Where and How to start in Digital Marketing?

Nowadays you don't surf the internet without listening to advertisements or someone talking about digital marketing, entrepreneurship, affiliates and making money over the internet. They are something that catches everyone's attention.

There are several ways to work and make money online. Some are extremely lost and get carried away by deceptive advertisements that claim to teach you to earn many digits in a short time, but it is not that simple.

Not sure where to start and make money from digital marketing? In this guide I will tell you the best tragétorla for someone who wants to have a profitable, structured and own business on the internet. Whether selling physical, digital or advertising products.

This guide will not teach those who want quick results with paid traffic, or who want to invest in stocks, traders and cryptocurrencies. The focus of this article is to teach you to have your own source of organic, structured and safe reindeer.

Por onde e como começar no marketing digital?

Understanding your goal in digital marketing

Before you start anything, you need to understand your goal. Working on the internet is something that requires dedication, so you need to choose something that you will never get bored of doing. So my niche main is Japan and languages.

Don't mind the difficulty of the subject, the competition or the ways to monetize your project. Think carefully about what subject you want to work on the internet. It is important to have a goal in mind before taking any steps.

People who access the internet search for knowledge and information. Its main objective is to pass information to these people, either through social networks, youtube or website / blog. Regardless of the niche, passing on knowledge is your goal.

Meaning of Nicho - The niche defines the target audience of your business, it is a category or segment, these are the subjects that you will address on your website, channel, social network or media that you use to promote yourself and interact with customers, readers , visitors and fans.

Por onde e como começar no marketing digital?

How will my work generate money?

Regardless of the objective, the internet is a channel for passing on knowledge to people. You will only make money if you can pass on some valuable information or knowledge to your followers and visitors.

Once you earn such trust, you will be able to profit through ads, direct sales or as an affiliate. Many are desperate to sell to make money fast, but it takes an audience to get results.

Can you make money without selling anything? Not really, even with google ads, you're basically selling something. You are selling advertising space on your site, and people who click on the ads end up buying something.

In fact, depending on the subject of your site, Google Adsense ads generate very low revenue. You definitely need to sell something if you want to make money over the internet. Be it services, products or courses.

If you are a successful YouTube, you can get money through lives or donations, patreon and subscriptions. There are countless ways to make money, but they will come out of someone's pocket to go to yours.

A tip to get more results - I always examine my competition and try to deliver better and more complete content than they do. Always being sincere and humble, even if lies give more results.

Por onde e como começar no marketing digital?

The founding trio - Website, Social Networks and Youtube

You are now aware that you need to deliver valuable content to people. You also know that you need to sell something to make money from your work. Now we come to the part where you will decide where you want to start working in digital marketing.

Those who work on the Internet often use a trio of tools to reach and deliver content to people. I refer to the website, youtube channel and social networks like Instagram and Facebook. Should I use all three? Where to start?

These tools are independent, it is possible to earn money using only one of them. Still, we recommend using all 3 at the same time, in order to reach more people and make a bigger profit.

It is not easy to manage these 3 tools on your own, especially when you need to do other things like advertising, banners, programming, SEO, email marketing and other things that we will not discuss in this article so as not to scare you.

We recommend starting with the one you have the easiest and most skillful. If you are good at communication, maybe YouTube is the best choice. If you're good at writing, make a website and start writing.

Regardless of having a YouTube channel or a website, social networks will end up having to create and manage. If you want to have only one social network, you will need to strive to become a digital influencer in order to make sales and profit.

I personally like to manage my website. I write quickly without having to appear on camera or say things. Unfortunately it is not an easy task to reach people among the millions of sites that appear on Google.

Por onde e como começar no marketing digital?

I decided what to do, now what?

Now that you've decided where to start, just do it! It doesn't matter if you don't know what to do next, just take the first step! Make the social network, youtube channel or website. Even 10-year-olds have been making YouTube channels and getting excited about their 10 subscribers. What are you waiting for to take the first step?

Of course, there are things that you need to analyze calmly. The name of your project is important, always choose something that has something to do with which you want to talk. It may seem cliché or nothing original, but it will help to get organic visits.

Organic Visits are natural visits, from people who search on social networks or on Google sites. In order to increase these visits, you need to study a lot about SEO. In addition to the organic ones, there are paid and direct visits.

Remember that your goal is to reach an audience. So study hard the ways to get more visitors, generate quality content, reach a goal of subscribers, followers or visitors. Focus on that before you focus on the money.

I don't know much about the internet, now what?

I basically said the obvious, you need to create your source of income, but how do you do that? It may require knowledge from you that you don't have, and that I can't explain in just one article. Working on the internet is a long process.

You may ask yourself: How do I create a website? What do I write on a website? How do I grow my social networks? How do I get YouTube subscribers? How do I start making money over the internet? How do I work in marketing?

These are complex questions that require constant study. Until today I learn about these things, we always need to study. That's why others who work in Digital Marketing take thousands of online courses explaining each subject.

I could even recommend a course for each question I mentioned. Fortunately, I don't think everyone is willing to invest in knowledge. So I will recommend only one: Online Business Formula.

Por onde e como começar no marketing digital?

This course is complete and teaches you step by step how to create, manage and grow your social networks, websites and YouTube channels. He also teaches about affiliate marketing, email marketing and other ways to profit quickly.

What if I don't want to buy any courses? - Yes, it is possible to learn everything that the courses teach alone by panning on the internet. I teach a lot about digital marketing in detail with my articles.

Unfortunately, not everyone is self-taught or has the experience of searching for knowledge. I know millionaires who don't even do half of what I do. They just focus on what's easier and more important.

If you want the experience of learning by yourself, it will be fun, but the results will take time and you will be very face to face. So I recommend giving the Online Business Formula.

Remembering that the course only teaches everything you need to do! The results will depend on you and your dedication!

Por onde e como começar no marketing digital?

Other articles that can help you

I wanted to be able to explain in detail in this article how to create your social networks, your website or your youtube channel. Unfortunately, you can't do all that in one article. Our website already has other articles that talk about this:

In this first article I talk a lot about the ways I use to make money on the internet and how I started my tragedy. In the second article I talk about other ways to make money like social media and so on.

If you want to make a website, growing it requires a lot of dedication and SEO learning. We recommend reading our complete guide on SEO and 50 tools that will help you in that direction.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists of a variety of techniques that aim to make your site more friendly and visible on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Thus increasing the amount of organic visits.

Taking care of a website also requires write well-structured articles. Basic HTML learning, good Portuguese, ability to search for solutions on Google without ever depending on a web designer and others.

My biggest incentive is that you learn to be independent, because people will always let you down or let you down. The less you get involved with other people in this work, the better for your mental health.

Por onde e como começar no marketing digital?

My Footsteps for Digital Marketing

To finish the article, I will make a checklist explaining step by step briefly what you must do to work in the digital market. What subjects you should study, learn and apply. Which sites you should register and etc.

I hope you enjoyed this guide on how to get started in digital marketing. If you liked the article, share and leave your comments. Be sure to register on our website and get to know the Online Business Formula. Alex Vargas also offers a CheckList for affiliates if you access the link.

  • Choose a niche for your project;
  • Understand that your goal is to sell;
  • Choose your main tool;
  • Create a website;
  • Create an Instagram and Facebook;
  • Create a YouTube channel;
  • Learn SEO;
  • Learn E-Mail Marketing;
  • Choose the forms of monetization;
  • Generate content for your website;
  • Sign up for Google Adsense;
  • Sign up for Affiliate networks;
  • Learn, learn and learn;