Bitcoin Guide - 1st Cryptocurrency Experience

There are already hundreds of Bitcoin Guides on the internet, always saying something random that makes you more confused about this market. In this guide I want to explain all my personal experience with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in a simple and complete way.

In this guide I will talk about all the steps and research I did, all the frustrations, all the tools and websites I use, portfolios, brokers and traders, buying and selling cryptocurrencies, tokens, fiat currencies and others.

The dangers of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

When we talk about bitcoin for laypeople, some believe it to be something totally unsafe or scam. They are not stupid for thinking that way, really when talking about bitcoins and cryptocurrencies what else appears on the internet are scammers.

Only it is nothing different from the famous ones that teach how to make money on the internet. There are hundreds of courses that really teach you how to work online, just as there are hundreds of ponzi schemes that steal your money.

When it comes to money, there will always be someone trying to scam you, no matter if it's bitcoin, digital marketing, affiliates, trader, multilevel marketing and others. It all depends on you not being stupid enough to believe false promises.

Just today I went to join Facebook groups on Bitcoin and I came across a gigantic flood of comments promising secret ways to earn bitcoin. One of his tactics is to ask you to contact him that he teaches you.

There is nothing for free guys! No one is going to spend his hard-earned time teaching you how to make easy money unless he gets something in return. I'm not writing this article for free myself, I earn from ads and referrals!

Guia bitcoin - 1ª experiência com criptomoedas - bitcoin

Is it possible to earn Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies for Free?

People who promise bitcoins and other thanksgiving coins are not always scammers. Some are just affiliates working hard to earn referrals on sites that promise small fractions of cryptocurrencies, the sites called faucet.

Faucet literally means tap, from which small drops of bitcoins and other coins come out for the desperate who do not want to spend money buying. You can find everything from mining sites to sites that are BTC casinos.

Many of the faucet reward you with satoshi (bictoin fractions) after performing small tasks like PTC (clicking on an ad), shortening links, watching videos, answering surveys and others.

I'll be honest, don't waste time with this… They pay very little, it doesn't pay, you will earn more writing on blogs like me. I recently downloaded the BitTorrent in the hope of winning fractions as a seed, but I ended up giving up because I saw that it is not at all viable.

Guia bitcoin - 1ª experiência com criptomoedas - binances

Bitcoin mining doesn't make money?

Many desperately want to connect miners to their personal computer, but most of the time it doesn't pay. People who earn from cryptocurrency mining usually invest a lot in machinery for this.

Some resort to cloud mining using DigitalOcean, others place scripts that mine using website visitors. That is, if your computer starts to heat up and make noise on a website, it is using your CPU to mine.

If you think about using your computer without a GPU to mine, better think of another way to make money. I believe that it may be possible to earn good money with cheap Cloud VPS to mine as from contabo, but you will still need patience for such currencies to appreciate.

Even if you have good money to invest in mining machinery, be aware that it takes a lot of energy, needs a good internet connection, and will only give you a headache if you live in a city that constantly runs out of energy and internet.

Even mining machinery takes years to recover the money invested, as well as maintenance and precautions against thieves and possible burns and damage. In my opinion it is best to invest in a trader.

Guia bitcoin - 1ª experiência com criptomoedas - bitcoin2

What is the best cryptocurrency broker?

Brokers are websites responsible for selling and buying cryptocurrencies. These sites / companies also allow you to trade with these currencies and also apply them in savings, staking and pool mining.

There are hundreds of brokerages, many are famous, but none of them will have all the existing cryptocurrencies available. I recommend staying away from Brazilian brokers, some usually take their money and go bankrupt.

Without a doubt the best broker is called Binance! This one you can use, leave your money there, without any fear. Of course, not everything is 100% secure, so some prefer to store their coins in wallets offline.

Soon I talk about other portfolios, but you can start, register with Binance using my link, clicking here. By using my link you get discounts on some fees like in future. If I don't use Link, my referral ID is 71321733.

If you are looking for a Brazilian broker there is a coinext. I believe that Binance is the best choice due to the huge amount of currencies available on the platform and the countless opportunities for profitability.

