for most people. I want to try to simplify things in this article.

Instagram Threads - Best Friends App

Some don't know, but Facebook has its own app for you to bond with your best friends or close friends. With this application that can be found in the Store of your smartphone, you have several options.

You can post stories directly to close friends, talk to them through a more beautiful and organized direct. You can even add a status to your profile, for others who also use such an application.

With this app you can easily add and remove friends to close friends, even people you don't follow or follow you back to can be added to close friends (I just don't know how instagram sees it).

As I use the iPhone, I can keep track of time on my Instagram and still have access to conversations with my friends after that limit expires. Remembering that you can also use another application called Facebook Pages to chat with your followers.

Close friends - instagram best friends - threads insta

Using Close Friends to Sell Content

Many digital marketing gurus or Instagram celebrities use close friend as a way to generate income, just like members from YouTube. The profile owner just adds to the close friends those who contribute a sum.

Many promise exclusive content for close friends, marketing tips, fashion or whatever the utility proposed by the instagram profile. Anyone famous or with a wide range of followers can profit by selling close friends.

You can use Close Friends and charge a fee for posts about online courses, consultancies, vip lists, tips or simply to value followers, delivering first hand news.

Close friends - instagram best friends - instagram

Using Close Friends to stand out

The way I use the CloseFriends currently is just to use app app Threads as a standard courier. With it I can separate the mess from Instagram and have a messenger of my own for all my Instagram friends.

In the meantime I realized that this function is quite useful. I added all the people I follow on closefriends, I post everyday things using threads, which makes many of my followers think they are among my favorites.

Without even knowing why, these people also reciprocate and add me to the close friends from them. This gives me a wider range of access to my followers' publications that I don't even want to be intimate with or know personally.

I strongly believe that seeing a storie surrounded by green, the person tries to click and read more, feels more privileged to be among my best friends. So kind of using the close friend freely, adding everyone, it serves as marketing.

Using Close Friends for Free Advertising

Unlike the previous one, some marketers has even used close friends to advertise via Facebook ADS. The invitation to participate in this exclusive part has become a bait for capturing people and selling courses.

Everyone is already aware that the instagram best friends tool allows you to create an authority on the social network, a closer relationship with the customer and also helps to target your valuable content.

Close friends - instagram best friends - close friends

Therefore, we strongly recommend using this tool, in the way that you find most interesting. If you want to specialize more in this area, try to study some of the courses we recommend. Thank you very much, see you next time! Don't forget to share ...

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