Social Network Services (SNS)

Do you know the meaning of the acronym SNS? In this article we will understand more about social networking service. Of course, this is not the only meaning of the Acronym SNS, we will also see other meanings.

The Meaning of SNS

In Brazil, when searching for SNS, we found the meaning of National Health Service, while in Amazon SNS it refers to the Simple Notification Service, a service for sending messages and emails. But the real meaning of SNS refers to social messaging systems.

Due to the numerous social networking platforms and apps people have found ways to be socially active on the internet. Almost all people want to show their ideas, want to share photos, share videos, audios and posts, so they turn to social networking services.

a social networking service (SNS) is an online vehicle for building relationships with others who share a real interest, background or relationship. Users of the social networking service create a profile with personal information and photos and form connections with other profiles.

Despite being a technical acronym, some social networks use SNS in their name or description, while the vast majority do not highlight this acronym.

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Understanding SNS

First, a profile is created with personal information, but each person can choose what will be included in the profile. Users can choose who they will connect with and can manage their privacy settings by changing the type of audience to see posts.

All platforms aim to build a network, but each one has its method of working and operating. Social networking sites can be easily confused with social media sites.

Social networking sites is any site that has a public or semi-public profile page, which includes dating sites, fan sites, and others. Social media sites have their profiles and connections, combined with tools to easily share diverse content online.

The SNS is used by various classes of people. For example, there are those who use SNS just to connect online with their friends, relatives, colleagues and family. Employers, on the other hand, use social media sites to search for information about their potential candidates.

Companies looking for potential customers use social media to gather data on consumer interests and investigative agencies use SNS data to find information about criminal or suspect activity. And to spread knowledge and connect with their students, educators have also used SRS.

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Examples of social networking and social media sites:

Facebook is the biggest social media site in the world, it has around 2.5 billion monthly users. Facebook is a network that covers many functions in one place. In addition to interacting with family and friends, it is possible to use different Facebook applications to sell online and market or even promote brands and products, using paid Facebook ads. On this platform, you can bet on short videos, images and catchy titles to attract the public.

Youtube is the leading online video social network, has over 2.3 billion users and over 1 billion hours of videos viewed. In this social network we find videos for all tastes, such as interviews, testimonials, series on a specific subject, institutional business videos, funny videos, educational content, product demonstrations and tutorials.

Whatsapp is an instant messaging social network, very popular among Brazilians. Some operators even allow unlimited use of WhatsApp without spending the data package. According to an estimate, 120 million Brazilians have a Watts account. It is the social media with the greatest potential for direct communication, as it is simple and objective. The application also allows businesses to create their own profile and send automatic and quick messages to customers.

Instagram, the darling of bloggers, influencers, small businesses and brands. Surpassing the 1 billion monthly users mark. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms among the audience, teenagers and young adults. One of the most used tools is stories, which allows you to speak directly to the public, with questions, polls, videos in sequence and Gifs.

LinkedIn, is the world's largest professional networking social network. LinkedIn has surpassed 500 million registered members. This social network facilitates the relationship between professionals in the digital world. Ideal for talking about business, relating to customers who provide services or sell products, generate leads for marketing and sales strategies and find collaborators, make partnerships and others.

Twitter, with more than 12 million Brazilian users. The network can be used to publish updated content, interact with followers, drive traffic to the blog site, monitor brands and certain topics. This social network works very well as a direct channel between companies and consumers.

Pinterest, this network tripled the user base in Brazil, reaching a total of 46 million. This platform is conquered by the eyes with the objective of seeking references by images. Used to create product lists, inspirations and make organizations such as, for example, organizing a wedding party or planning decorations for the new apartment, among others.

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Facebook Messenger, is an instant messaging tool. It is estimated that the reach for ads within Facebook Messenger is 77 million users, so this would be the total number of Brazilians who use the platform. In addition to being a messaging app, it also has a unique Stories feature.

TikTok being one of the most used social networks in Brazil, according to estimates it has around 16.5 million users in Brazil. Widely used by teenagers, comedians, celebrities, professionals, simple people and companies.

Snapchat with around 8.8 million users. In this application you can share photos, videos and texts. They have a specific audience like super connected young people, despite not being a niche social network.

Social networking services have their disadvantages, they reduce the personal touch between people, and according to researchers they can have an impact on mental health, causing insomnia and even developing depression, that is, if not used well, they can bring harm. On the other hand, social networking services have many advantages, these services unite and create strong alliances for the fight of some cause, decreasing the size of the world keeping people informed and updated. Social networking services establish information exchange, increasing visibility about the job market, medicine, among other topics.