I really want you to be very successful with Binance, because I only earn commission if you move a lot of money on the platform, for this reason I am willing to help my referrals by answering any questions so that they never give up working with cryptocurrencies. Let's get rich together!

What is the best cryptocurrency wallet?

Wallets called Wallet in English are usually programs, applications or even pendrivers where you keep your cryptocurrencies. Some have extra security and backup measures, others even allow you to exchange and sell coins within your own wallet.

The most famous portfolio is from Binance and is called Trust Wallet. Another very famous and popular portfolio is BRD. Both are mobile applications, if you want a desktop wallet we have the famous Wasabi.

Some currencies usually have their own portfolios like Monero. Other cryptocurrencies are rare and are not found in conventional wallets like Trust Wallet and BRD. Choose your default wallet wisely to protect your coins.

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Escaneie o QR code e faça seu cadastro agora!

How to Trad with Bitcoin?

There are many ways to exchange cryptocurrencies within brokerages like Binance. You can make a simple exchange or enter the Market where you can follow the charts, candles, order books and currency prices.

Inside you can buy or sell one currency in exchange for another. The main exchange currencies within Binance are BTC, BNB, USDT, ETH and BUSD. You can also exchange currencies for others through a simple conversion.

You can see the percentage of each currency in the last 24 hours. Sometimes we find coins that have lost 25% of the value, while others have gained 50% of the value. There was a day when I came across a coin that grew 1500% in 24 hours.

Guia bitcoin - 1ª experiência com criptomoedas - binance trader

How to use Binance Future?

One of the things that caught my attention at Binance is the Binance Future that allows you to buy Perpetual Bitcoin futures contracts and other currencies, thus allowing you to earn a lot through forecasts, even when you have little money.

Be very careful that it is very easy for you to get excited about the easy winning possibilities and end up losing. You are quite sure that the graph will go up, but then it starts to go down and break your heart.

You need a very strong emotional to know if you expect the currency to go in the defined direction or if it takes even more of your money until it is paid off. Or you can simply sell the asset before you have too much loss to just see it go in the direction you wanted it after.

It is a very desperate thing to mess with a future trader, but it is nothing as bad as the life trader sites where you simply lose 100% of your investment if you miss a set forecast in a period of time.

Fortunately at Binance Future you have complete control of when to buy or sell the perpetual contract and how much leverage to use. Remembering that the more leverage, the greater the risk of being liquidated and losing all investment.

Guia bitcoin - 1ª experiência com criptomoedas - perdendo dinheiro
Eu perdendo dinheiro no Binance Future!

Where to Learn Trader Tips?

When I started to operate, I tried Facebook groups to gain guidance, friends and also a very cool website called Tradingview which allows you to create graphics and track other users' plays and directions.

The website is full of ideas of all kinds. There you will find fundamental analysis and technical analysis of different assets, markets, currencies, stocks, futures and others. It is a mandatory site for those who wish to enter the financial market.

Guia bitcoin - 1ª experiência com criptomoedas - tradingview

You can also learn about Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Trader by taking some course out of the thousands that exist. I will introduce the ones that I personally recommend. To access it just click on the title in Bold!

Mirai Crypto - A differentiated course

The course I am going to recommend now is taken by my friend who made me enter the Bitcoin market. He created a small channel on youtube called Mirai Crypto and launched a basic course on Bitcoins that addresses step by step differently.

He is very suspicious of Brazilian websites and brokers and usually recommends and teaches safe ways to buy and sell bitcoins and keep them in wallets without any worries. If you are looking to protect your assets, choose Mirai Crypto.

This short course is the bê-à-bá you need to learn about bitcoins. To access my friend Lucas’s course, just click here. The course has a Japanese vibe, since my friend is a big fan of Japan, as well as me and my website sukidesu.

Secrets of Bitcoin 3.0

It is a complete super training, a great mentoring, a great investment for those who want to start working with bitcoin correctly without getting confused and without losses.

Within the training are revealed all the Secrets of the great Trader, strategist and millionaire, Ronaldo Silva, Secrets that have already generated a few million reais for him and the 15,000+ training students in Brazil and worldwide.

I hope you enjoyed this article. I had previously written about bitcoin, but this guide was really a definitive one that explains my first experience with the currency, what platforms I used and what I did.

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