50 reasons and benefits of working as an affiliate

In this article we will mention 50 advantages of working as an affiliate on the internet. Let's break down once and for all the negative beliefs of being an affiliate, or of working and making money over the internet. See 50 reasons to get you started!

Money is always about trade. Some work as employees in stores and restaurants, others set up their own businesses and businesses, but no matter where, the sale or exchange of money is always involved.

Nowadays the internet affiliate market is one of the biggest of all time. But do you know what an affiliate is? It consists of a person who promotes a certain product of another, in exchange for commissions.

According to Wikipedia: Affiliate program is an advertising service provided by a company that rents and sells advertising space on the internet, so that the owner of the leased space is paid according to the performance of the advertising campaign.

Throughout the article I will make each of the points and advantages bold, in the end to make a complete and summarized list of all the advantages and reasons of working as an affiliate. I'll leave a summary if you want to get things a little ahead of time.

Affiliate Does not need money to start

Many jobs or projects require a large investment from the person. You won't spend a penny and you can start working for free by signing up for affiliate programs, be it digital or physical products.

If you were to set up a business or trade, you would spend a fortune on employees, structure, products, stock, commercial automation machines, card machines, marketing, advertising, documentation and others.

As an affiliate you only need a media channel to advertise. Be it website, social network, youtube or even spamming random groups and websites like some do. You can easily get started without spending a dime and without bureaucracies.

50 motivos e vantagens de trabalhar como afiliado

Affiliate has no after sales

One of the benefits of being an affiliate is that there is no after sales. You do not need to be concerned about the product sold to the customer, that concern is the product's or producer's owner. You just advertise the product and let the customer deal with the producer.

The only concern you will have after the sale is whether the customer will keep the product and will not ask for a refund. For those who work with digital products, they know the anxiety of waiting for the 30-day warranty.

It’s very satisfying not to have to mess with people, nor need to give satisfaction to customers. Those who work in commerce know how irritating it is to deal with certain people and customers who are sick and without any respect (The famous nice clients).

50 motivos e vantagens de trabalhar como afiliado

Affiliate can become millionaire

Some people who are in a particular secular job are unlikely to receive a significant increase or are unable to move up in their lives. An affiliate who knows how to work and invests in knowledge, ends up becoming a millionaire.

There are many people who work as an affiliate and get 7 digits in one year. It is enough to have dedication, a lot of study and learning and not to be afraid to risk and invest. Those who know how to work get well over a million.

A great example is Alex Vargas, creator of the course Online Business Formula. Since I met him in 2014, his product is the best seller, even today! It displays your accounts in affiliate programs and generates more than 10,000 in one day. It all depends on the person wanting it!

50 motivos e vantagens de trabalhar como afiliado

Being an affiliate makes you independent

The benefits of being an affiliate don't stop! You are an independent person, you are not in danger of being fired, nor do you need to suffer harshly from a strict boss. You are responsible for your own salary, everything depends on you!

Being an affiliate means work in the comfort of your home, wherever you want, at the time you want. You can work an hour a day, or up to 8 hours a day. You can work wherever you want, from your cell phone, tablet or computer, just have access to the internet. The best, you have time to enjoy, travel and take care of the family.

You works with something you like, being an affiliate puts you in a more stable job than public tenders themselves. You don't have to depend on anyone at all. There are many areas within the affiliate market.

50 motivos e vantagens de trabalhar como afiliado

Being an affiliate improves your experience

Being an affiliate makes you smarter, improves your knowledge in different areas of life, whether in your niche or in digital marketing. You learn about SEO, traffic, writing articles, media, relationships and more.

Be affiliated always involves learning and gaining knowledge in any area you want in life. After learning and teaching people, you can create your own product and further increase your fortune.

Some work with games, making videos for youtube, writing about a hobby they like, learning a language or instrument. There are several niches, absolutely everything can become a profitable business for both affiliate and producers.

50 motivos e vantagens de trabalhar como afiliado

Affiliate does not need to create a product

The difference between an affiliate and producer is that he don't need to create anything. No need appear on cameras, record videos, invest thousands of dollars in paid traffic and remarketing. This may very well be the producer's obligation.

Of course, doing these things can help increase your profit, but it is not an obligation. You don't have to spend time supporting customers or leads in your funnel. You don't have to chat or set up groups on Telegram.

No need to stay forever recording lives, updating product content nor invest in a team to take care of your product. You just take care of third party products, where sometimes commission is even higher than that of the producer.

50 motivos e vantagens de trabalhar como afiliado

Other benefits of being an affiliate

You can be an affiliate and still have another secular job, if you feel unsure or are starting. Being an affiliate can be yours extra income source instead of your main income. Of course, it can be your only and main way of working!

