TikTok for Business: 10 Valuable Tips to Stand Out on the Social Network of the Moment

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It is no longer possible to ignore the role that social networks have taken on these days, especially in the professional sense. However, there are still few who manage to adapt at the necessary speed, as with the TikTok, which is the newest digital sensation.

In fact, those who think that these social media are still limited to personal use and the exchange of amateur photos are very wrong. Today they are great traffic and audience generation centers, so they have an incredible commercial reach.

Imagine a company of soundproof partitions, if she manages to make a presence among hundreds or thousands of people who work with music. Her result will accelerate and grow a lot, isn't it?

That's exactly where the power of networks like TikTok lies, which is able to attract audiences and even segment the advertisements that a brand can do on the platform. Thus, your investment becomes a much more assertive return.

That's why we decided to write this article, bringing here the 10 best tips that can help your business stand out in this incredible universe. The coolest thing is that TikTok is so famous today that it can help any segment.

That is, both more niche service companies and condominium management, even businesses selling popular products can achieve excellent results. To do this, all you have to do is follow the right advice and get your hands dirty.

Inside TikTok

Although created in 2016, it was from the first quarter of 2020 that TikTok started to become what it is today. In that period alone, it has been downloaded by over 2 billion users worldwide.

Its great insight is to have further optimized the truth that "images say more than words". There, what prevails is the short video, generating a high power of engagement and sharing.

Furthermore, creating campaigns on it is easy, just send a request and, once released, follow the steps. TikTok Ads follows the same standards as other digital platforms such as social networks and major search engines.

Now, if the challenge is to make a difference and stand out in an ocean of content that is created every minute, just follow the tips below.

1. Value the contents

Of course, the image is worth a lot and you need to record videos all the time to be successful on today's social networks, even if you are a professional brand.

However, that doesn't mean that you don't need to do something original and quality, which adds value to your audience. This is where content marketing comes in, which can be a way to use TikTok to teach your audience new things.

So, a automation company it can entertain and educate at the same time, creating dynamic videos, with soundtracks, flash and montages that explain something of the automation universe.

With this, your brand also strengthens itself as an authority in the area, as it shows that you and your professionals know exactly what they are doing.

2. Believe in the "personal profile"

An important step for a company to campaign on TikTok is to create a profile as a Legal Entity. However, don't think that this forces you to use a plastered, totally formal or institutional language.

On the contrary, you have to believe and trust the informal style of “personal profiles”. In fact, even the big brands know this.

As such, they let employees and representatives show their faces on TikTok as if they were the account's own owners. Follow the same casual and laid-back style, so you'll attract a lot more people.

3. Online vs. Offline?

Maybe online and offline aren't in as hot a fight as it sounds. An indication of this is the fact that big brands take advantage of mega events to promote their products or services.

Of course, smaller companies can't spend millions on this type of vehicle, but they don't even need it to adhere to a similar strategy.

if the business sells electric thermography, for example, just promote or attend events and fairs in this niche, making an audiovisual coverage that will be broadcast by TikTok.

Often, if the event is already scheduled and will be promoted by other corporations, you simply enjoy the entire infrastructure without paying anything for it, and take the opportunity to move your account and stand out.

4. Partnership with influencers

Not everyone has the patience to grow a little bit each day. However, the solution is not to buy likes and shares, which in fact can get your account banned.

A nice step to achieve a natural acceleration is to partner with those who have been there for the longest time, such as famous influencers, digital influencers.

If the thread is something like promotional bags, there are more opportunities waiting than you might think. However, even more niche sectors are beginning to have their influencers, such as:

  • Technology areas;
  • Law and Accounting;
  • Free courses;
  • Hospitality and travel;
  • Industries and the like.

In other words, you don't need to give recipes or marketing tips to be successful on TikTok, today anyone can get their place in the sun.

5. Show behind the scenes

The great truth of social media is that people like people. That's why the general public today needs to see the informal side of things.

The way to meet this demand is to show behind the scenes of your company, how each employee's routine works, how they arrive at the company, how they do their work and so on.

A golden tip is to explore the most important festive dates, both for employees (birthdays, for example), and for the business, such as the International Day dedicated to your product or service.

6. Online recruitment?

A different way to show behind the scenes and attract even more attention is showing the day-to-day of your HR (Human Resources).

The good thing about this is that together you show the TikTok audience what your work philosophy is. That is, the Mission, Vision and Values of the company, standing out even more.

Big brands have created hashtags for recruiting new talent. So, a company that installs wire mesh can advertise a vacancy and ask candidates to record videos via TikTok itself, creating a digital fever.

7. Know how to use the hashtags

A secret of any social network today is knowing how to use hashtags, and TikTok is no different. In fact, you don't want to do the hardest part (producing your videos and content) and not impact more people because of it, right?

So, make a survey of the most important hashtags for your segment, creating an information bank, and always keep it handy for each new post.

8. Launch challenges to the public

When it comes to TikTok and social networking in general, interaction is the lifeblood of the business. That's why creating challenges for the audience is an amazing way to stand out.

A golden tip is to do this with promotions and prizes for the winners. Challenges can range from drawings to more demanding actions.

For example, a company that sells luminous totem you can make a campaign for the person who takes the most photos or videos alongside the totems installed by the brand.

9. Reinforce interactivity

A big difference can be the feedback given to customers, or even future customers. So, treat every comment you make in your post as a lead, so you can speed up your sales funnel and increase people's interest.

So, instead of simply asking the person to contact you privately, use the comments field itself to give a “show apart”, clearing up doubts and showing that your brand is helpful and caring.

10. Don't lose focus

That last tip is like a bonus, but it's critical and perhaps one of the most important: it's about not losing focus over time.

When the brand enters a digital entertainment environment, it needs to reinforce its mission and the focus of the internal team, making use of the network without getting lost.

Thus, a company of alarm monitoring need to hold constant meetings to monitor the results obtained metrics, using this as a way of not losing the most practical view.

If you can make your brand philosophy be transmitted without losing its essence, and at the same time adapting to the format proposed there, you will certainly stand out and get the best results.

Final considerations

As we have seen, there are many benefits that the company can achieve if it manages to stand out in the social network of the moment, which is TikTok.

In addition to being able to increase public engagement and strengthen its digital presence, the brand will be humanized and will earn points in the medium and long term.

With the 10 tips we've detailed above, anyone can start taking their first steps and become a reference in TikTok in no time.

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