How Does Coronavirus Affect Digital Marketing?


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Have you ever wondered how the Coronavirus crisis and other future pandemics affect digital marketing? Are there more benefits or losses for your business? In this article we will analyze how the coronavirus affects those who work over the internet.

The coronavirus is making the world worried, isolating countries, disrupting the economy, breaking companies and businesses. Despite the worrying situation, today you will see how to get around!

Although the corona affects several niches of different jobs online and offline, perhaps digital marketing is the perfect opportunity to start your new life during quarantine. Use this time at home to learn more about the internet.

Recalling that all the statements in this article are nothing more than speculation. I didn't do A / B sales tests to see if they increased or decreased, but I can guarantee that I had a lot of sales during quarantine until the date of this article. Sales of products that I didn't even remember to be promoting.

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Corona gets more people online

Quarantine causes many to stop working and stay at home spending more time on the internet. This opens the door to potential sales as an affiliate, website visits and other income for those in digital marketing.

The iFood app claims that its sales have increased by 50% thanks to the quarantine decreed this month. People are afraid to leave their homes, do not want to crowd, which makes many accessed and make purchases over the internet.

Others take advantage of the opportunity and concern for Corona to make sales of products related to the virus. Articles, emails, videos and a lot of information related to corona are being written on the internet.

Many companies and businesses are being hurt, others are even losing their jobs. With many loops on the internet, some are looking for extra ways to generate money. A perfect opportunity for the online money and marketing niche.

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Dollar rising, economy falling, people going bankrupt

Although Coronavirus increases its reach online, sales may fall due to lack of money in people's pockets. Many are unemployed and broke, spending on other priorities and trying to survive the pandemic.

The dollar at 5 reais can be good for those who profit from Adsense or sell in dollars. Unfortunately this increase in profit may not be beneficial, since the prices of things go up and sometimes the profit decreases (as in the case of Adsense).

It is very likely that products related to health, food and money will have a significant increase. What also increases competition, the auction

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Crisis for some, opportunity for others

This is a phrase that my psychoanalyst once said, when I was worried about the 2014/2017 crisis. Although many are harmed by our nation's economic situation, smart people use this as an opportunity.

I am not suggesting anyone to deceive others for their own benefit. Successful digital entrepreneurs are malleable and adapt to different situations in order to maintain their profit and success. Do not let quarantine become a hindrance in your life.

With more people on the internet, you will have a better chance of growing the social networks or websites of your business. There is not? How about starting to create one? Choose one niche, start generating content and growing your audience in order to make sales as affiliate.

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With free time, do you want to learn Digital Marketing?

Now with quarantine, many are at home with nothing to do, so I think I recently sold several courses on things that I don't remember to disclose. Some decided to take advantage of the situation to learn to play instruments or create games.

I myself, despite having a piano, scale and violin, decided to buy a guitar that week. We should use our time spent at home in the best possible way, so why not take the time to study Digital Marketing?

You can simply leverage your own business, grow in a company or have your own job online just like me and thousands of Brazilians. It is not difficult, just learn to master the computer and have a little patience.

As usual, if you want to learn about digital marketing, we recommend Alex Vargas’s course, Online Business Formula. That's because it is complete content at an affordable price. Escape from unknown courses that offer quick profits.

So, I hope you enjoyed this article on Coronavirus and Digital Marketing. Don't let this desperate situation become a barrier in your life. We will all continue to work, whether at home or elsewhere.

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