There are affiliates who don't even have a website or blog, they can just work with social networks or youtube. The person does not need to have technical knowledge to be affiliated. You can earn even without working.

An affiliate can also invest more securely than stocks, exchanges, traders and cryptocurrencies. Your investment, if done correctly, will always have a return and with a much higher profit margin. Totally honest without pyramid or multilevel.

50 motivos e vantagens de trabalhar como afiliado

List of reasons and benefits of being an affiliate

The list below shows the advantages and reasons for affiliation mentioned throughout the article. Remembering that the points below do not apply to everyone. Some do non-mandatory things on the list in order to increase their earnings as an affiliate.

  1. It does not need an initial budget;
  2. It does not need a physical location;
  3. You don't need employees;
  4. You don't need products or stock;
  5. No bureaucracy;
  6. There is no after sales;
  7. You can become a millionaire;
  8. Growth in life;
  9. Stable job;
  10. He works with something he likes;
  11. You always learn new things;
  12. There are several work niches;
  13. Works in the comfort of home;
  14. Work whenever you want;
  15. Work wherever you want;
  16. Works from any device;
  17. Time to enjoy and take care of the family;
  18. Enables you to travel anywhere;
  19. Makes you smarter;
  20. You don't need anyone, you have independence;
  21. Lets help people;
  22. Improves your social communication and relationships;
  23. It can make you famous and help you have fans;
  24. There is no need to give satisfaction to customers;
  25. There is no danger of being fired;
  26. It has no boss or supervisors;
  27. You are your own boss;
  28. You are responsible for your salary;
  29. You don't have to create products;
  30. It doesn't have to appear on cameras;
  31. You don't need to invest in remarketing;
  32. You don't need to support customers;
  33. You don't have to have groups on Telegram;
  34. You do not need to update the product;
  35. You don't need to record lives;
  36. Sometimes the commission is higher than that of the producer;
  37. Disclose third party products;
  38. It does not hinder secular employment;
  39. It can be a source of extra income;
  40. It can be your main source of income;
  41. You don't need a website or blog;
  42. More security when investing;
  43. You don't need to have technical knowledge;
  44. Make money without being working;
  45. Honest, without pyramid and multilevel;
  46. You don't need any training;
  47. There is no danger of stealing your money;
  48. Money earned unexpectedly;
  49. Some producers give bonuses and gifts;
  50. Thousands of affiliate programs to work with;
50 motivos e vantagens de trabalhar como afiliado

The disadvantages of being an affiliate

Unfortunately not everything is flowers. Being an affiliate has disadvantages, and we will list them briefly below:

  • Competition only grows;
  • Being a producer generates more profit;
  • It is not protected by labor laws;
  • He has no fixed salary or thirteenth;
  • It does not create online authority;
  • You cannot control the price and payment methods;
  • You may lose commission for loss of cookie;
  • You take your traffic to another website;
  • You earn a maximum of 15% commission for physical products;
  • Most products need approval to be affiliated;
  • Most digital producers are lowering their commissions;
  • Many producers terminate the affiliate system without warning;
  • Some producers sell outside Hotmart or another platform;
  • Some affiliate who uses paid traffic can steal your commission;
  • You need to wait 30 to 60 days to receive the commission;
  • You don't know who the buyers are;
  • Affiliate needs to gain more trust than a producer;
  • Affiliate needs to follow rules;
  • Some products require hitting a sales target;
  • Other people cannot sell to you;
50 motivos e vantagens de trabalhar como afiliado

How to be an Affiliate or Producer?

Now that you know all the benefits of being an affiliate, where do you want to start? It doesn't matter if you simply want to sell products in the form of a commission, you won't get results. Perhaps you have even tried, but failed.

Our website has several articles about working on the internet as an affiliate or with a niche website that you prefer. We give constant tips on how to write the best articles and take care of SEO and the structure of your website, especially WordPress.

If you want to learn step by step how to create a structured business on the internet and profit as an affiliate, we recommend Alex Vargas' best online training called Formula Online Business.

50 motivos e vantagens de trabalhar como afiliado

The article focused a lot on the advantages and methods of being an affiliate, but you can also seriously consider having your own digital product. The work may be greater, but your profit will also be much greater.

Having your own digital product means having several people and affiliates promoting your product. You can also help people to have certain knowledge. Being a producer is ideal for those who want to launch a project.

For this reason Alex Vargas also has another product focused on creating his own product. It is much more affection, but it is very worth it, for you who definitely want to have your product on the internet.